Don't forget Where You Belong

Raegan Moynihan is no fashion model. She isn't famous or incredibly talented. She's just an ordinary college girl, new to Dublin.

Niall Horan is a world famous superstar. He's talented, can sing, play the guitar, and make girls swoon just by looking at them.

They find love in each other when they least expect it, then lose it all in a moment.


It's incredible how it only takes a second to almost lose the person you love more than anything, but, in the end, there's always a way to get through the misery and find the shining light of hope.

This story is a Niall Horan fan fiction about getting through it all to be with the person who means everything. Fame, stalkers, and oceans can't come between two people who are destined to be together.


42. Chapter 41 - The surprise

“Rae baby you ready?” I yelled from the bathroom as I ran my hand through my hair to make it look better. I couldn’t look like a total gimp on this important day.

“Almost!” I heard her yell back at me from the bedroom.

Today is the day of Raegans surprise, and I was nervous as all hell. I told her we would be going to the zoo, just for a regular date, but then we would head out to her big surprise. Greg would help me set it up all romantic-like while she and I spend the day together. She has no clue about the surprise, and I can’t wait to see her face when I show it to her. All I can hope is that she says yes, because I don’t know what I would do if she said no.

“Well the animals are waiting for you!” I yelled back at her. Suddenly she appeared in the doorway, grabbed my face and kissed me quick on the lips, smiling into it. “What was that for?” I asked her, my cheeks getting a little warm. She looked beautiful.

“For loving you?” She kissed me again. “Or maybe for you being the best boyfriend ever?” She kissed me again with her sweet lips. “Or because you’re too sexy for your own good?” She continued to kiss me quick in between each reason she gave, listing off quite a few.

“Alright alright.” I said to her finally. “What do you want?”

“Tell me what you’re plotting for today.” She said to me, staring right into my eyes.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Oh please.” She started with a small smile. “You’ve been acting weird all morning.”

“I have not.” I said, trying to sound a little less defensive, and failing miserably. She rolled her eyes at me.

“All I know, is that whatever it is you plan on surprising me with or doing, I hope you didn’t go too crazy.” Little did she know how crazy I actually went over it...

“And why is that?” I asked her before kissing her forehead.

“Because you spend enough on me already. You really don’t need to spend any more on me. Your kisses alone are enough.” Oh god, she really is going to freak out when she sees it.

“My princess deserves the best. So…” I kissed her quick on the lips. “…I will always spoil you. You’ve changed my whole life for the better. I could never spoil you too much.”

“Fine.” She said with a small smile. “So you’re not going to tell me?”

“Absolutely not. You will have to wait until tonight.” I told her, giving her my best grin. She heaved a sigh, giving me her classic smile.

“Okay, are you ready to go?”

“Whenever you are little lady.” With that she grabbed my hand and we made our way to the zoo.


“Awwww Niall look! Red pandas!” Raegan said to me, adoration spread across her face. I didn’t realize she liked animals so much until today. It’s crazy how you think you know everything about a person, but then one day you just learn some more.

She started tugging on my hand, making her way through a small crowd of people to get a better look. I took a glance behind me before following her lead. Neely was subtly lingering a way, putting me at ease, which was nice because I’ve been nervous all day with the thoughts of later tonight. I didn’t want anything to go wrong on this day.

“They’re so cute!” Rae exclaimed, clearly excited. I chuckled a bit.

“Not as cute as you my love.” I told her, kissing her temple. She continued to watch the red pandas as I watched her. We were both in minimal disguise, just our Ray-Bans on during the surprisingly sunny day. We had already seen the chimps, elephants, giraffes, tons of different monkeys, sloths, and wolves. And there was plenty left to see.

“Can we go see the snow leopards now?” She asked me while looking over her brochure.

“’Course love. We have all day you know.” I told her with a smile as I grabbed her hand.

“Right. I’m just so excited.” She led the way to the snow leopard area. As we approached the fence I couldn’t help but admire the animal. Something about it was very majestic.

“Wow….” She started to saw in awe. “…it’s magnificent.” After the snow leopards we went to see the lions and tigers before stopping for lunch. So far, I think the lions were my favorite, not because they’re really cool, but because they brought the biggest smile to Raegan’s face.

Now, if there’s one thing to complain about at the zoo it’s the food. For such a large place there weren’t many options and my frantic search for some decent food was making Raegan giggle like mad. It felt good to hear her laugh and have her tease me again. Finally I settled on eating at the restaurant where you could watch the meerkats while you ate.

