Don't forget Where You Belong

Raegan Moynihan is no fashion model. She isn't famous or incredibly talented. She's just an ordinary college girl, new to Dublin.

Niall Horan is a world famous superstar. He's talented, can sing, play the guitar, and make girls swoon just by looking at them.

They find love in each other when they least expect it, then lose it all in a moment.


It's incredible how it only takes a second to almost lose the person you love more than anything, but, in the end, there's always a way to get through the misery and find the shining light of hope.

This story is a Niall Horan fan fiction about getting through it all to be with the person who means everything. Fame, stalkers, and oceans can't come between two people who are destined to be together.


24. Chapter 24 - Dinner at the Hard Rock


"You guys, we only have fifteen minutes left! Yay!" I heard Morgan yell from the back room. Her, Sarah, and I were all working the closing shift tonight at the cafe, and right after we close, we're supposed to meet the guys at Hard Rock Cafe. We're all going to get a late dinner or something. I was going to be exhausted in the morning for class, but it would totally be worth it.


"Are you excited to see Niall?" Sarah asked me while counting the money drawer. "You haven't see him forever."


"I'm so excited, its been like..." I started, counting the weeks in my head. "...more than a month since last time I've see him. And we've only been able to talk over the phone 'cause he's so busy."


"I don't know how you do it girl. At least you'll get some time together in the next couple of weeks."


"I know, maybe we'll get a chance to talk about me being in the press and all." I said, trying to suppress my grin. I made my decision the morning Niall apologized to me on my couch, and that decision is final. It was a done deal, we can't hide this much longer.


"He is going to be ecstatic when you tell him."


"It's the right thing to do. As long as I have him I can deal with the critics and haters."


"I totally get what you mean. I bet he's excited to see your beautiful face." Oh Sarah and her complimenting ways.


"Ha thanks. I would hope so." I said chuckling to myself. "Because I miss him like crazy."


"Awwwwww." Morgan teased as she came out of the back room, her hands full of boxes of tea that needed to go on the rack. There were so many she could hardly see where she was going. I finished with the counters and moved on to wiping the tables. After that, Sarah and I stocked all the tea bags with Morgan. That took up the rest of the night, and before we knew it, the cafe was officially closed. Sarah and I had to wait for Morgan to go pee before we left. Once she got back from the ladies room we locked the cafe door behind us and walked out onto the street.


Parked in front of the cafe was a black stretch limo, and leaning up against it was the most perfect man in the world, the boy that I think about every morning through night of every single day. Niall, the person I love more than anything, was waiting for me with a big grin on his face, his arms wide open waiting for me. I ran towards him and he wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me into his chest. The driver, who was also standing there awkwardly, opened the door for Morgan and Sarah to slide into the limo, then walked over to the drivers side and climbed in, giving Niall and I a moment alone.


"I've missed this so much." Niall said, squeezing me tight. Then he started kissing my neck again and again until he made it up to my lips, making me giggle the whole time. The last kiss on my lips was passionate and deep, a lot of emotion running through the electricity we share. Once we broke apart he smiled at me. "I've missed that too. You're too sexy for your own good."


"Yeah well so are you." I was about to kiss him again when I heard the back door of the limo open. Niall and I both looked over, still wrapped up in each others arms, smiles taking over our expressions. Louis' head was popping out of the limo.


"Hey! We don't have all night! I'm starving you know!" Niall rolled his eyes and kissed me quickly on the lips again.


"You ready love?" He asked me, running his hand through my hair.


"Ready for a lovely night with you? Of course." I told him. He grabbed my hand and led me towards the limo door, opening it for me. I climbed inside with him following behind. Everyone started clapping sarcastically jumping and hollering while Louis yelled "It's about time!" I just laughed and sat down in between Sarah and Zayn while Niall sat down across from me in between Harry and Liam. I leaned over and gave all the guys quick hugs and said hello to each of them as the limo started to drive away.


"So how's your first show in Dublin go?" I asked them.


Harry answered first. "It was great, the crowd was spectacular."


"It was fantastic. Absolutely brilliant." Liam said.


"The crowd went wild when we did the dance the Inbetweeners dance. Best part of the night." Zayn said. The girls and I started cracking up, picturing them doing the dance in the middle of their show.


