Don't forget Where You Belong

Raegan Moynihan is no fashion model. She isn't famous or incredibly talented. She's just an ordinary college girl, new to Dublin.

Niall Horan is a world famous superstar. He's talented, can sing, play the guitar, and make girls swoon just by looking at them.

They find love in each other when they least expect it, then lose it all in a moment.


It's incredible how it only takes a second to almost lose the person you love more than anything, but, in the end, there's always a way to get through the misery and find the shining light of hope.

This story is a Niall Horan fan fiction about getting through it all to be with the person who means everything. Fame, stalkers, and oceans can't come between two people who are destined to be together.


35. Chapter 34 - Dynamite

"Ooooh can we go in here?" Morgan said stepping up her pace. Sarah, Morgs and I were at the mall shopping in celebration of the school year being over. Morgan gets out next week and Sarah and I finished with our finals last week. I couldn't be more relieved that the year was over despite having to start summer classes soon. My summer would be pretty booked, but it would be totally worth it if it got me caught up in my program.

I looked over at Neely and he nodded, urging us to walk in as held the shop door open for us. I thought it would be awkward with him having to come with us, but it actually wasn't at all. He's hilarious to shop with and does a good job of keeping the paps at bay. They've been trying to follow the girls and I all day.

"Ohmygosh. I love this shirt." Sarah said approaching a sheer white collared blouse with lace embedded shoulders. It was an adorable shirt.

"Get it." Morgan and I said together giving each other looks and laughing.

"Geesh. I will then." Sarah responded jokingly. She hooked the hanger of the blouse on her wrist and we started walking through the rest of the aisles. A cute sweater jumped out at me in one of the aisles, it was grey with little flowers on it, and it would look great with some skinny jeans and the Toms I bought last week.

Ooooh I like that." Morgan said as I held it up to my chest.

"Are you sure? It's not too grandma-esque?"

"Pshht, no way. It's cute."              

I through the sweater over my shoulder and kept going through the racks.

"What about this?" Morgs asked holding up a blue ruffled tank.              

"I love it."

"Good. I'm gonna get it then." She said with a sweet smile. "You guys ready to head out? We've got to get the gardens soon."

"Yeah we do." Sarah chimed in a big grin on her face.

So basically, Morgan has a final project to for her film production class, so she decided to make a funny music video, and she asked us Sarah and I to be in it. Basically it's a video where we mouth the words of a song and goof off. We've been getting ready to film for the last couple of weeks, practicing our cheesy dance moves and stuff, and we decided to film it at the Iveagh Gardens in the city. The ironic part is that she chose make a One Direction/Taio Cruz mash-up song for us to do, so after it was all edited and complete we were going to post it on twitter for the guys to see as a funny surprise/hello. She even said I could say something to Niall at the end and she would cut it out of the version she would be turning in to her teacher. Tons of fans have made music videos before, but I had a feeling ours would be really good since Morgan's actually really good at making videos and stuff. It's what she wants to do for a career in the long run. Another thing that would make it stand out is that we want to make it funny too, so when the guys watch it they'll get a laugh out of it.

The three of us went up to the registers and bought our clothes, then were lead to the car by Neely, who still had to push away the paparazzi as we left the store. The photographers started yelling again as we left as the flashes of their cameras practically blinded me. They always ask about Niall and I and any rumors that might be floating around. Last week they kept asking if I'd heard that Niall was drunk during a concert, which I didn't believe for a second. Just because we're Irish doesn't mean we're drunks.

"Out of the way please!" Neely yelled as we pushed our way through the cameras. The girls and I wiped our expressions clean of any emotion, just because the paps will make up stories just based on your facial appearance. It's rather ridiculous and stupid how much time the press puts into ruining the lives of celebs.

"My god, I think they get worse and worse." Sarah said as Neely shut the car door behind her.

"You're telling me." I said heaving a sigh. We rode in silence for a little while before Morgan spoke up.

