Beside you-Michael Clifford

Ellyse was adopted into the Hemmings household when she was 12. She's now 17 and her brother, Luke, is coming back for a little break from his tour with his band. When he comes home, he brings his band mates too..

A special someone catches Ellyse's eye. She has a huge crush on him and tries to keep it a secret but little does she know he feels the same way about her.

When 5 Seconds Of Summer has to go back on tour and Ellyse and the band get separated, does a special band member wish he was beside her?


11. 11

I raced into my bathroom and literally had the quickest shower of my life.

"Can you zip me up, please?" I asked no one in particular as I slipped on my dress. Kirsty zipped me up and I turned around to show them how my dress looks on me.

They all gasped and their mouths were left hanging wide open, "Close your mouths, unless you want to catch any flies?" They snapped their mouths' shut, "I didn't think so" I giggled.

"You look beautiful!" Andy and Kirsty screamed in unison and they pulled me in for a hug. We all pulled away and I sat down on ny bed and I slipped my heels on and they were a perfect fit.

The girls just played on their phones or snacked on food from our pantry as I applied my make up. I didn't go full out or anything all I did was apply some concealer, foundation, powder, mascara, and light pink lip gloss.

I looked down at my phone to see I had five minutes left to spare. I looked over their shoulders at what they were doing as I put in my earrings.

The doorbell rung and we all looked at each other as the corners of my lips curled upwards into a smile that was impossible to hide.

I sat on the bed and tried to calm down because at the moment, I'm freaking out! What if the date turns out horrible? What if I do something to ruin it?

The girls ran downstairs to answer the door as I stayed up here as quuet as a mouse trying to listen to their conversation.

"Hellooooo" I heard Andy greet Michael as I heard Michael walk in through the door and Andy close it behind him, "She's just upstairs, I'll go get her for you"

"Hi, and thanks" He chuckled. Oh, his chuckle. It makes me go asdfghjkl.

"Michael!" Calum! Ash! I heard Luke run down the stairs to greet them as well and Andy burst into my room.

"He's here!" She whisper yelled as she closed the door behind her. I stood up and looked at myself one more time in the mirror, "You look amazing, but loverboy is waiting downstairs for you" She wiggled her eyebrows and winked at me.

I let out a little giggle as I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before turning and heading out of my room. Andy headed down the stairs before me because she doesn't have to worry about tripping and falling down the stairs in the most beautiful dress ever. Aha.

I turned the corner and all eyes turned to me and a huge smile formed on my lips as I saw Michael mouth the words "Wow" and "Amazing" I but down on my lip and kept my eyes on him the whole time as I made my to him.

"You look great, sis" Luke gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mum and Dad still werent back yet but I gave the lads and girls all hugs before I linked arms with Michael and he took my out to the car. Lights flashed and I started to get scared again as the paparazzi took pictures of Michael and I in the car.

Michael seemed to ignore them just fine but not me. Tears filled my eyes and I tried to blink them back but one escaped and that followed by a few a more. I sniffled as I had to confess to Michael that I was scared, "Mikey, they're scaring me" I turned to him and his head swung towards mine.

"Aw, come here" He pulled me in for a hug and I held onto him tight. I hate paparazzi so much, they scare the living daylights out of me with their stupid flashing cameras, "They're not going to hurt you, E, okay? Do you trust me on this?" His thumb gently wiped away my tears as he looked my straight in the eyes as he waited for a reply.

I nodded, "I trust you, Michael" I mumbled and he kissed on the cheek before whispering in my ear.

"You look beautiful tonight" He blushed as I felt his lips lightly brush against my skin which caused a shiver to run up my spine and throughout my body. I kept my head down as a blush took over my cheeks.

"You don't look too bad yourself" I complimented him back as I lifted my head again as Michael started the car and drove carefully through the paparazzi and onto my street and to the mystery date location.

Mikey cranked up the music and we jammed out to Taylor Swift's new album 1989. I love this album so much!

It wasnt until Michael turned off the car that I realised we were here at the location. He ran around to my side of thecar and opened the door for me and I slipped out of the car and Mikey and I held hands as we walked inside this little restaurant called "Red Rose".

"It's one of my favourite restaurants" Michael whispered in my ear as we were seated at our table. I looked up from my lap to notice Michael already looking at me. His lip was tugged up into a half smile and I smiked back at him.

"This is lovely, thank you, Michael" I thanked as the waitress came to serve us.

"Hello, have you decided on what you would like to eat or drink?" She put on a friendly smile but I seemded to know her from somewhere, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

"I'll have a small pepperoni pizza" Michael ordered and they both looked at me expectantly.

"Um, I'll have a small Hawiian pizza, thanks" When she took our menus and walked away it finally clicked to me who she was.

"Acacia Brinley Clark" I whispered to myself, hoping Michael wouldn't hear.

"Who is she?"He asked curious as to why I knew who she was.

"She was the biggest bitch in school" I whispered over the table as I caught a glimpse of her in the corner of my eye, "I'm so glad I'm done with school now"

"Me too" He sighed, "I never really fitted in much, Ash, Luke and Cal were basically my only friends. I mean, I hada few others but those three were my main friends"


Btw, I have nothing against Acacia. I love her yo pieces and I just wanted to add her in this story. Thank you so much for reading, please favourite, comment and follow me if you're not already :) I

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