Don't forget Where You Belong

Raegan Moynihan is no fashion model. She isn't famous or incredibly talented. She's just an ordinary college girl, new to Dublin.

Niall Horan is a world famous superstar. He's talented, can sing, play the guitar, and make girls swoon just by looking at them.

They find love in each other when they least expect it, then lose it all in a moment.


It's incredible how it only takes a second to almost lose the person you love more than anything, but, in the end, there's always a way to get through the misery and find the shining light of hope.

This story is a Niall Horan fan fiction about getting through it all to be with the person who means everything. Fame, stalkers, and oceans can't come between two people who are destined to be together.


26. Chapter 26 - Pre-show

"Raegan! I'm freaking out! I didn't bring anything good to wear!" I heard Edin yell from my bedroom as I was peeing. The two of us haven't left the apartment all day. Instead we stayed in our pajamas until noon, pigged out on junk food, took the longest showers possible, and now we're getting ready for the show tonight.

"Edin you're just stressing. You brought plenty of good clothes!" I yelled back at her as I flushed the toilet. I heard her heave a big sigh as I washed my hands with the bubbly vanilla soap. I walked out of the toilet and back over to my bed where she had spread out every single piece of clothing she brought with her. She would be meeting Harry Styles backstage tonight, and I knew she was practically shitting herself. She wanted to look perfect for her biggest celebrity crush. I wanted to look perfect too, considering it was my first One Direction concert and all, but I wasn't feeling as frantic as her about it. I could wear a trash bag and Niall wouldn't care. "What about this?" I asked her, pulling out a pastel colored floral print dress, and a light pink cardigan. Edin is the girliest girl I know, and she loves the color pink. I grabbed a pair of nude heels out from under my bed to go along with the outfit as well.

"Don't scuff these. They're my favorite pair." I told her, tossing them on the bed.

"Ohmygosh, it's perfect, you're a genius." She said a grin spreading across her face.

"Thank you very much." I said a little smug, pretending to take a bow. I had a knack for making Edin chill out in stressful situations.

"What are you going to wear babycakes?" She asked me as she slipped the dress over her head. I walked over to my closet and opened the doors. I've had this outfit planned for a while now...... I would be wearing a flowy floral top, black skinny jeans, my brown riding boots, and a cute purple infinity scarf. My hair would be wavy and have a small braid in it somewhere. In my opinion, the outfit was flattering and cute the same time. If Niall was going to be staring at me all night like he told me he would, then I wanted to look good. I wasn't planning on wearing heavy makeup or anything because that would make the outfit a little too busy.

"That is so you." Edin said admiring my choice of outfit.

"Thank you. I must say, I agree." I said in silly diva voice. Edin and I always go around talking in different voices. It's just a best friend thing I guess.

"Niall will be pleased." She said while putting her earrings in as I started to get dressed.

"I try." I told her, wiggling my eyebrows.

"Oh and Rae?"


"Don't let this Jake guy get to you tonight. This is a special night, so don't let him ruin it. You're stronger than him in every way, shape, and form." She said to me, still bothered by what I told her this morning. Over breakfast, I finally spilled the beans on the Jake situation. I had decided that as my best friend, she deserved to know why I may have been acting weird when I get creepy texts. She's been empathetic about it, and ever since this morning I know she's been worrying.

"Thanks E." I said smiling.


"Wow, Rae, I have to say, good choice in restaurant." Edin said before taking another bite of her food.

"You like it huh?" She just nodded while chewing, giving me the thumbs up. "It's one of my favorites. I feel like I eat here way too much." We were at Sabor Brazil, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. The food is to die for, and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant is perfect. I never really liked Brazilian food until some friends from school dragged me here. I was about to take another bite of my food when my phone started buzzing in my pocket.

"Do you mind if I get that?" I asked Edin. Normally I keep my phone away when I'm at the table, but I had a feeling it was Niall. Edin nodded at me while taking a sip of her water. I pulled out my phone from my pocket to find that it was, in fact, another text from Niall.