"I'm excited for the guys to see our video. I think it will make them laugh don't you?"

"Oh absolutely. They'll definitely get a laugh out of it." I reassured her. "And you'll definitely get an A on it."

"Seriously though, if your teacher doesn't give you and A, I'll personally come into his classroom and whoop his ass." Oh Sarah, she is unquestionably the aggressive one of the group.

"Yeah because that'll help me." Morgan said sarcastically, trying not to laugh. We all started cracking up and before we knew it we were at the gardens, and there were no paps to be seen. Neely grabbed a bunch of the equipment from the back so Morgan wouldn't have to carry it all. I grabbed some of the funny props while Sarah grabbed the boxed wine. Every girl’s day calls for wine if you ask me. As we started walking towards the open field where we would start shooting, I could see a huge group of girls waiting around, some of them holding signs in their hands. These must be the 'extras' that Morgan recruited. She really was going all out on this. She rounded up a ton of directioner's to be the backup dancers, made Sarah and I practice our moves for weeks, and made sure she could be in the video herself. To be honest there isn't too much dancing to be done by us, we're just going to be silly the whole time. It's the fans following us around that will really make the video great.

"OKAY." Morgan started yelling as Neely went unload the equipment. The pack of girls were standing in front of us as we addressed them. "Great, now that I've got your attention, I'd like to say some things before we start." Sarah looked over at me and made a hilarious sarcastic face at me, making me chuckle. Neither of us have seen Morgan yell before. "First off, as I've said before, this video is being made for fun, but it needs to be taken seriously as well. Second, please do not approach Raegan until we are all done, she gets harassed enough by the paps, so lets be professional until everything is all done." I looked over at her furrowing my eyebrows. Have these girls really been that excited to see me? She gave me a look, then continued with her instructions. "Third, I just want to thank you guys for helping me out. It's been a joy getting to know you all over the last few weeks and it’s appreciated. I don't have the means to pay you, yet you still show up anyways. So thank you." Everyone started clapping, and Sarah and I started hollering really loud, earning a look from Morgs. "LET'S GET STARTED." She yelled. The pack of girls went to take their places, just over the hill.

"Okay, so remember we're going to be start here shaking our booties, and turn around individually as our parts go. Raegan, you're serenading Niall, remember that, and remember to always stay in the middle of us two. Lots of eye contact with the camera. That's going to be the opening. Make it as silly as possible, funny faces are totally allowed." She said smiling. Seeing Morgan in her element is awesome. Even for a trivial project like this, she was doing great at directing it. "The song will be playing on the iHome so you can get it right, and it's okay if you actually sing it, its going to be edited over anyways, and your lips will match the lyrics better that way. We'll do it a couple times so when I edit I get the best shots. Got it?"

"Got it." She tossed me a hoodie out a box next to the camera before walking over to Neely to explain to him what he needed to do. I laughed out loud as I held it up. It was a green hoodie and on the back it said "Horan".

“I thought you would like that!" She yelled as she made her way back over to us. The three of us walked over the hill and got in our positions. Morgan signaled for Neely to press play on the iHome as the camera rested in its tripod ready to film. One of Morgan's friends from her class would be helping with the filming when Morgan would take part in the video.

The intro to the mix started and that was the cue for us to dance with the beat, hitting goofy poses as we did so. The three of us started singing the beginning of the song as we made faces at the camera, trying not to crack up laughing because we actually suck at singing, but that was the whole point of the video. Morgan wants it to be funny so if we laugh it's okay, and if we aren't singing the whole time that's okay too. She wants it look natural and silly without trying too hard. Throughout the video, I'll be the one 'singing' all the One Direction parts while Morgan and Sarah 'sing' all the Taio Cruz parts. The three of us continued to sing along and dance with the song until Morgan was satisfied.