“So….” Raegan started to say as she looked over her menu. “….are you going to tell me what the surprise is?”

“I already answered that….but no.” I quirked my eyebrow at her over my menu.

“Just thought I would try again…” She said in innocent airy voice, giving me a sly smile. “….do you know what you’re going to get?”

“I think I’m gonna have….everything.” This made her laugh.

“That’s a bit of an overstatement don’t you think?” She said, chuckling at the end of her sentence. With that, the waiter came over to take our orders. As I asked for a pint of Guinness and a glass of water, along with a steak, I couldn’t help but smile as the memory of Rae and I’s first date came to mind. I could remember it clearly. The way I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes and how mesmerized I was by her laugh. It was easily the best first date I’ve ever been on.

Suddenly I was interrupted by the sound of snapping fingers.

“Earth to Niall. Helloooooooo!” Raegan said to me, chuckling at the end of her sentence while pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry love. I was just……thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

“Our first date.”

“Oh really?” Her cheeks started glowing red, and it reminded me of how I made her blush after kissing her in the middle of the restaurant that night.

“Yep. That was a good night.”

“Yes, it was.” She said to me, a big grin crossing her face. “It really was…”


Everything is good to go. Good luck brother! ;)

My stomach did a flip as I read the text from my brother. He helped me set up things while Raegan and I went on our date at the zoo, and now that he was done, everything was ready. It was just her and I. No Neely or Paul, it was just me and her. I returned my attention to the blindfold wrapped around her head.

“Niall, the blindfold really isn’t necessary.” Raegan scoffed, as I finished tying the rag around her eyes.

“Yes it is. I want this to be a total surprise.”

“Well you’re doing well then, because I don’t have a clue as to where we are going.”

“Good.” I said to her before kissing her softly on the lips, savoring the moment. I started the car and we were off.

“How much further?” She asked after 10 minutes of driving.

“Not long now.” I told her. I was starting to get nervous. This surprise is a big step for her and me, huge really, and every fiber of my being was tweaking out about it. What if she doesn’t like it? What it’s too much? Or not enough? The questions kept popping up in my mind only freaking me out more and more. After a few minutes of chit chat to keep us occupied, the car finally pulled up to the place. As I went to squeeze her hand, I couldn’t help but smile. She was wearing the ring I got her on our little vacation.

“Are we here now?” Raegan said as the engine shut off. I could tell she was getting excited. She thrives on surprises. Her feet were bouncing up and down and she had a big smile on her face.

“We are.” I told her as I took a peek out of the window. Damn, Greg did a great job helping me set up. “Here, I’ll help you out. Don’t you dare try to sneak a look.”

“I won’t I won’t. Promise.” She said with a giggle. “Now c’mon!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her excitement. I helped her out of the Range Rover, making sure she wouldn’t trip or anything. As I shut the car door behind me, I glanced up at the sky. The stars were finally out after a long day, and for once there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to cover the moon. It’s like the romance gods knew this night needed to be perfect or something.

“Where are we?” Raegan asked as I led her around the car and opened the gate to her surprise.

“One more second and you’ll see.” I told her as I opened and closed the property gate behind me. As we approached the surprise, I couldn’t help but be in awe at the sight before me. Greg had done an incredible job, it looked absolutely incredible.

“Okay, you ready to see your surprise?” I asked her, fiddling with the tie on the blindfold.

“Niall, I’ve been ready since this morning.”

--Raegan’s Point of View--

My heart started racing as Niall went to untie the blindfold. Having no clue where I was or what would be waiting for me was nerve wracking. I had a feeling that whatever it was, was a big freaking deal.

“Okay love. This is it.” I swooned at the sound of his accent. It never gets old.

He pulled the blindfold off of me, and the sight before me took the breath right out of me. Hundreds, possibly thousands of tea lights were laid out before me on the path to beautiful house a little ways ahead, and spelled out on the lawn with the lights were the words “ITS ALL YOURS.” The house was huge, secluded and surrounded by trees, and big fence all around, making it more private. It had a beautiful path leading up to the front door underneath an arched entryway. The front of it was mostly brick with beautiful wood accents and pretty roof. It looked especially romantic with the moon shining down on it in the midst of all the candles. Christmas lights were wound up the tree in the front yard and wrapped around the bushes. I looked up at Niall as tears started springing to my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I was speechless, with nothing but an overload of emotions coming forward.