Harry is walking around naked....come save me please xx.

I laughed out loud on accident which made Edin give me a quizzical look. I answered him and tucked my phone away. I felt like I'd been on it all day. Jake picked up on his texting me again, and it had been relentless. Constant texts asking about details on who I was seeing. I knew it wouldn't be long before he would hear about Niall and flip out. I was dreading the day.

Edin and I finished eating rather quickly, out of excitement I think. Once we finished we paid the bill and left. We grabbed a taxi and starting making our way to the arena. It was about four o'clock, and the show wouldn't be starting until nine, but from past experience at concerts, I knew it would be best if we got there earlier rather than later.

As the cab pulled up to the arena, swarms of girls were already surrounding the place. Niall's last text told me that sound check would be in twenty minutes, and that was five minutes ago. There was no way that we would be making it through these girls in time to see it.

"Alright, you ready for this?" I asked Edin, bracing myself for the relentless screaming we would be hearing tonight.

"Ready." She said with a serious face. I pulled out the two all access passes from my clutch and we swung them around our necks. I handed the driver the his money and the two of us stepped out of the cab and walked over to the back of the line to wait. Men in all black, who I figured to be security were walking through the line glancing at tickets and keeping things under control.

"Tickets ladies?" One of them said walking over to us. Edin and I both showed him our lanyards. The guy started chuckling at us."You know you don't have to wait in line with those right? They've been expecting you anyways." Edin and I looked at each other then back him, shrugging our shoulders. "Follow me." He directed us. The man started weaving his way through the long crowded line, and Edin and I got plenty of dirty looks as we did so. These Directioners suddenly got serious, and it was ridiculous and funny at the same time. Edin noticed the looks too and started to laugh while trying to make an apologetic face at the same time, failing miserably.

We made it to the main doors, and another man in all black scanned our passes and lets us through in less than a minute. To be honest, I was relieved that we didn't have to wait in that line, but I did feel bad for the sea of people we walked through.

"Well that was awesome." Edin said, grinning like a kid in a candy shop. I started heading the way we were directed towards, passing the many kiosks that were in the process of setting up shop. They were selling various One Direction items, and I knew the fans would eat it all up. As we walked around, many of the workers waved to us like they already knew who we were, and then I figured they might actually already know who I am, which was weird feeling for me.

Eventually we made our way to the inside of the arena. The place was huge, and it was amazing to think that it would be filled up in the next few hours. At the moment, it was mostly workers who were rushing around getting everything ready.

About twenty or so people were already upfront waiting for sound check to start. Apparently the boys were running a bit behind, and the girls waiting looked like they could cry out of excitement. Niall explained to me earlier that special tickets were often sold or auctioned off for charity that allowed the holders to see soundcheck and meet the guys before the show starts. He also explained that the tickets Edin and I were currently wearing are not the same as those, they're better. Our tickets allow us to go backstage and explore whenever and wherever, give us all access to basically everything going on before and after, and can only be given out by the members of the band and other important crew members. I guess you could say they're very special tickets, and I was truly grateful for them. I wasn't planning on wondering around too far, but I figured they would come in handy.

Edin and I started making our way down the aisles to get to the front row where we would be sitting. Many more camera's than I expected were placed all over the place, but then it dawned on me why. They were probably filming for the movie coming out in August. Niall hadn't told me much about it yet, but I knew he was super excited.

"Rae, are you ready for this?" Edin asked me as we walked.

"Yeah, it's my first show. Of course I'm ready."

"But really though, you know after tonight you're picture could be in every magazine that cares?"

"You're probably right...." I told her, messing with the hem of my shirt as we walked. "....but I'll be okay." Edin gave my hand a squeeze then let it fall back to my side as we made it to our seats. I was definitely nervous, but more happy than anything to be seeing Niall on stage for the first time.

I was about to sit down when I heard someone yell my name.

