Don't forget Where You Belong

Raegan Moynihan is no fashion model. She isn't famous or incredibly talented. She's just an ordinary college girl, new to Dublin.

Niall Horan is a world famous superstar. He's talented, can sing, play the guitar, and make girls swoon just by looking at them.

They find love in each other when they least expect it, then lose it all in a moment.


It's incredible how it only takes a second to almost lose the person you love more than anything, but, in the end, there's always a way to get through the misery and find the shining light of hope.

This story is a Niall Horan fan fiction about getting through it all to be with the person who means everything. Fame, stalkers, and oceans can't come between two people who are destined to be together.


34. Chapter 33 - A hike and something more

"It's beautiful." I said quietly to myself as I looked out over the horizon, taking in the view of the Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs were large and intimidating, yet gracefully invited your eyes to stare at the beauty of them. They were absolutely incredible, huge and daunting, but tantalizing to look at. Just looking at them made you feel small as the layers of rocky edges jutted out from the land. The cliffs go on for about 5 miles, which is insane to me. It's crazy how mother nature created a place so beautiful during the ice age.

Niall wrapped his arm around my waist as he looked out over the horizon with me.  "It is isn't it?" His perfect Irish accent made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. They've been going crazy since the moment I woke up in his arms early this morning. I've been going crazy for him all morning. The entire way on the ferry to the Aran Islands, our flirty banter went on and on, and it was difficult to keep my hands off of him. If we weren't accompanied by the rest of the tour group, we probably would have missed all the views if you know what I mean. I don't know what it is about today, but he is driving me extra wild by just looking at me....

"I wonder if the cows know that they could just fall over the edge?" I said chuckling to myself. In the distance, of few cows were roaming dangerously close to the edge to get some good grass.

"They must. They can't be that stupid can they?" He asked me, laughing at the end of his sentence.

"I hope not.....Ready to keep walking? I wanna see more." I kissed him on the cheek before he grabbed my hand. We continued up the pathway, taking in the view as we climbed up each step, hand in hand. I still couldn't believe what I was looking at, and the Cliff's kept taking my breath away with every new angle we could view them from. As we made it to the top of the hill where the O'Brien viewing tower was, the main pathway ended, and instead you could veer off onto a rocky pathway and get closer to the edge. A sign was posted explaining that the rest of the way was a little more dangerous and that if someone fell, it wasn't the responsibility of the county, since we were now walking on a farmer's land. The farmer's totally okay with it, but if something happens, it's your own damn fault. I started making my way to climb over to the path when I felt Niall tug at my hand as he stopped in his tracks.

"I don't know about this....what if you trip and fall or something?" He was looking at me, concern taking over his expression.

"It'll be fine." I started,  smiling at him, craving the adventure."I'm sure tons of people have walked over here just fine. Look, there's a whole group of people way over there!" I pointed to the group of people standing by the edge of the cliffs at the end of the path. "Please? I'll be extra careful. I swear." I gave him my best pouty face.

He heaved a sigh as the corner of his lips starting creeping up. "You know I can't say no when you make that face." He pulled me in for a quick kiss. "Just don't let go of my hand."

"Deal." I said kissing his lips quickly again. He grabbed my hand holding it extra tight as we squeezed through the short wooden poles separating the main pathway from the unofficial one. The path was only so wide enough to walk in a single file fashion, but many of the people walking along hopped up onto the grassy knoll parallel to it, which was right on the edge, and you had to balance carefully as you walked. I found a good place to step up, and slowly but surely I climbed up, being as careful as I could. It was incredible how much more you could see being a few feet higher than the pathway. I could see the Aran Islands in the distance as the sun beamed down on the blue ocean water. I held on to Niall's hand as we continued to walk, me carefully treading through the weedy grass avoiding any holes or slopes that could make me fall. I looked down at Niall and he grimaced as he returned my gaze.

"You're freaking me out up there." He said shaking his head.

"It's fine. Besides, if I trip I know you'll save me." I said in princess-like voice.

"Whatever you say love." He said chuckling. We continued to walk along the path like that, me walking a few feet above him, being careful with each step as he kept squeezing my hand as if I could fall any minute. Eventually we made it to the end of the off road pathway and to the edge of  one of the big cliffs sticking out into the water. I jumped down off the knoll, Niall catching me in his arms and setting me down on the ground.

"Better?" I asked him, giving him a mock sassy look.

