Don't forget Where You Belong

Raegan Moynihan is no fashion model. She isn't famous or incredibly talented. She's just an ordinary college girl, new to Dublin.

Niall Horan is a world famous superstar. He's talented, can sing, play the guitar, and make girls swoon just by looking at them.

They find love in each other when they least expect it, then lose it all in a moment.


It's incredible how it only takes a second to almost lose the person you love more than anything, but, in the end, there's always a way to get through the misery and find the shining light of hope.

This story is a Niall Horan fan fiction about getting through it all to be with the person who means everything. Fame, stalkers, and oceans can't come between two people who are destined to be together.


7. Chapter 7 - Those eyes


"Okay, so tell me exactly what you're wearing. You need to look cute but not slutty." I was on the phone with Edin. She had called wishing me a happy birthday right when she woke up, and now she was harassing me about my outfit for the signing.


"Edin, trust me, I know what I'm wearing. Chill out."


"Well I have to make sure you look good! I'll be damned if you go and meet them looking like a fool. So tell me what you're gonna wear!" she yelled into the phone. She was always the impatient one.


"Fine! Give me a sec. I'm not even at my door yet." I fumbled with my keys as I exited the lift and walked over to my door. I walked in, dropped my bags on the floor and walked to me room. "Okay. So, I'm wearing dark wash skinny jeans, with my bean boots, because it's freezing here today. And a simple white tee with my 1D sweatshirt over it. You know the grey one? It's a way of showing that I'm a fan without looking like a twelve year old."


Mhmm Mhmm. Keep going. Sounds good so far. And if those bean boots don’t make you look like a New Englander than I don’t know what will," she said into the phone. I could picture her staring at her perfect nails or twirling her hair while she listened to me talk. Despite her bossy ways, I really missed my best friend and couldn't wait until spring break to see her.


"Alright, and then for my earrings I'm wearing my bow ones and my small pink roses. Sound good?"


"Yes. You'll look cute and not like you're trying too hard. I can see it already. They will all take one look at you and be blown away." she said. I laughed at this. Edin was always good at pumping up my confidence with her silly fantasies before important events. "What are you going to do with your hair?" she asked me.


"I was thinking of just straightening it. I thinks that's when it looks best. And I'll keep my makeup simple."


"Good idea. You're going to look fabulous doll. Alright, well I've got to go. Have fun, and don't lose your mind out of excitement and giddiness when you get there. Does Sarah know CPR? I need to know that someone will be prepared when you go into cardiac arrest,” she teased.


"Oh ha ha. I’ll be fine, jerk,” I joked back.


"Of course love. Have fun! Kiss kiss!" I could hear her make her usual kissy noises after she said this and then hang up. After throwing my cell onto the bed I started to change into my planned outfit. I had just finished tying my boots when I heard a knock at the front door.


"Come in!" I yelled. It was probably Sarah. She was early as usual. I heard footsteps come around the corner and turned around to see none other than Jake staring me down. My jaw dropped and I took a few steps back to distance myself from him further. He was standing in the threshold of my bedroom door holding flowers and looking exhausted. Bags were under his eyes and it looked like he could barely stand up. He no longer seemed good looking to me, and I was disgusted at the sight of him. He had probably partied the rest of the night completely ignoring what he had done to me as if it were no big deal.


"Get out of my apartment. Now." I was looking right into his eyes and the hatred towards him was burning throughout my body, running through my vens. I had never really hated anyone before, and it was a new feeling to me but I truly hated him for what he had done.


"Raegan, I came here to apologize. What I did was awful I-"


I cut him off. "Get out. I don't ever want to speak to you again. I don't want to see you, or hear from you ever again. Don't call me. Don't text me. Don't come to my place. I don't ever want to have anything to do with you ever again."


"Raegan please. I'm sorry."


"Get out."


"You're seriously going to kick me out after all I've done for you?" he said raising his voice.


"Yes. I am. You've done nothing but hurt me. Now get out."