"CUT." Morgan yelled over the music after the third take. "Well done ladies, we got some good shots." She said giggling. We got the opening right up until the part where the dancers come in filmed a few times. "Okay, so next we have bring in the Directioners. I'll go brief them. Get in your positions. Props are in the bucket." Sarah and I walked over to the box of props and grabbed what we needed. I grabbed a top hat a plastic toy guitar, and a shamrock tattoo for my cheek, while she put on a tiara and walking cane. As goofy as it gets I guess. We made our way towards the waterfall area for the next part of the song. The premise had tons of random rocks everywhere and plenty of trees and flowers. It was quite a nice location actually.

"Alright, so when you guys hear that part, start doing your thing. Remember, it’s not structured. Just run around and do whatever. We'll run through it a couple of times so we can get the best shots. The dancers will be popping out from behind the rocks one by one doing what they practiced, so feel free to interact with them too, they've practiced enough to be distracted." Morgan said to us before grabbing her props. After she briefed us she went over to the box and pulled some star stickers to put on her cheekbones, some heart shaped sunglasses, and ridiculously hilarious scrunchie straight out of 1986.

"Alright, PLACES EVERYONE! REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN." She yelled, a big grin on her face. She put up her hand and did a silent countdown for her camera man and the music picked up again. I waited for my lines and started singing super loud when they came, dancing like an idiot and making faces at Sarah when I did.  It's a good thing my singing won't actually be in the video because that would be dreadful. As we continued to run around the park, I interacted with a lot of the back up dancers. I got right up in some of their faces and serenaded them, making them laugh like crazy.

We ran that part of the song a few times, getting all kinds of shots for Morgan to use, which made her very pleased. Things were going well so far from what I could see. After running through the middle of the song one more time, Morgan gave everyone fifteen minutes to just chill and relax. Sarah went to grab a drink of water and I made my way over to the fans. Many of them had markers and crayons out, doing some finishing touches on their signs. The last part of the song would involve all of them holding up their signs. I hadn't really thought of making one, so I figured one of them might lend me some poster paper and a Sharpie if I asked politely.

"Hey uh, do you guys mind if I join you?" I asked as I approached a small group of girls. "I haven't really made a sign yet.

"Uh sure. We have some extra paper if you'd like." A girl with dark brown hair said to me. She looked about thirteen and seemed sweet enough, just a little nervous though.

"Thanks." I said sitting down with her group of friends as she handed me piece of poster. "My name is Raegan by the way." They started giggling.

"We know who you are." The girl said smiling. "I'm Chloe and this is Molly and Rebecca." She said pointing to her friends who also looked thirteen.              

"Nice to meet you guys."

"What's it like being with Niall?" Molly blurted out. She immediately covered mouth with her hand, embarrassed. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that." Her cheeks were glowing red, making me chuckle a little bit. It was weird for me that they got nervous just from sitting with me.

"That's okay. You guys can ask me whatever you want." I told them as I started writing on my poster. I knew exactly what I wanted to write, something specific for Niall that would make him smile when he watched the video.

"Sweet." Said Chloe. "So what is it like being with Niall?"

"It's an adventure, that's for sure." I told them, chuckling to myself. "It's hard with him being on the road and stuff, but he's worth it." They all smiled and awed.

"Does he really eat as much as everyone says he does?" Rebecca asked, making me laugh.              

"Yep. He does."

"Does really swear all that much?" Chloe asked.

"Uhm, sometimes. He does when he gets mad."  The girls kept asking me about Niall and the rest of the guys as we worked on our posters. From what they were asking I could tell that Molly was all for Harry while Chloe and Rebecca favored Lou and Zayn.

"Is he a good kisser?" Molly asked, her cheeks getting red.

"A girl never tells, right ladies?" I said to them smiling as I stood up finished with my poster. "Thanks for letting me chill with you. If you guys write down your twitter thingys I'll pass them off to him if you'd like." All three of their mouths dropped open as they scrambled to find some scrap paper. They handed me their twitter names and I shoved the paper in my pocket. I looked down at my poster admiring it before walking away to find Sarah. I drew a bunch of little hearts to make border and in the center of it I wrote "Miss you leprechaun :) keep doin’ what you do xoxoxo" Simple and sweet if you ask me.