"Yes." He said before leaning in to kiss me. Instead of keeping it short and sweet, he made the kiss long and passionate without a care in the world. It felt good to be able to kiss him like this without paps or fans following us around. Don't get me wrong, I love the fans, and so does he, but it's nice to have a break from the screaming sometimes. He wrapped his arms around me from behind as I turned to take in the scenery. It was beautiful. The way the ocean just melted into the horizon, going on and on mesmerized me. I felt completely content as Niall and I just stood there together, happily in love with each other and the place that our feet were standing on.


After the cliffs, Niall and I climbed back in the Range Rover to go explore some more places. It was a short drive to get to the rocky place they call The Burren. Basically, it's a huge mass of land covered in limestone with hardly any soil to be found in the area, and it borders Galway Bay of the Atlantic ocean. Part of the land is preserved as a national park and people are free to roam around on the rock if they can find a good place to pull over, which Niall and I managed to do plenty of times. A huge area of rock may not sound very beautiful, but it's actually really cool to look at as you drive through because it goes on for miles and miles. After pulling over a few times just to get out and get some good pictures, we finally made it to the spot where the nature trail starts. We would be walking on what they call the "Green Arrow Route" a moderate and short little hike through the landscape.

"Don't forget your camera, I know you're going to want plenty of pictures of me." Niall said cheekily as we climbed out of the car.

"How could I forget? What would I do with out a picture of the one and only Niall Horan?" I replied jokingly. He came around from his side of the car looking cute as ever.

"I don't know.....what would you do?" He asked before kissing me fiercely, pulling me closer to him. As he pulled away and looked right into my eyes, I couldn't admire how sexy he looked. Everything about him was getting me going in all the right ways, making my entire body buzz with passionate energy. His hair, his eyes, his cheeky smile, it was all so perfect. For some reason, it was extremely difficult to keep my hands and lips off of him. He's just so sexy.....I couldn't help myself.

"Ready love?" He asked me, giving me a cheeky smile.

"Yeah...." I said to him quietly, still just staring at his eyes, a little out of breath. He grabbed my hand and led the way like usual. The two of us set off for the trail as the sun shined down on us in all its glory. We had gotten lucky with the weather today, not a cloud was in the sky. Hand in hand we walked down the trail together, taking in the sights around us and the sounds of nature.

As we entered the woodland the sound of the birds were beautiful. The way they communicate through all their tunes and whistles fascinated me. I often stopped to take pictures at different spots in the woods, sometimes of the birds, some of Niall and I, some of the trail ahead of us. I'm no fancy photographer or anything, but I do like having pictures to look back on. Especially with the nice camera that I got for my birthday way back when, it was nice to have a good opportunity to play around with it.

Soon after entering the woods, we made it to the hay meadows where goats, cows, and sheep all roamed freely with only ancient stone walls marking up the pastures. The animals looked so peaceful and happy just grazing in the countryside.

"I bet you I can get one of those goats to let me pet it." Niall said, making clicking noises with his tongue to try and get the attention of the goats.

"Okay goat whisperer." I said sarcastically, trying not to laugh. "Work your magic." He kept making the noises, eventually catching one of the goats attention. It looked like a younger one, and it was actually really cute. It looked up at him and cocked its head.

"Come here little guy. Come on. You can do it." He kept coaxing the goat to come over, and it was actually working. I handed him a handful of hay off of the ground and he stuck his arm out, luring the little guy in. The goat approached slowly, and then fell for the bait. As he started munching on the hay, Niall slowly reached out his hand and started petting it, a grin spreading across his face. At this point I was laughing just out of disbelief, and I made sure to snap a few pictures.

"Told you I could do it. Now you owe me because I was right." He said as the goat finished and went back to the rest of his goat friends.

"Oh really?" I said all sly like. "What do I owe you?"              

"Just a kiss." He wiggled his eyebrows at me cheekily.

"Alright then." I pulled him in, putting my both my hands on his cheeks as I did so.

"Have I ever told you how much I like kissing you?" He asked after I pulled away. My cheeks started burning up at his words.

"No..." A teasing smile came upon my lips.

"Well I like kissing you." He pecked my lips again and we continued down the trail. After about another 10 minutes we came out to the actual limestone part of the nature. I was astounded at how far I could the grey rock stretching out to the sea. Many cracks covered the surface leaving room for small tufts of weeds and grass to find their way through. It looked never ending and it took my breath away just looking at it.

We stopped walking along the trail for a moment and just took it all in. He wrapped his arm around my waist and we just stared into the endless sea of rock.