"Raegan!" It sounded like Harry...... The other girls surrounding me started whispering to each other, and it took me a second to figure out why. As of last week, Niall is dating a girl named Raegan, who no one has really seen yet, and Harry just yelled my name. They were probably putting two and two together. This is it. Everything would change from this point on.

I looked up at the stage and there he was casually strolling along towards me and Edin. "And this must be Edin." He said as he got right in front of us the two of us looking up at him.

"Hi Harry." I said with a friendly smile.

He jumped off the stage and gave me a hug. I introduced Edin to him and he leaned in and gave her a hug as well. She was doing a great job at not freaking out. "Does Niall know you're here?" He asked me.

"Not sure, I texted him but he didn't answer me." I explained.

"Probably distracted backstage with the rest of them. Follow me dollface." Edin and I looked at each other and then back at Harry, grins etched across our faces. He jumped back up on the stage and stuck his hand out to help us climb up. Harry pulled Edin up first, then me after. As we walked away from our seats, I turned my head to look at the handful of fans we were leaving behind. Each one of them had their mouths hanging open, clutching their various One Direction items to their chests. I turned my head back around and continued to follow Harry and Edin.

We were lead through back behind the stage wall and greeted by various people spread out around doing different tasks. Some people were on their computers and testing the lighting, while others were messing with different audio equipment. As we continued to walk through, Harry introduced us to all the important people, including the opening band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS). They seemed like great guys, and Ashton couldn't keep his eyes off of Edin, who didn't even notice. I think she was still a little frazzled from everything, but Harry noticed too, and he started wiggling his eyebrows, making me giggle.

After meeting 5SOS we continued down a long hallway, that I assumed had dressing rooms and practice rooms. Harry stopped at a door and lifted his hand to knock on it when it suddenly opened wide.

"Has anyone seen my phone anywhere?!" It was Niall who swung the door open, and he was turned around yelling into the room."I need to find Raegan!" He said, sounding a little frantic, and didn't even notice that he opened the door to three people. Harry stepped aside with Edin, smirking at Niall's ignorance.

"Well that should be easy." I said, trying not to laugh. Niall whipped his head back around and his face lit up with a grin.

"Raegan!" He said, wrapping his arms around me. "You're here." His voice was muffled in my hair but I could hear the happiness ringing through it nonetheless. I love Niall's hugs because he always holds me as if we'll never get to see each other again. He puts every feeling he has into each hug, making every single one feel extra special.

Harry grabbed Edin's hand and led her into the room, closing the door behind him.

"Of course I'm here you goob." I told him. He let down the hug and put both his hands on my cheeks, and leaned in to kiss me. It was soft and slow, as if he was savoring the moment.

"I need to tell you something before the show starts." He said after our kiss ended.

"What's that?"

"You know the movie we're doing?" He asked me. I nodded. Of course I did, he's been talking about it for weeks and is beyond excited. In fact, I'm excited for it too.

"Well they're filming this show tonight, like all the others."

"Okay....." I said, letting him go on.

"And they're probably going to get some shots of you and stuff like that, and I think eventually they may actually ask you questions about us and stuff. Probably not tonight, but at some point....... and I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier." He looked worried, as if this would scare me away.

"Niall..." I started, looking right into his eyes, putting my hands on the collar of his red jacket thingy. "....I told you. I am going to do whatever comes with the job of being your girlfriend. If that means being in a documentary for the world to see, that's fine. Because I love you, and some movie isn't going to scare me away." I pulled him closer to me by his collar and put my lips to his, kissing him soft and slow. I wanted to reassure him that I was okay with whatever his celebrity status would throw at us.

"Do you realize how much you're turning me on right now?" He said, pulling away from me, his lips just inches from mine.

"Am I?" I said with a sly smile, pulling him in for more. He wrapped his arms around my waist, his hands resting on my bum.

"Very much." He said pulling away again. He started kissing my neck making me giggle and moan when the door behind him was suddenly flung open again.

"I knew it! They were shagging in the hallway!" Lou yelled standing in the doorframe making a silly face. Niall slowly moved away from my neck, and kissed my forehead before turning around to face Louis.