“Look Rae, I know it’s a lot to take in…” He started rambling, grabbing both my hands in hid. He was obviously nervous as all hell. “….but I…I love you more than anything or anyone else on this planet. And I want you to move in with me. I want to have a place to come home to that we can share. I want to be able to wake up in the morning next to you. I want to cook you breakfast in your dream kitchen while you flip through home and garden magazines and sip your tea. I want to watch footy games with you on the couch, and invite friends to our home. I want to share this house with you…. forever….” His blue eyes were mesmerizing me as more as my tears of joy kept coming, and I just nodded and smiled, not even bothering to try and stop the crying as he continued on. “…I want to hold your hand on the patio as our kids run around catching bugs in the cassie.” I just kept looking into his eyes he spoke, blown away by it all.

“We can grow old here, we can be happy here. And I know we’re still really young n’all, and this is a big deal, I mean really, it’s insane for people our age to already have a house this big….. but,….. I-I don’t care. I’m not messing. It’s close enough to the city right? So you can drive in for school and work, and it’s not too far from Mullingar so we can visit the family, and we’re close enough to the airport so we can just fly to America and London for work whenever.” He was talking so quickly I could hardly understand a word he said. His hands were growing clammier as they held onto mine. “All I know is that−“ I cut him off and kissed him hard on the mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck. I tried to put everything I could into the kiss, putting every ounce of love, respect and desire all into one passionate kiss. After a moment or two I finally pulled away, staring straight into his blue eyes.

“So is that a yes?” He asked me, quirking one of his eyebrows the way he always does. The trace of a small smile was on his lips, making me smile too.

“Yes.” I told him, a grin taking over my expression as more tears of joy kept coming. He pulled me in for another kiss, just as well as the last. Then he wrapped his arms around me and we just stood on the path embracing each other’s warmth for the moment. I didn’t want to let go of him I was so happy. After a few minutes of just hugging, Niall pulled away a little to kiss my forehead as he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. My tears were coming to a slow and my nose was all sniffly.

“So…” Niall started, running his hands through my hair as we just stood there on the path. “…do you want to go inside?”

“I’d love to.” I told him with a smile. He grabbed my hand and started leading the way to the front door. He pulled the keys from his back pocket and opened the door while the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. I couldn’t believe it still. This was our house. Our house, a home. For us. It was so much to take in.

“So the place is being remodeled a bit. It’s not ready at all. But now that you know about it, the designer lady will give you a call and you can do whatever you want.”

“Wait, so I get to decorate the whole place? Choose the paint colors and the pictures and the furniture and everything?”

“Yep.” He said to me, squeezing my hand. “There’s just one room you can’t touch.”

“And what’s that?"

“You’ll see….so this is the entrance I guess.”

“It’s called a foyer you goober.” I said to him, giggling. Typical Niall, he doesn’t know anything about home décor. He just chuckled at me and tugged on my hand some more. I followed him into the kitchen, which was beautiful. It was more than I could ever ask for.

“Do you like it? I wanted it to be at least a little finished before you saw it. If you don’t like how it looks we can change it.” He was rambling again. So cute.

“It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.” I reassured him, and he breathed a sigh of relief. We continued on to look at the rest of house. The living room was really big, which I liked. I could already imagine what I would want it to look like. After the living room he showed me the sunroom, and the dining room, all of which were big and beautiful. There was even a bar downstairs for entertaining. Like I said, the place was over the top, but I liked it. It perfectly fit my idea of a dream house.

“So for this room…” Niall started as we walked into an empty room on the side of the house. “…..This is the room you can’t touch, because I was thinking we could turn this into a studio, you know? Like get all the recording equipment and stuff. It’s big enough to have an office set up and some couches. That way I wouldn’t always have to go to London for work, the guys could come here sometimes. I would get to see you more.” He said with a small smile, looking down at me.

“I think that’s a great idea.” I told him, giving him a big smile before kissing him gently on the lips. “Niall, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you for this. This house is incredible.”

“Rae, you’re not repaying me for anything.” He said with a sly grin before grabbing my face with both hands and kissing me hard on the mouth.

“I love you.” He whispered to me, still caressing my face. I couldn’t help but bite my lip as he stared at me. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy, and I wanted nothing more than to be kissing him for the rest of the night.

“I love you too.” I whispered back to him, kissing him softly on the lips once more. “Now c’mon, I want to see every room.” I gave him a big grin, and he heaved a sigh, chuckling a little bit.