"It looks like it goes on forever..." I said, still in awe at the sight before us. Niall didn't respond at first, but when he did, his words melted my heart.

"I hope me and know........go on forever." He said quietly. I looked at him to be greeted by his bright blue eyes, sparkling the way they always do when's he truly happy.

I gave him a small smile. "Me too."


"Ugh I'm stuffed." I said, closing the door behind me. "That food was too good for my own good."

"Me too. And I usually don't say that." Niall said, chuckling to himself before crashing onto the bed. After exploring The Burren, we returned into town for dinner and decided to go to McGann's, one of the three very old pubs in the village. The fish and chips were to die for, and the Guinness was as good as ever. The best part was the music, a local traditional band stuck around playing traditional Irish music, and we ended up staying inside the pub for much longer than we originally intended. No one really recognized Niall, and the few people who did didn't bother him for a picture or anything, they just talked to him like he was a normal guy. All in all it was a pleasant evening filled with good memories.

"That band was good too don't you think?" I asked as I started searching through my suitcase for PJs.              

"Yeah they were great. I can't believe they autographed the CD I bought."

"I know that was so nice of them." I slipped off my opal ring, placing it on the dresser and went to get undressed, a pair of lucky charms boxer shorts and one of Nialls tanks in my hands. As I slipped my shirt off, I could feel Niall's eyes on me from across the room. I turned my head, looking over my shoulder at him. His eyes were full of lust, tracing the outline of my body with his pupils. His eyes followed the lines of my bare legs, stopping on my bum and then back up to my eyes.

"You like what you see?" I teased, a sly smile crossing my lips. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy for him, and my heart was racing just from the way he was looking at me.

"Very much so." He practically growled, as he stood up off the bed. He made his way over to me slowly, taking in the view before placing both his hands on my cheeks. Slowly he placed his lips on mine, kissing me soft and slow, our lips molding together as one passionately. As the seconds turned into minutes it continued, and started to get heated. Before I knew it I was running my hands through his hair as his hands explored my bare torso, my pajamas thrown to the side carelessly. My heart was racing and I wanted nothing more than to be with him right at the moment. Everything about him right then made me want him. His hair, his eyes, his smile, his body, I wanted it all, he was irresistible. The kiss grew deeper as I slowly backed up towards the bed. As he laid me down he started kissing my neck making me moan with pleasure while he ran his hands along my bare legs, tickling my thighs with his touch. I could smell his cologne and the aroma turned me on even more. My entire body was craving his touch and tingling with wanting for him. My hands found their way to the hem of his t-shirt and I pulled it up over his head, exposing his bare torso. He went to undo my bra as he left kisses along my shoulders, giving me the good kind of goose bumps. Once my bra was off his kisses made their way closer and closer to the lace of my undies then back up to my neck again. His hands continued to caress every part of my body as I fumbled to undo his belt, catching his attention.

"Wait....." His chest was heaving as he leaned over me on the bed, his blue eyes staring into mine. "Are you sure?" He only uttered three little words, but I knew exactly what he meant. My eyes flickered down to his lips then back to his eyes. I felt on top of the world as he looked down at me with love. I was ready.

"Yes." I said, giving him a sly teasing smile as I caught my breath. He placed his lips to mine fiercely, and for the rest of the evening, we got lost in our love for one another, tangled in the sheets....


My eyes flickered open to the sunlight shining through the curtain. I could feel the crisp sheets on my bare skin, their cotton texture cascading me in a cloud of softness. A slight soreness in my legs greeted me as my long red hair tickled my shoulders and back. As my brain started to wake up, the events of last night flooded back to my mind, making me blush. Last night was incredibly perfect. The chemistry between Niall and I was indescribable, and I didn't regret it for a second. Not only could he make me happy mentally and emotionally, he made me feel on top the world physically, and to me that is a rare and beautiful thing. I've always said that our lips were made for each other, but now I was starting to think that everything about us was somehow designed for each other. It's silly to think, but that's just how I felt about it. The timing was right too. I've always told myself to wait until I'm completely in love with the person, and there was not questioning that. I've been in love with him since the day we met, which made the experience ten times more meaningful and special rather than just doing it in high school when everyone else was. Waiting certainly paid off for me.

I looked over at Niall, he was still sleeping. His lips were slightly parted, a small smile lingering on the corners. His blonde hair was messy and sticking up in some places. I couldn't help but admire how handsome he looked. From his messy hair, to his muscular arms, to his sleepy smile, I love everything about him.

I pulled the sheets tighter around me as I leaned over and kissed his cheek to wake him up.              