"You know what Raegan? This isn't the last you'll hear from me. I'll get you back. You're not getting away from me." He threw the flowers on the floor and kicked them in my direction. What did he mean by that? I tried to shake the thoughts from my brain and I watched him walk out and heard my front door slam, and then open again. I was worried that he had come back to do something else but it turned out to be Sarah. She walked into my bedroom as I was throwing the flowers the trash bin.


"Ummmm am I just seeing things or did Jake just storm past me in the hallway looking really ticked off...?"


"Yeah he was just here. I thought it was you when he knocked on the door so I yelled for you to come in but then it was him and not you. He brought these stupid flowers and tried to apologize."


"You didn't accept his apology right? I mean seriously, what he did was fucked up. I don’t know how he cane expect to apologize and have everything be okay. He’s crazy," she said staring at me with a fierce look in her eye.


"Of course I didn't," I yelled. "I told him to get the fuck out... Sorry, I didn't meant to swear...."


"Good. He is a creep and I'm sorry I ever encouraged you and him."


"Me too. I wish I never met him." I sat down on my bed and took a deep breath closing my eyes trying to push the bad memory out of my mind. "Sneaky bastard."


"Well let’s forget about it now. We have a signing to get too!" she squealed. I shot strait up off of my bed and returned to the bathroom to do my final touches on my appearance. I ran through my hair with the flat iron while Sarah touched up her curls. We did each other’s makeup and then we were finally done with our look. We looked rather cute if I may say so myself. Sarah was wearing skinny jeans with a brown riding boots, a blue tee and a hoodie that said "Styles" on the back of it with the 1D logo. I grabbed the tickets from my bedside table drawer and Sarah and I left my room. We picked up our purses, threw the lanyards of the passes around our necks, grabbed our merchandise to be signed and headed out. The two of us had decided to hail a cabbie instead of walking just to save more time and get there as early as possible. If it were up to us we would have gotten there early morning to be closer to the front of the line, but school still comes first, even when One Direction is in town.


The ride to the venue seemed much longer than 15 minutes. Sarah and I were both extremely jittery and antsy to jump out of the cab. When the driver pulled up to the venue we threw the money at him and jumped out before he had even put the car in park. You could definitely say we were extremely excited. We could see the long line inside the clear lobby doors before we even entered. We started speed-walking towards the door and were suddenly stopped by two large men dressed in black.


"Passes ladies?" the one on the right said. We both held up our lanyards and the men held the doors open for us. We ran inside and didn't even stop to admire the beautiful lobby. The venue was the hotel that the boys were actually staying at and the signing was going on inside the ballroom. We kept speed-walking and joined the queue in the back of the lobby. The line was pretty long, but I knew we wouldn't be the last to arrive. We were early considering they weren't opening the ballroom doors for another forty five minutes. Sarah and I looked around us finally taking in our surroundings while we caught our breath. The line of mostly girls and one or two boys extended all the way to the end of the hallway, just spanning into the lobby at our spot in line. Most of the people in line seemed to be between ages 11 and 18, and I wouldn't hesitate to say that Sarah may have been the oldest person there besides the parents accompanying their kids. Damned tweens. They could sometimes make the fan base seem a little crazed.


The lobby was absolutely stunning, and it was very obvious that this was a very fancy hotel. A chandelier hung from the ceiling, the many crystals sparkling in the sunlight pouring in through the front doors. The walls were covered in what I would call "Victorian-couture" wall paper. It gave the whole place a classy feel and really added to the vibe of the place.


"I can't believe we are about to meet One Direction. I think I might pass out," Sarah said. I looked her way and she feigned fainting. We both started to laugh at this and the girls in front of us turned around and gave us weird looks, which made the two of us laugh even harder. We were high on life. The girls turned back around, rolling their eyes and we continued to laugh. Typical thirteen year olds, they think they know everything. After we finally calmed ourselves down, we pulled out our iPhones and started playing games and scrolling through Instagram to pass the time.