“’Course you do.” He grabbed my hand and led to me to the last of the rooms. We went up the huge staircase and he showed me all the bedrooms. The master bedroom was huge, and I couldn’t wait to decorate it. The master bath was all marble and the shower was really nice. As we looked around the other bedrooms I could already picture how they would look as guest rooms, and eventually, maybe even kids rooms. The looming thought made my stomach go crazy even though the prospect was years away. After exploring the upstairs we made our way back to the foyer, Niall stopping in the middle of it just to kiss me again.

“So, you really like it?” He asked me, sounding all nervous. It was cute how nervous he was. As if I would actually say no.

“Yes, I love it.”

“Good.” He heaved another sigh of relief. “Because there’s a really nice golf course less than five minutes away and it would’ve killed me to not check it out.” I just laughed at his words.

“Now I get it, you picked this place for the golf course.” I said, chuckling at him.

“No, I picked this place for you.” He said, kissing me again. “You ready for dinner?”

“Absolutely. Where are you taking me?”

“The Church.” I smiled a big grin.

“You know me so well.” I said to him before we headed out to the place of our first date.

--Niall’s Point of View--

“Thanks again for dinner. That was good.” Raegan said to me as I held the door of the restaurant open for her.

“You’re welcome my love.” I gave her hand a squeeze. “You ready to head back to Neely’s?” We started making our way to the car.

“Yeah I guess so.” She said, giving me a look with a small smile. I just chuckled at her.

“What’s the issue?” I asked, rolling my eyes at her jokingly.

“Well that I know we have a house, staying with Neely is going to drive me up wall.” I just laughed at her almost-pouty face.

“Yah know, you Americans have the weirdest sayings.” She playfully slapped my arm.

“Niall Horan!” She was giggling at this point. “I could say the same about you!”

“Yes, but being Irish is way better.”

“That’s debatable.” She stuck her tongue at me before I pulled her in for a kiss.

“But really Rae. The house will be done soon. Now that you know about it everything can get set up and we will be all good.”

“You know, I just can’t wait to stock up the bar.” She gave me a guilty look. It was quite adorable really.

“Is Neely going to be staying at the house when we move in?” She asked suddenly serious. Her and Neely are best friends, but I know she hates the security guard living situation.



“Really.” She just smiled at me all excited. “But, Neely is still going to be with you when you go places. But you can actually go out and do stuff.”

“Thank God, because I’m getting really sick of the entire situation.” She sounded relieved, and so was I. Of all people in this world, Raegan is the last person that should be hated on. She’s just so good.

“Have the paps figured it out yet? On the TV they always follow celebs to their houses and just hang out. It’s kind of creepy.”

“Nope. No paparazzi to be found.” I pulled her in for another kiss before opening the car door. She jumped in and I shut the door behind her. After I started the car I looked over at her. Her eyes were closed and a small smile graced her face. She looked beautiful. And tired.

“You know, I can feel you staring.” She said with a small smile.

“I just like looking at you.” I responded. She giggle a bit and leaned her head in her hand. “You tired love?”

"Yeah." She sighed.

“Well take a kip. I’ll carry you in like the babby that you are when we get there.” This made her laugh a bit, and before I knew it she was dozing off. The ride isn’t too long, Neely lives in Dalkey, which is only half hour away, but I knew she would fall asleep. Shortly after Rae passed out, I noticed that we were being followed by a big silver car that kind of looked like Raegan’s family’s Escalade back in America. We were just making it out of the inner city, yet the car had followed every complicated turn and maneuver I had done heading out.

As I made my way onto N31, it was starting to get dark, and something about the car following behind was making me feel uneasy. I figured it was probably a pap, but you could never be sure. I tried to push the bad thoughts out of my mind as I started tracing circles on Raegan’s leg with my hand.

After driving on the highway for a while it started to rain, and I was looking forward to getting to Neely’s place. I looked over at Raegan when suddenly the car started creeping up on my left, and fast. I hit the brakes a bit to let it pass me, but as I glanced over at the driver, I instantly knew he wasn’t just passing. Jake’s evil eyes bore into mine before he swung his wheel to the right, slamming into Raegan’s side, hard. Her head slammed onto the window and I could hear the crumpling of the metal door and when the car starting spinning out of control and into oncoming traffic. I tried slamming the breaks but it was no use. There was no controlling the car at that point. I grabbed her hand at the last minute and squeezed as I tried to maneuver the Range Rover out of more danger.