"So all in all it was good time?" Morgan asked.


"Absolutely." Niall said. "Its good to be in Dublin." He looked right at me when he said this, making me blush.


"Awwww look at Raegan's cheeks!" Harry said laughing. Niall just grinned at me, not taking his eyes off of me. It was a little nerve wracking, the way he looked at me.


"So how have you lot been since last time?" Liam asked.


"We've been well." Sarah told him. "School's a bore but everything else has been good."


"Totally agree with that." Morgan chimed in.


"Same here." I agreed.


"How much longer until we reach the food?" Niall asked. Just about everyone rolled their eyes at him.


"Now you're hungry. I see how it is." Louis scoffed jokingly.


"Not much longer sir." The limo driver told him. We arrived within the next couple of minutes, and Niall was practically jumping in his seat as we pulled in. The driver came around and opened the door for us as we all piled out. Niall grabbed my hand and we led the way in. Harry followed behind us wrapping an arm each around Morgan and Sarah, while Liam, Zayn and Louis made faces at the back of his head.


We were quickly led to our seats, a large table in the corner surrounded by plenty of rock 'n' roll memorabilia, which I loved. I had never actually been in a Hard Rock Cafe, and I was loving it so far. We all looked over the menus, then ordered. I picked the mac 'n' cheese and Niall ordered the jumbo combo all for himself, despite it being big enough for our entire group to share.


"So Raegan are you excited to see the show next week?" Harry asked me while we all munched on the nachos we ordered for starters.


"I'm wicked excited. Especially since I'll be sitting front row thanks to my lovely boyfriend." I said with a smile looking over at Niall who had way too much food in his mouth. He wiggled his eyebrows at me. I looked back over at Harry who was chuckling a bit shaking his head.


"Yeah, well you should know that we're extra excited too."


"Extra excited?"


"Yep, we are very excited."


"Is there a reason for the extra?" I asked him.


"Can't tell you doll. Sorry. Just know that it's going to be an extra special show." He gave me a cheeky grin. I could only imagine what was running through his head.


The conversation continued until all our food had arrived and we already on our second round of pints, except for Morgan of course, she wouldn't be eighteen until August. We all continued to chow down and chat through the meal. Lou mentioned something about Eleanor and it reminded me of what I've meant to ask the guys since last time we hung out.


"When do I get to meet the girlfriends?" I asked them. Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie all seemed like real sweethearts, and Niall told me that the guys say they ask about me as often as I do about them.


"Well you could have met them all in New York, before I came and surprised you, but you were too busy with school." Niall said teasingly. "It sucks you're so smart." I rolled my eyes at him, and he started playing footsies with me under the table. He was being extra lovey tonight, and I was soaking it all up. I loved it.


"What can I say? I can't help being a genius." I said jokingly. "But really though. I want to meet them!"


"Danielle is away for a while working, so you won't be seeing her anytime soon. But we'll work on it. She's curious about who Niall's girlfriend is." Liam said, he seemed a little stressed at the thought of her being away, and I hoped the two of them weren't on the rocks or anything, because they are a great couple.


"Eleanor has school like you doll face, so its hard for her to make time as well." Lou explained, heaving a sigh. His eyes always shine when he says her name, but I could tell his heart was aching out of missing her. It was adorable.


"Perrie's busy too, but hopefully soon. She asks the same about you."


"What about you Harry? Any new girlies in your life?" Morgan asked him.


"Not at the moment." He said giving her a cheeky wink. She just rolled her eyes at him.


"What happened with Taylor?" Sarah asked before taking another sip of her drink.


"Oh you know, we just weren't very.........compatible. Besides, I'm not looking for anything serious anyways." Harry told her, smirking as he did so. I had the feeling he was trying not to bash the one and only Taylor Swift. He was definitely biting his tongue.


"That's what I used to say, but then I met Raegan." Niall said, looking right at me. I swear, sometimes it feels like his eyes can look right into my heart and soul. He gave my leg a squeeze under the table which made the butterflies in my belly go crazy. He is such a cheeseball sometimes, but I wouldn't change it for a second.


"Oh here we go again." Lou said jokingly, and everyone chuckled at him.