"We were not 'shagging' Lou. Just talking." Niall told him, trying not to smirk. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. We were 'talking' alright.

"Sure Nialler. Now get in here. We've got to get up to the stage in a few for sound check." Niall grabbed my hand and led me into the room. I could feel that my cheeks were still flushed, and Edin gave me a cheeky smile as I sat down on the couch. The room was a typical backstage room. Cement brick with posters of previous performances lined the walls as an assortment of comfy seating and tables were spread across the floor. Racks of clothing were lined up against the walls, and microphones and ear pieces were lined up perfectly on one of the tables.

The guys stood up off the couches and we all greeted. I gave them the usual hello hugs and squeezed myself between Niall and Liam on the couch. All of them had sneaky little looks on their faces, and I had no clue why. I just had the feeling they were up to something, including Niall. Liam was about to say something when there was knock on the door.

"Come in!" All the guys yelled at the same time. Paul and another person, who was probably the stage manager entered the room.

"Ah, Raegan, its good to see you again." Paul said chuckling to himself as he greeted me.

"Nice to see you as well." I said to him as we shook hands. I figured he was remembering the last time we saw each other, the day at the signing when Niall forgot his name.

"Boys, time for sound check." The stage manager told them. I had the feeling she was nice, but understood that with these fools, she needed to be a little stern to keep the show going right. They all stood up and followed her back to the stage, grabbing their mics and earpieces before leaving the room. As we walked back out the small crowd awaiting, Niall gave my hand a squeeze and Edin and I jumped down and back to our seats to watch. The girls around us all started whispering again, and at this point I knew why. A person's got to be really close with the guys to be walking out from backstage with them.

To be honest, sound check isn't much to see. The boys just twiddle their thumbs and sing a few notes while the sound guys adjust different audio levels and such. They mostly just fool around on stage to the amusement of people watching below. Once it was over, Niall came back over to me and sat on the edge of the stage in front of me.

"If you want you can come with us, but I recommend going back out and getting anything you want from the stands now rather than later. They're going to start letting people in." He told me.

"Good point." I told him. I looked over at Edin. "Wanna go for a walk?" I asked her.

"I'd love to." She said to me beaming.

"Alright, well then I'll be seeing you from up here then. See you soon." Niall said grinning as he stood up. "Bye love."

"Bye." I said, waving to him as he walked backstage. Edin and I stood up out of our seats and started heading back out to the foyer of the arena to go look around.

"I think they're up to something." She said as walked up the aisle.

"I think you're right." I told her, smiling a bit. "How do you feel now that you've met Harry?"

"I'm not really sure. He is so stunning, yet acts so normal. It still blows my mind that you like, talk to him all the time you know?"

"Tell me about it. It's still weird for me too." That was true. I don't think I'll ever completely adjust to the situation.

The two of us made our way back to the foyer just as people started entering the arena. We walked around the kiosks, shopping around. I guess our passes also mean we don't have to pay for anything, we just tell the man at the register what we want and he'll hand it to us. Edin picked out a concert shirt and I grabbed the concert paperback to flip through. Now that I was dating Niall, I would feel wicked weird buying a bunch of merchandise with his face on it. After shopping around, we got back in the queue of people making their way from the foyer and into the actual arena. The seats were already half full and it wouldn't be long until 5SOS would come on. As Edin and I sat back down in our seats, I felt my phone go off. Pulling it out my pocket I looked down at the screen, and everything suddenly went cold.

Saw the interview. I get it now. You only date famous people, you bitch. You're dead. I'm coming for you.

My hands started to shake and I could feel the color leaving my face, tears springing to my eyes. I quickly wiped them away and shoved my phone into my pocket.

"Are you okay?" Edin asked looking at me concerned.

"What? Yeah I'm okay, just got the chills. It's a little cold in here."

"It is a bit chilly in here." She said, going along with me. If only she knew how terrified I was at that very moment. Someone was after me, threatening my life. Everything could be at stake, and there's nothing I can do about it.

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