“NIALL LOOK OUT!” Raegan voice rang out though the car a split second before an oncoming delivery truck hit us head on. The screeching of metal mixed with Raegan’s screaming rang out through the air and time stood still for a moment. I could feel the pressure of the airbag going off across my chest and the car continued to slide to stop. As the car stopped my ears were ringing and pain spread throughout my body. As I opened my eyes I could smelling something burning and see the damage. My head and shoulder were pounding with pain. The car was crumpled in pretty badly, but it worse on Raegan’s side. I looked over at her, she was passed out, and blood was dripping from somewhere onto her left shoulder. She was littered with cuts from the glass breaking every on her.

“Raegan. Rae baby. C’mon. Wake up.” I begged her as I shook her shoulder lightly, but her eyes stayed closed, and my heart sunk in an instant.

I immediately unbuckled myself and went to get out of the Range Rover, but the door was jammed. I kicked it again and again until it finally popped open.

“Raegan! Raegan! Please be okay. Please please.” I was pleading to no one, but I couldn’t help it. She looked dead. As I went to open her door I could hear someone yelling.

“Sir! Sir! I saw the whole thing! I’ve called for help!” I looked up to see the guy from the truck running over to me. He had one cut on his head, but looked to be okay. “That guy is nuts!” I looked down the road to see more cars pulling over to help.

“Please! Please help me get this door open!” I yelled to him. Raegan’s door was jammed and I could feel hot tears streaming down my face. I had to get to my girl. She was hurt, and the adrenaline was pumping through my body so I could get to her.

As I kept trying to pull the door open, I almost passed out the sight before me. She had a huge gash by her temple and it was gushing blood and swelling. I looked up to see a piece of sharp metal hanging down from part of the car covered in blood, and immediately knew that it had caused the gash. She was still out cold, and I was confused as to why her airbag hadn’t gone off making fresh waves of guilt rip through the body.

“Rae baby, please be okay. Please.”

“I don’t think she’s okay mate.”

“Don’t say that!” I yelled at the man. Didn’t he know that this is my girl? She can’t be gone. She can’t be.

It started to bucketing even harder, the raindrops masking my crying. I reached in through the broken window and gently placed my arms under her armpits.

“Get me a rag or something! We need to put pressure on this!” I yelled at the guy, whose face was as pale as a ghost.

“Right! Yeah! I’ll be right back!” He took off running.

“Rae baby, I’m gonna pull you out now. Okay?” Deep down I knew she couldn’t hear me, but I couldn’t help but still talk to her. I gently lifted her, she was still light as all hell. Once I got her bum through the window, I put my arm in the crook of her knees and pulled the rest of body out, slicing my forearm on accident. But I didn’t even notice. Her entire body was covered in blood, the glass had cut her all over the place, mangled bits of metal surrounding the passenger seat of the car.

“WHERE’S THAT RAG?” I yelled out to the guy as I placed the palm of my hand to her temple, trying to stop the blood. It was warm and sticky in comparison to the rain falling heavily on my face. As I cradled Raegan’s head in my arms I started to tear up even more.

“Please Raegan, please be okay. Please.” I continued to beg her. Finally the guy returned with a rag in his hand. I bunched it up placed on her temple, trying to stop the blood. I sunk to my knees on the cold pavement of the highway. Many people had gotten out of their cars and were just watching the scene. I tried to feel for a pulse, but I got nothing. I was starting to feel light headed, but I held on, for her. I had to make sure she was okay.

“Mate, it’s no use. Look at her. She’s gone.” The delivery guy said to me from over my shoulder.

“SHUT UP.” I yelled back at him. “JUST SHUT UP. She’s going to make it. We’ve made it through so much, she has to make it.” My words were hard to understand through my heavy breathing and crying eyes.

"Rae baby c'mon. Wake up. Please wake up. Please....please." I begged of her as I cradled her bloody head in my arms, rocking her back and forth as I screamed out into the chilly night. I could hear sirens in the distance through the ringing in my ears and the sobs escaping my mouth. Pieces of glass, and metal littered the pavement around us, preventing people from driving through the scene.

Suddenly, her eyes fluttered open for a moment like miracle, as a hint of a smile came across her lips. She looked right into my eyes as the sparkle in them seemed to get dimmer.

"I love strong." The words left her lips weakly and with that her eyes closed once more, shattering what strength I had left.

She was gone.

-------------------------Author's Note-------------------------------

Well there you go!!!! Don't forget where you belong is finished!!!! I will be starting the second novel in the next few weeks, it's called "Strong." I'll start posting chapter once my summer break starts. Thank you all who have readn this book in its entirety, I am so grateful. So keep reading and commenting, because I love reading what you all have to say. <3333

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