"Oh shut it, you talk about Eleanor just as much." Niall told him in a pretend sassy voice. Everyone just laughed some more. When Niall does funny accents its hilarious. Now the guys were all doing silly impersonations of each other and other celebrities while we waited for dessert. I ordered cheesecake and Niall ordered an extra large ice cream sundae. It wasn't long before afters made it to the table.


"Niall can I take your bed tonight? Mine's crap. Did you see the sinkhole in the middle of it?" Zayn said over his apple cobbler. "What do you mean?"


"Well aren't you staying at Raegan's tonight? We don't have to be at the arena until eleven tomorrow morning. There's no reason for you not to."


"I don't know. Am I?" Niall said looking at me still holding his ice cream spoon in mid air.


"If you want to." I told him, giving him a smile.


He looked back over at Zayn. "Then yes, you can have my bed."


"They're going to shag! Ewwww!" Lou yelled, getting looks from other people sitting around us. Teasing people about sex were Harry and Lou's specialty, even though I'm sure him and Eleanor have gone pretty far themselves, and I know for a fact that Harry has done it with plenty of girls before. I didn't mind the teasing, especially since Niall and I wouldn't be doing any "shagging" tonight. I wasn't quite ready for that step yet.


"Oh Lou..... sometimes I forget you're the oldest of the group." I told him laughing.


"You're not the only one." Liam said shaking his head and smiling. "You guys ready to head out? We should probably get back to our beds."


Everyone nodded and slid their plate to the middle of the table. It was about 12:30 at night, but I didn't mind the late hour one bit. Being with Niall always made me feel more carefree and less worrisome, as if nothing can go wrong when he's around.


"This one's on me." Zayn said, reaching for his wallet.


"I don't think so Mr. Malik. I've got this one." I told him. The boys always paid when we went out together. I wanted to pay for dinner at least once in my life with them, and I would never stop trying.


"I don't think so." Niall said, taking my wallet from me and shoving it back in my bag. I rolled my eyes at him. I would have to try next time.


Zayn went up to the bar and paid for everyone. When he came back we all thanked him as we stood up out of our chairs. Niall grabbed my hand and we followed the rest of the crew to the limo. The driver opened the door for us and we all climbed in.


"First stop?" The driver asked us.


"You guys go ahead." Harry told Sarah and Morgan, gesturing towards the driver. The girls gave him their addresses and we were off.


"Well that was a good meal if I don't say so myself." Niall said. Everyone nodded in agreement.


"Thanks for taking us out you guys." Sarah said.


"Really though, thanks so much." Morgan added.


"Anytime ladies. Raegan's basically a regular with us now, so you're always welcome to join." Harry told them giving me a friendly grin.


"If Harry doesn't scare you off that is." Zayn said. Harry made a face at him. It wasn't long before we made it to Morgan's place. Her family lives in a little townhouse near Adelaide Ave. Next up was Sarah's dorm at Trinity. She loved living in a dorm, especially since her roommate was hardly ever there. She waved a goodbye to us after the driver shut the door. Now we just had to drop of the guys before going back to my flat.


"Alright Romeo." Lou started as the car pulled up to the hotel entrance. "Be safe tonight." He gave Niall a dramatic wink as he climbed out.


"Thanks mate." Niall said, rolling his eyes at him. Lou gave him a thumbs up behind Liam's back.


"Don't be late tomorrow or you'll get swamped by fans." Liam told him while the driver waited to shut the door.


"Right, eleven o'clock?"


"Yeah, see you tomorrow." All the guys waved and said goodbye as the limo pulled away.


"You know, they can be rather ridiculous at times, but I think they're great. I really like them." I told Niall. It was true. It doesn't get any better than Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry.


"Well I'm glad you think that, because they absolutely adore you."


"They said that?"


"Yep." He said wrapping his arm around me. He kissed my cheek and I laid my head on his shoulder. I didn't answer him, I just soaked everything from the evening in. It was a great time hanging out with all the guys along with Sarah and Morgan too. I'm incredibly grateful for everything I have: amazing friends, amazing family, and an amazing boyfriend who I love with all my heart.


"Raegan?" Niall said, interrupting my thoughts while running his hands through my hair.




"I love you."


"I love you too." I told him, right as the limo pulled up outside my apartment complex. I lifted my head off his shoulder and kissed his cheek.