"Excuse me Ladies and Gentlemen! We are now going to open the doors." someone yelled from the front of the queue. "Please do not run into the room and stay in line. We promise the boys will be staying until each person has had the opportunity to get their merchandise signed. We also ask that you keep the line moving and be considerate to others waiting behind you." At this Sarah and I turned around to see that no one was behind us. I guess we were the last ones in line. "Thank you again for coming to this event and thank you for your patience." the man up front said. I could hear the doors open and all the girls in front of us started screaming. This was going to be a long wait.




An hour later it was finally my turn. The wait to see the boys was excruciating. I was getting more and more impatient by the second. I felt bad for the bus load of girls who had shown up late and were waiting behind us. There were about forty more of them and they would have to wait even longer. Poor things. Finally, the man at the door motioned for me to step past the red tape line and enter the room. Following Sarah who had gone in first, and leaving the boat load of girls behind me, I approached the table with nerves wracking my body. My hands got clammy and I quickly wiped them on my pants. Liam was the first at the table.


Liam held out his hand, and I shook it. "Hi I'm Raegan." I said.


"I’m Liam, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for coming." he said with a smile. I smiled right back at him. "What can I sign for you?"


"Uh my poster and book please. Thank you so much." I said, trying not to fan girl all over him.


"Of course. Thanks for being a fan, we appreciate it."


"Well you guys are great, how I could I not be fan?" I teased. He laughed at this. I couldn’t help but giggle along with him out of complete nervousness.


"Well thanks so much. We have plenty of time, would you like a picture?" he asked.


"Is that allowed?" I asked.


"It is if I want it to be,” he joked.


"Awesome." I took out my phone and he held it out and took a picture with me, smiling his lovely smile of course. I couldn't believe I had just met Liam Payne of One Direction. It took everything in my power to not scream like a little girl. He handed my phone back to me and gave me a small hug.


"Thanks again Raegan!"


"No, thank you! Like so much!" I said in my nervous voice. I still couldn't believe this. I waved him goodbye and moved down the queue. Zayn was next. Just like Liam he held out his hand and shook mine.


"Hi, I'm Zayn,” he said, reaching out his hand.


"I'm Raegan, it’s nice to meet you," I said trying to sound less like a twelve year old in my nervous voice and more like the classy young lady who just turned eighteen.


"What can I sign for ya?"


"My poster and my book please. Thank you so much," I said to him, setting my items on the table.


"Of course, thanks for coming by today. Oh, and happy birthday by the way!" he said while signing my stuff. My jaw dropped.


"How did you know it was my birthday?" I asked with a huge grin on my face. I could feel my cheeks burning up and I figured they were turning more red by the second.


"The girl ahead of you told me." he said grinning at me. "Now keep that smile on for the picture. He took a picture and snapped a shot of us. "Thanks again Raegan. Maybe we'll see you around again someday."


"Thanks so much." I gave him a wave and moved on towards Louis. Just like Liam and Zayn he stuck out his hand and shook mine.


"Hi I'm Lou, and you must be the birthday girl Raegan right?" I couldn’t believe Louis knew my name before I even got to the table. I just about died again. I looked over at Sarah and she gave me a grin and a wink. "Your friend over there told me. Happy Birthday!"


"Thanks so much! Being here is definitely the best present I've ever gotten."


"Oh don't make me blush." He said jokingly, putting his hand to his mouth and making a silly girly expression. "What can I sign for ya love?"


"Just my book and my poster please."


"Anything for a beautiful birthday girl!" My cheeks got hot and I automatically assumed I looked like a tomato by now. It was completely embarrassing, I couldn't help it. Lou Tomlinson just called me beautiful. "You ready for the picture doll?" He said sliding my stuff back over to me. I handed him my phone and he took a picture of the two of us smiling. "Silly one?" I nodded and we took three or four more pictures making silly faces. I couldn't believe it. I was taking silly pictures on my phone with him! He then handed me my phone and hugged me. "It was nice to meet you Raegan!"


"You too! Thanks for signing my stuff," I gave him a wave and moved onto Harry. As I walked up he started wiggling his eyebrows jokingly at me as I approached him. He stuck out his hand and shook mine.