"Rae baby?" He groaned groggily, raising his eyebrows but not opening his eyes.

"Yes Niall?" I whispered back to him.

"I love you."              

"I love you too." I kissed his cheek again and he finally opened his eyes, giving me a cute half smile, squinting a little bit.

"I like waking up like this." He linked his arm under the sheets and pulled me close to him, kissing me on the lips. "And just so you know, last night was bleedin' deadly. Absolutely brilliant." I could feel my cheeks heating up, probably turning bright red again. He started rubbing circles on my bare back and kissed the top of my head.

"I think so too." And that was the truth. Last night was truly incredible.


"Alright, you ready? Just do what I do." Niall said to me as he leaned on his golf club. Ever since he found out about the nearby golfing course the first night we got here, he's been dying to go, so here we are. I had never been golfing before, so I was basically getting a crash course on how to play. Niall didn't seem to mind teaching me and giving me tips. He even went out of his way to buy me all the cute and girly golf clothes and accessories before we started.

I think he especially liked it when he got to wrap his arms around me to show me "proper form" as he liked to call it. Personally I think he just liked having his hands on me at whatever chance he could.

He swung the club sending the ball far out into the green of the course, and I could see it almost roll into the hole from where I was standing.

"So I just have to hit it like that?" I asked him cocking my head. "I don't think I can do that." So far today, I've learned that golf is actually much harder than it looks, and I was not confident the little to no skill that I had.

"Sure you can just try." He said smiling at me while adjusting his hat. "Just how I showed you."

"Okay......" I said, uncertainty ringing through my tone. Positioning myself the way he showed me a million times, I shot him a nervous look before taking a swing, sending the ball flying through the air. Surprisingly it landed not too far from Niall's.

"Well done babe." He said kissing my cheek and grabbing my hand to take a closer look.

The rest of our game continued in peace, there were hardly any people on the course. Once we finished, with Niall whooping my butt, we went back into town for some lunch at one of the other pubs called O'Connor's. The whole pub was pretty relaxed, and besides the tourists scattered throughout the bar, everyone else seemed to know each other. The food tasted amazing, and the beer was good too, so all in all it was a good time.

After lunch, we decided on going for a drive along the coast and make our way to the Doolin Cave, where one of the worlds largest stalactites hangs.

"Can I drive?" I asked Niall as we left O'Connors.              

"You're funny."

"I'm serious. Pleeeeeeease. I haven't driven since the Jeep was moved." I was itching to get behind the wheel, even if it was just for a little while.

"No way." He said as we approached the land rover.

"I'll be extra careful! Pretty please? With a cherry on top?" I gave him my best pouty face and he just looked at me pursing his lips. I could tell he was trying not to crack a smile.

"Fine, but if I change my mind at any point you have to pull over and we'll switch. Promise?"

"I promise." I said all giddy as I ran over to the drivers side. As I climbed in the seat Niall tossed me the keys before heaving a sigh and buckling his seatbelt. I started the car and couldn't help but grin at the sound of the engine. It had been way too long.

"Now remember, we go into traffic circles on the left, and people pass on the right."

"Oh shush I know." I said, laughing a bit at how worried he was getting. He gets worried about anything that involves possible risks and me. "Just tell me where to go we'll be fine."

"Alright then. Let's go." He said in a half nervous, half amused voice. "Let's hope we get there in one piece."

I rolled my eyes at him before stepping on the gas, the feeling of freedom flowing through my veins.  


"Holy shit! That thing is monstrous!" Niall said, his voice ringing through the cave. As he yelled a couple of parents accompanied by their little ones gave him dirty looks.

"Ssshhhhshhhshhhh" I said between my giggles, trying to make it not so obvious that I thought the dirty looks were funny.

"Oh right. Forgot there were little sprogs in here." He said chuckling. Him and I were in the Doolin Caves, just wandering around. The insides were dark and chilly, but fascinating too. Especially the huge stalactite we were standing under. I pulled out my camera to make sure I got a good picture before we continued walking through paths. The walls were drippings with water and the dark grey rock kept the whole place a little cold. Voices echoed off the walls when you spoke. "As cool as this is, you have to admit it's a little creepy."

"What if someone jumps out at us or something?" I asked him, grabbing hold of his arm. As I latched on I couldn't help but notice how toned his arms are, he's definitely been working out.

"I'll protect you." He said. It was dark so I couldn't see his face all that well, but I knew he was making a cheeky smile. "Woah, that's a tight squeeze." He pointed the flashlight up a little bit, illuminating an incline through a very small passageway. Good thing we're skinny because it would be rather difficult for anyone larger than us to get through it.