"You ready love?" I nodded and he grabbed my hand pulling me out of the limo as the driver opened the door. We thanked the driver, Niall handing him a tip before we went upstairs. As I opened the door to my flat, I breathed a sigh of relief like I always do, it was just as I left it. I flicked on the light and the living room lit up.


"The painting looks good." Niall said admiring it as I slipped off my flats.


"It does doesn't it?" I said, just standing next to him. The two of us just stared at it for a few minutes, getting lost in our thoughts. After a little while Niall spoke up again.


"Rae, I know it's late, but there's something I need to talk to you about before you fall asleep." I looked up at him. His expression was very serious.


"Okay lets talk." I grabbed his hand and led him over to the couch. He sat down first and motioned for me to sit in his lap so I plopped my butt down and curled my body into his.


"The guys and I have an interview tomorrow. The reporter is coming to the arena to watch us behind the scenes and ask us questions." He sounded a little nervous, it was actually really cute.


"Go on..."


"The lady is going to ask us a lot of questions, especially about the personal stuff, and I don't know how much longer I can go around telling the press that I can't talk about you yet. I want to tell them about you. Not every little thing about your personal life, but how serious I am about you. How much I love you...." He was looking right in my eyes as he spoke, his message getting through, straight to the bone. "...and I know that this is going to be hard for you. People might be mean to you and the paps are going to follow you everywhere once they get that very first picture of us, but we'll go through it all together and that's enough for me."


I could see in his eyes how much he wanted this. He wanted to be able to answer questions about me, and post pictures of us on twitter, and all the other things normal couples do in public, and I wanted that too. I was sick of the hiding game. I had been for a while.


"I think I can handle it." I told him, grinning wide.


A huge smile spread across his face. "'ve been thinking about this as much as me haven't you?" He asked me. It was funny how well he already knew me. Just from the way I answered him, he knew I'd been contemplating this just as long as he had.


"For a while now actually. I hate the secrecy as much as you do. That's what I needed before. I needed things to start off at least a little normal, without people following us or paying people we hardly know to make things up about us. But now, I could care less about the public knowing. It's only right for us to tell the world."


"And you're sure? Really sure?" He asked me, resting his hands on my cheeks, caressing my face gently. Niall always handled me so gently in serious situations, it's something I love about him. He treats me like I'm the most precious thing in the world and that I should be handled with care.


"I'm sure. I've been sure since last time you came here."


"Really? When did you decide?"


"The morning after you punched Jake in the face."


"Oh....." He said, getting lost in his thoughts for a second. I figured he was recollecting that night and next morning. "So when she asks your name I can tell her?" I nodded at him, he was still smiling wide. "And when she asks if you go to school I can say yes?" I nodded at him again smiling back at him. "So of she asks me how we met I can tell her?" I kept nodding at him. "And does this mean we don't have to take a car everywhere?"


"Yep, we can actually walk through the city. I refuse to worry about the paps anymore." He grinned at me again.


"And does this mean that if the lady asks if I love you, I can tell her?"


"Yes. You can answer all her questions, and anyone else's for that matter." I told him. He was still smiling really big and I couldn't help but giggle at him. I loved seeing him happy. Niall being happy makes me happy. "You're adorable when you're this happy you know."


"And you're absolutely adorable all the time." I could feel my cheeks flushing with red. "And I love making you blush." He said, lust suddenly in his tone. He leaned in and kissed me soft and slow, and many emotions were flowing through us as our lips as they met. Feelings of overwhelming happiness, love for one another, and anticipation for what was to come all went into the kiss. It quickly became heated and soon we were tangled in each other, passion flowing through our veins. Our tongues slowly got involved in the whole ordeal and my whole body was running wild with passion for him, especially when he started kissing me all down my neck. Niall was an incredible kisser, and every kiss was always amazing, including this one. Each one getting better than the last.


He picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms wrapped around his neck while his hand caressed my thighs and bum. Just his touch made my entire body tingle, and my heart was racing. As he stood up, he pulled apart from the kiss and looked into my eyes just an inch away from mine. His eyes flickered down to my lips and back up to my eyes. I would never get used to the feeling I get when I look in his eyes. Those baby blues evoke such passion and lust in me that I never knew I could feel so strongly.