"Hi, I'm Harry." When he spoke, I couldn't help but admire his voice. It was nice, and I could definitely see why Harry was Sarah's guy out of the five of them. Something about it was very attractive.


"Hi, I'm Raegan."


"What can I sign for the birthday girl?" I blushed at his remark.


"Just my poster and book please."


"Can do. Happy birthday by the way. Eighteen is a good number." He winked at me. While signing my stuff he asked about where I went to school and how I liked it at Trinity. When he was done we took a few pictures and then he handed me my phone back.


"Thanks again for signing my stuff."


"Anything for a fan. Have a good birthday night!"


I gave him a wave and started approach the last fifth of One Direction. Niall Horan. The member who made me weak at the knees just when I saw him on the TV. I could see him finishing up with Sarah and started walking over to him. Paul was standing behind him and Niall was looking up from his chair talking and laughing to him about something. I reached the end of the table and looked over at Sarah. She was waiting for me a few meters away and gave me a wink and a thumbs up.


I turned back around right as Niall did, and our eyes met. Right at that moment it seemed as if the entire world was irrelevant and nothing was more important than looking at those eyes. Immediately my heart was racing and only one word ran through my mind. Perfection. My smile widened and hung open a bit and I could feel a grin tugging at the corners of my lips. I could practically hear the cliché angels singing in the background. I just stared at him, and he just stared right back like nothing else mattered. Everything about the moment felt so right in the weirdest of ways. Butterflies were swarming in my stomach and my hands began to get clammy. Our eyes were connecting, and it felt as if there was electricity in the air. I couldn't leave his gaze, and I didn't really want to. This was a feeling I had never experienced with any guy before. My entire body was buzzing and I couldn't even think straight. All thoughts were dropped except those admiring the boy in front of me, and right at the moment I just wanted to grab his face and kiss him hard on the mouth.


--Niall's POV--


Laughing at Paul's joke, I adjusted my chair and turned back around to face forward. As I turned around and met the gaze of the person in front of me, my jaw dropped. This girl was absolutely stunning. She was perfect. Her eyes shined and sparkled like the most beautiful diamond in the world. Her smile made my heart beat ten times faster and my stomach was doing back flips again and again. It felt like everything had somehow changed in an instant and I was speechless. I couldn’t collect a thought, and my eyes didn’t leave hers. She was so beautiful.


Someone cleared their throat behind me, pulling me out of my trance.


"Uh Niall, there are other people waiting" Paul whispered into my ear. Right, the world didn't just stop for everyone else like it did for me. I heard Harry whistle and wiggle his eyebrows.


"Looks like Niall's got a little crush," he exclaimed loudly. I felt my cheeks immediately heat up and knew they were turning red, but I wasn't the only one. Harry had made her blush too. She stuck out her hans in front of me.


"Uh, hi. I'm Raegan." When we shook hands my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. This feeling was indescribable and totally new. I was completely taken back by this girl who I didn't even know.


"Uh hi, I'm......." I trailed off getting distracted in her eyes again.


"Niall," she said, with a smile and a giggle.


I blushed even more. I'm such an idiot. Who just forgets their name like that? "Right. Niall. That's my name." I heard Harry chuckle and looked to my left to see all four boys staring at me down the long table, with cheeky grins on their faces. The line had come to a complete halt, and all eyes were on us. The harsh looks from other fans were making Raegan uncomfortable. I could tell by the way she suddenly started fiddling with the ends of her hair. "Um what can I sign for you?"


"Um, just my poster and my book please."


"Sure thing." I signed her things and looked up to see her staring again. Her gaze rattled my body and every bone in my body wanted to reach over to her, grab her face and kiss her.


"Thanks," she said faintly, almost as if she was in a trance. Apparently it wasn’t just me feeling like this.


"No problem," I said after another 10 seconds of staring until Paul cleared his throat again.


"Sorry miss, but the queue is getting backed up. You're going to have to keep moving." he said to Raegan.


