Beside you-Michael Clifford

Ellyse was adopted into the Hemmings household when she was 12. She's now 17 and her brother, Luke, is coming back for a little break from his tour with his band. When he comes home, he brings his band mates too..

A special someone catches Ellyse's eye. She has a huge crush on him and tries to keep it a secret but little does she know he feels the same way about her.

When 5 Seconds Of Summer has to go back on tour and Ellyse and the band get separated, does a special band member wish he was beside her?


19. 19

Ashton's POV:

When Kirsty announced that she wished that she had some one to act cute with my insides went nuts. I want to be the one she acts cute with. Ugh. If only she wanted me too.

I carried a box out of the soon to be spare room and into Ellyse's bedroom, showing off as much as my muscles as possible so she would notice me.

As I walkes past her she looked at me. Omfg, she looked at me. Okay, Ash. Keep. Your. Cool. I sent a wink flying her way and her cheeks tinted a light pink colour as her head turned to face the floor.

As I placed down a box I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Ellyse, "Hi, Ellyse! What's up?" I asked as she leaned in closer.

"You know Kirsty, right?" She whispered and I nodded, "Well she likes you and judging by the way you act around her, you like her too" She winked and my heart pounded a million times per second. Kirsty likes me? She actually likes me? Yasss!

"Really? Are you sure? Noo, she can't. Are you being serious right now?" I asked a series of questions as she nodded. I'm so happy right now.

Just as Ellyse looked she was about to answer me, Kirsty appeared next to us, "Hi, guys. What you guys talkin' about?" She asked as her sweet, beautiful smile spread across her face.

Ellyse smiled at me as she backed away, giving me a thumbs up as she mouthed the words "Get in there, Ash"

I turned my attention back to Kirsty, "I- uh, we are-were talking about erhm the, uhh, the.. Weather! Yes, the weather and how well it held out for us while we unpacked" Nice going, Ash. You really nailed it -_-

"Um, Ash? It's raining" She giggled as she pointed out the window. Nice one Ashton. I'm such a loser, "So hows your drumming been going?" She asked. God. She's so sweet. Why can't she be mine already?

Ellyse's POV:

After a rough start, Ashton and Kirsty really seem like they're hitting it off. They seem to be in pretty deep conversation.


With a lot of hard work and determination, all our rooms are done (Mine. Andy's. Kirsty's), all the bathrooms are done, the spare room/ YouTube filming room is all furnished all we need to finish is the living room, dining room and kitchen but that can be done tomorrow. For now, it's bed time for me.

"Goodnight girls!" I yelled throughout the house.

"Goodnight Ellyse! Goodnight Kirsty!" Andy yelled as well, earning a little giggle from us.

"Goodnight Andy! Goodnight Ellyse! Sweet dreams guys!" She yelled too. Omg, there's a lot of yelling right now in this house.

"Sweet dreams!" Andy and I yelled in unison as I turned off my bedside lamp and went on my phone for a sec.

Goodnight, kitten. Sweet dreams xxxx

In about 10 seconds I got a reply from Mikey:

Goodnight babycakes xx Sleep tight babe. Meow ;) xx

Goodnight world :) See you in the morning.


My eyes fluttered open to the smell of coffee. Mmm.

Just what I need on a morning like this. I'm still so tired from yesterday and everything. I barely made it put of yesterday's clothes. I'm still in my socks, shorts and grey crop top.

On my bedside table was a cup of coffee and a little note. I haven't had coffee in what feels like forever. I sit up in bed and take a sip of my coffee before I start to read the note:

Goodmorning! I see you've woken up. I made you a cup of coffee to help you with today because we're going to be finishing off the last of the house today.

Michael also called in while you were asleep and told is to tell you that he won't be able to see you today because he had a meeting with his band and they were writing more songs xx

Breakfast will be served downstairs on the ground because we haven't set up yet at 8:30!

-Kirsty ;P

I folded the note back up onto my bedside table as I took another gulp of coffee and checked the time on my phone. It was 8:15.

I checked my notices to see that I had got 2 from Mum, 1 from Luke and 1 from, of course, Mikey.

Mum: Goodmorning, honey! How was your first night at your new home? X

I forgot to add that I love you and that I'm proud of you x

Good morning to you to, Mum. I did enjoy my first night here, it was exciting and I love you too xx

Then I answered to Luke's text:

L: Morning sis. Maybe not today because I'm busy, but tomorrow would you like to come and meet my new girlfriend. She's so perfect 😍 x

I'd love to meet your new girlfriend, bro! I'll see you and her tomorrow then x

Then finally I answered to Michael's text:

Mikey: Morning, baby girl. I'll see you when I can. I miss you already :) xx

I miss you too, Mikey xxxx

Ugh. Still 10 minutes until breakfast. I might as well go through twitter then and see what I missed out on. I know a lot of people are like addicted to twitter or whatever but I don't understand how. Like, it's not that great.. I mean, I haven't checked mine for 1 week, I see some people on here who can't even go a minute. It's crazy.


I've eaten breakfast now and before we shifted any furniture or did anything to do with unpacking, we decided to go to the gym and have a good work out to get us officially woken up for good.

We ran to the local gym and man was that work out good. I'm super pumped now and so ready to take on the day.. Just kidding. I feel sweaty and sore but I guess I feel kind of pumped? Maybe? Not really.

Once I got home I went straight up to the closest bathroom and had a lovely, hot, long shower before changing into my clothes for the day.


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