"OKAY PEOPLE." Morgans voice echoed across the park. "GET IN YOUR PLACES FOR THE SIGN SCENES." I met up with Sarah with my sign in tow as I adjusted my top hat.

"What's that?" She asked reading it.              

"A sign you idiot." I said jokingly. She gave me a playful shove for my remark as we approached Morgan.

"Hello loves. We're almost done." She said wiping a bead of sweat off of her forehead dramatically to emphasize her hard work. "So basically we're going to shoot the part where the fans do the inbetweeners dance, then hold up their signs. Rae, I can see you've made a sign here, so feel free to hold it up. Once the music is done say what you want to the guys and we're finished. Got it?"

"Got it." I told her, earning an eye roll from Sarah.

"Alright let’s go." Morgan said before yelling out to the dancers again. "PLACES." The three of us got on top of our individual rocks, a separate camera angled up at each of us. Morgan did a silent countdown and the music started again. As my 'solo' came up, I held my sign up so you could read it before I jumped off the rock, throwing it over my shoulder. As the song started coming to an end the three of us did our synchronized dance until the end. Once the music cut I said my message to the guys, right into the camera with Sarah and Morgan smiling for the lenses over my shoulder.

"Hi guys, we just wanted to say hi, and that we miss you and we're so proud. Keep up the good work. We love every single one of you. Byeeeeeee." We waved to the camera and after a few seconds Morgan called cut, and that was the end.


--Niall's Point of View--

"Hey mate have you seen this?" I heard Liam yelling from the living area. We were currently in Mexico City after finishing up with some promoting we had to do after the European leg of the tour. I haven't seen Raegan since the end of April when we went on our long weekend vacation to escape Jake. Turns out his threats were empty, and he stopped sending me creepy messages, but he still bugs Rae, which makes me worry still.

"Seen what?" I yelled back at him.

"The video she tweeted at us five minutes ago! It's hilarious!" Shaking my head while wondering what the hell he was going on about, I walked out of the bedroom and went to go see what he was talking about. The rest of the guys were huddled around Liam's laptop laughing their butts off, and as I walked over to them I recognized "What Make's You Beautiful" playing, but mixed with that "Dynamite" song.

"Pull up a chair, you've got to see this." Harry said, getting out of the way so I could see. I sat down and restarted the video, after reading the tweet from Raegan which said:

@NiallOfficial @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson Morgan's film project! Just for you fella's <3

The video started playing and I immediately started laughing. On the screen was Rae, Sarah, and Morgan dancing like complete idiots mouthing the words to the song. It was hilarious and you could tell they were having a blast. Raegan was singing all our parts of the song, while Sarah and Morgan sang the rest. She looked absolutely adorable and hot at the same time, even when she did the air guitar in her top hat. The guys and I couldn't stop laughing as we watched it, cracking up as it went on. When the dancers came in it really came together, especially when they held up their signs. The one that Raegan was holding made me smile, especially when she threw it over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at the camera. From what I could tell, the girls had a blast with the video, and it was a pleasant surprise for us. I wondered how many people had already seen it. Our fans tend to keep an eye on our twitter accounts at all times, so sooner than later I knew the video would be everywhere.

"Hi guys, we just wanted to say hi, and that we miss you and we're so proud. Keep up the good work. We love every single one of you. Byeeeeeee." Raegans voice rang out through the room as the song ended, making me grin.

"She's perfect mate." Harry said, slapping his hands on my shoulders. "That was hilarious."

"Agreed." Zayn chimed in, wiping the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard. Right as I went to watch it again my phone went off. It was a text from Raegan.

Did you see it?! Did you see it?!              

I chuckled out loud and went to answer her.

just watched it. well done babe :)  made my day and the guys couldn't stop laughing. watching it again right now. miss you xx

I slid my phone in my pocket and pressed play, ready to laugh some more…

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