"You ready for bed beautiful?" He said a little out of breath, chest heaving against mine. His eyes flickered down to my lips again then back up to my eyes, a cheeky smile on his face.


I knew that he would want to go further than just kissing and feeling me up, but he always respected me. He would stay up all night and go all the way right this second if he could, but he was always telling me that we would wait until I told him I was ready.


"I guess so." I said. "But I would rather just kiss you all night. You're too damn sexy."


"Welcome to my world. I don't ever want to take my hands off of you." He said, yawning at the end of his sentence, which made me yawn too. It didn't dawn on me how tired I was until now. He chuckled a bit to himself. "C'mon, lets get the lovely lady to bed." I kissed him again, keeping it short and sweet, even though I would rather return to making out instead.


I rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me to my room. He set me down by my dresser and I started digging through it to find some pajamas that aren't totally hideous. I finally found a cute pair of shorts, deciding just to wear my bra with them like I normally do. I wasn't insecure about Niall seeing me or anything.


"When I turned back around Niall was already undressed, leaving only his boxers on. I just froze as I took him in for a second. He was so....perfect.


"You like what you see?" He asked me, wiggling his eyebrows.


"Very much so." I started to blush as I started changing. When I finished unbuttoning my oxford, I looked back up at Niall. Now it was him who was doing the staring.


"Well I certainly like what I see." He stepped towards me and wrapped his arms around my bare torso, rubbing circles in my back with his fingers. His touch tingled all up my spine to to my neck, like the good kind of chills. He leaned in and kissed me, soft and slow. Kissing him never gets old, every single kiss is just as good as the first one we shared that night of my birthday. He pulled away and kissed my nose, then headed towards my bathroom, tugging me along.


"Do you have an extra toothbrush?" He asked me.


"Of course I do, I bought a spare just for you a while back." I told him as I grabbed it from the top drawer.


"Thanks babe, you're the best."


We brushed our teeth together making faces at each other as we did so. Niall has a way of making these hilarious and ridiculous faces. Our little antics remind me of the way my mom and dad get ready together in the mornings. They're always so silly and carefree together when it's just the two of them. Not only are Niall and I romantic with each other, we're also very silly together, which is something I admire about our relationship. Not only do we love each other romantically, we also love each other in a playful way too. We're completely comfortable with one another, not afraid to be ourselves.


Once we finished, the two of us climbed into my comfy bed. I laid my head on Niall's chest, wrapping my arm around him. He pulled the covers up making sure I would be warm and cozy.


"Sleep well love." He whispered. I was already starting to get drowsy, my eyes starting to struggle with staying open.


He kissed the top of my head and starting running his hands through my hair, something that always puts me at ease. My eyes slowly started to droop into the abyss of sleep has he sang to me softly. It was his little way of chasing away the nightmares that often came to me in the night, and it worked every time. Falling asleep with Niall is the best way to fall asleep.




The next morning, I awoke suddenly to the loud blaring sound of my alarm going off. Niall grunted as I reached over to my nightstand to turn it off.


"I don't want to get up." Niall said in his sexy morning husky sounding voice. "I want to stay in bed all day with you." His eyes were still closed and he had a slight frown on his face. It was cute, and reminded me of a grumpy little kid who doesn't want to go to school.


I leaned over and kissed his nose. "You know we can't do that, as much as I would like to." I started running my hands through his hair and his eyes flickered open as a small smile came across his face.


"I like waking up to you."


"It's much better than waking up alone." I told him. I wish I could wake up to him every morning like this, but that's not in the cards for us at the moment.


"I want it to be like this every morning." He said quietly after kissing me on the cheek. My heart starting racing, just thinking about it. The possibilities that were ahead of us scared the hell out of me, but in a good way. It was invigorating to think about the future with Niall. Thinking of an actual future with him was intimidating, but I wanted it more than anything nonetheless.


"Me too Niall, me too."


------------------------------Author's Note-------------------------------------------------


Hello lovely readers. Just want to thank you guys for getting me 150 reads. It's not much to some people but it's a lot to me, so thanks. <3 Feel free to vote and comment! The more votes I get, the sooner I'll put up the next chapter. Teehee! Anyways, I'd be interested to see if you guys can guess what the guys have planned for the show that Raegan and Edin are going to! So leave some guesses in the comments if you'd like :)

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