"Right. Sorry," she said. With that, her friend came up and grabbed her arm pulling her away. I sighed and furrowed my eyebrows as I watched her walk away.


--Raegan's POV--


I felt Sarah tugging at my feet and I unwillingly followed her, not wanting to drop my gaze with Niall. I was speechless walking back outside to meet the taxi, and Sarah wasn't saying anything either. We hopped in the cab and she told the driver to take us to the Gravity Bar where we were going to meet Morgan, and celebrate my first legal pint of Guinness. Her eyes were wide just starting at me, and then she finally spoke.


"What the hell was that?" she asked, obviously just as astounded as I was. My heart had finally slowed back down, but my mind was racing. I didn't know how to answer her question. All I knew is that I wanted to see Niall again, but that wouldn't happen. He was an international pop star with a famous life, famous friends and more girls pining after him than I could count.


"I don't know,” I answered. “I think I just caught him off guard or something.”


"Oh don’t kid yourself. He was clearly infatuated with you,” she remarked. “If only he could have gotten your number or something.”


"All I know is that was…weirdly exciting and fun,” I told her.


“You would describe meeting Niall Horan and ‘weirdly exciting and fun’,” she teased. “You are just way too humble to realize that you just made him forget his name.”


"I guess so....what do I do now?" I asked her.


"I don't know love. If something is meant to be, it will happen. Just hang onto how it felt for now, because it doesn’t come around very often,” she said.


I nodded. "I don’t know how I could forget it.”


"One never does forget love at first sight," she said airily, giving me a smile. I just nodded again, and went back to all my jumbled and confusing thoughts. Something about Niall Horan just changed my life, and I had no idea how or why, and I hoped that this wasn't just me being a lunatic, and that it was real.


--Niall's POV--


The rest of the fans finished up quickly, and the guys and I finally went upstairs to the huge suite we all shared. It was like a regular flat, just inside the hotel. All the way back to the room, I couldn't shake Raegan from my thoughts. I craved to see her again, even though I didn't even know her. I was confused at the entire ordeal. The minute I saw her it felt like something had changed, and I suddenly couldn’t imagine a life without this stranger. I had never felt like this with any other girl before. It was like a beautiful light had lit up my world in an instant. So many questions ran through my mind. Did she feel it too? Is this what it feels like when they talk about love at first sight? I had always been a skeptic about that, I mean, I didn't even know the girl! But now, everything had changed. I would probably never see her again, and as this thought ran through my mind, it was like a brick had slammed into my chest. My heart dropped and I ran my hand through my hair out of frustration.


Heading up to the room, the boys talked quietly among themselves, and didn't say anything to me yet. But I knew what was coming. They had all witnessed me forgetting my name and being at a complete loss for words. It’s not very often that I get worked up over a girl, especially not at a signing. As soon as the door to the flat was shut all the lads turned around and looked at me. Lou was the first to speak up.


"So Niall, you wanna tell us what that was all about?"


"If I knew, I would tell you. I just saw her and she took my breath away. And I'll never get to see her again." Reality was starting to hit me, I would never see Raegan again, but I knew I would never forget her name. I would never forget her face. She's probably already blended back in with the thousands of people in the city, and I would never see her again. Just thinking about it was bringing me down, and made me more confused. I ran my hand through my hair again and sat down on the couch resting my head in my hands.


"I think she took a little more than your breath away," Harry said cheekily. They laughed and joined me on the couch.


"Look mate. She was beautiful, but there are plenty more beautiful girls out there. Now don't be so down, get off the couch and come out with us. We want to hit that Gravity Bar thing for a couple of pints, and you're coming with because you've been dying to go for weeks now." I smiled a bit and stood back up. Lou always knew that a few pints could cheer me up.


"Thanks. I could go for a pint right now."


"There's the leprechaun I know. Now keep up that smile and let’s go." We all went to go change into some more relaxed clothes, and headed out. I looked forward to and evening out with the boys and tried to forget about the girl who rocked my world just an hour ago.


         -------------------Author's Note-----------------------

​So two updates in one day.

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