"All the more reason for us to get closer." I gave him a wink jokingly. Now it was me being the cheeky one.

"Good. I love getting 'closer' to you." He teased back. He pecked me on the cheek before we approached the skinny passage.

"You first." I told him looking down the path. It looked a little creepy, and was barely lit up.              

"Why me first?"

"Because you're here to 'protect' me, remember?" I said laughing, imitating him the best I could.

"Yeah right. You're just scared." He stuck his tongue out at me like a child, making me crack a smile.

"Yes I am. I'm a girl, I'm allowed to be scared."              

"Fine, I'll go first, just follow behind and don't let go of my hand okay?"

"Got it." He pointed the flashlight down the passage again and started making his way through. We pressed our backs to the cold cave walls, considering the width of the passage was smaller than the width of Niall's shoulder blades. Step by step we made it up the small incline like that, hand in hand with our backs against the walls. The ground was a little slippery towards the end, and when he almost ate it I started cracking up. He cussed before looking over at me, giving me a sassy look.

"You know, If I had fallen, I would've take you down with me just for laughing." He wasn't serious of course, he wouldn't actually do that. I tried to answer him but I couldn't stop laughing. It wasn't even all that funny but I was in such a good mood that the giggles kept coming. We continued down the path finally making it to the end as my laughter subsided. We were greeted by sunshine as we exited.

"Can we stop in the gift shop? I want some curly-wurly's." I asked him.

"Course. I could go for a Wispa myself." Him and I started making our way to the gift shop to ease our candy cravings.

As we walked in the shop, my nose was greeted by the sweet smell of candy, and ice cream. The place was covered in the kind of gifts that the tourists like to snatch right up. An assortment of posters, clothing, shot glasses, mugs, key chains, maps and posters littered the place. I walked straight towards the back where the wall of candy was and snagged some curly wurly's while Niall looked around the shop a bit.

"You ready?" I asked him.

"Yep." He said smiling at me. We walked over to the register, and the young girl working started gawking at Niall. Oh boy, only a fan would get that kind of look on her face. We had been lucky to not run into any crazy fans on our long weekend, and I was hoping it would remain that way for the rest of the trip, but I guess we don't always get what we want.

"Um, did you um, find everything okay?" She was wicked nervous. Her voice was super shaky.

"Yeah we did thanks." Niall said to her, before giving me a quick questioning look with one of his eyebrows raised. I did my best effort not to chuckle. He must have noticed the girl was really nervous too.

"Um, okay. That will be five euro please." He handed her the money then grabbed my hand leading me out, leaving the girl in her nervous state. It was a shame that she was so nervous, Niall probably autograph or something if she had asked.

"What was her deal eh?" He asked me as the bell tinkled behind us as the shop door closed.              

"I think she was a fan. Just super nervous though."

"Oh...." He furrowed his eyebrows for a sec. "Right, that makes sense." I rolled my eyes sometimes. It still blows my mind how he forgets he's famous sometimes. It just goes to show that it hasn't all gone to his head.  "Anyways, I'm starved."

"Me too."

"How about we go back into town, grab some food then head back to the lodge?" We were almost at the car. I silently wondered to myself if he would let me drive again.

"Sounds good to me. Can I drive?"

"Hell no. Once is enough for today." He said chuckling to himself.

"But I did just fine! You even said so when we got here."              

"Yeah, I still feel better if I drive." He said opening my door for me.

"You know, you can be so protective sometimes....." I said to him, It was true, Niall is very protective of me. But it's never overbearing or annoying, in fact I find it rather humorous. He isn't a prick or anything, he just cares. He's also very traditional with things. Like he always opens the door for me, pays for everything, gives me his jacket when it's cold. I guess you could say he's a true gentleman. He gave me a look before I finished my sentence, making me crack a smile. "......but.......I don't mind. I like how much you care."

"Good. Because I'll probably always be this way."

"Good. I don't want you to change." With that, we buckled our seatbelts and started for our return into the most beautiful little town I've ever had the pleasure of staying in.

----------------Author's Note-------------------------------------------  

Hello all!

Soo what have you guys been up to? I'm starting my exams in 9 days!! Insane!! Just as insane as you guys!! We're over 11k people reading this book!!

But I think there will be 7 chapters more before the book ending :(

So a sequel or not?

Tell me in the comments what you guys think.

Thank you! xxx

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