Have you ever felt trapped to the point where the person you care for the most can't even be around you?
Alexa is a senior and on a wild journey with her best friend/ neighbor Jackson Cole or J.C.
Will this be he best year of their live? Will new feelings be formed? Or Will people tear them apart?


2. Two: J.C

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep 

Still half asleep, I turn off my alarm clock. As I slothfully make my way to my bathroom to take my morning pee, I remember that its the first day Alexa and I are seniors. That thought wakes me up completely, and I rush in brushing my teeth and also completely skip my morning shower. I rush to get dressed because I know Alexa being Alexa is still sleep. I put on jeans, a black v-neck and a jacket over it with my black Vans and red beanie.(picture at bottom) Liking my look I walk to my mom's room to see her still sleep, so I kiss her forehead and whisper her a small good- bye before making my way to Alexa's house.The walk over seemed excruciatingly long, when I made it to her house I let my self in and made my way to her room. 

Knock, Knock Knock, Knock

I have used that same knock for 12 years. 

"Come In J.C!" I hear her yell groggily. I walk in smiling and see her still sitting on her bed with a little drool on the side of her cheek. 

"Morning Lex!" I practically yell in her ear, knowing that she hates that."Now that's no way to start your senior year. Now get up! or we'll be late."After receiving a punch in the shoulder from her that kinda hurt, she goes to her closet and tries to find something to wear. However, she and I both know that I am the one who is going to pick out her outfit. It like a normal thing.

"I don't know what to wear." she whines. I stand and pick out something that matches and looks okay and hand them to her. After watching her retreat to her bathroom, I lay back on her bed and some how I fall asleep; but I'm awaken but a stinging sensation on my stomach.

"What the hell Alexa!" I shout clearly angry. I stand and stalk towards her but she runs out the room going downstairs. 

"Come On J.C! Or we'll be late for our first day." I hear her sing song, hypocrite I just said that to her. 

Walking into the kitchen I see her getting an apple and she turns around. I can see she notice that I'm still angry about her hitting me, so I decide to make her pay.

"Alexa look what you did to me!" I say lifting my shirt to show my stomach with the red hand print on it.

" Oh, i'm sorry.What do you want me to do? Kiss it and make it feel better?" she says sarcastically, while arching her eyebrow.

" Actually...yes I do. So, hurry up so we can leave Lex." I say. Her eyes got so wide, and I try so hard not to laugh. I can practically see her wheels turning in her head, but surprisingly she actually kisses my stomach. She turns around quickly, I know she is embarrassed.  As she walks out the house making her way to the car, I notice she left her keys, so I take it upon myself to drive to school. 

While walking outside I see her about to walk in.

"I'm driving." I state

"Oh, No you're not i'm not dying today. Hand the keys over." she says but I only ignore her and get in the car. She follows pouting and I smirk. Zooming out the driveway I notice her knuckle turning white while gripping the door handle. After dodging and weaving through traffic, we arrive at school. Happily I get out the car and wait for her to get out. She sighs deeply and a feel sorry for her coming back to this hell hole, I just hope nothing repeats this year. At this moment I promise my self that I will make this the most memorable year for her no matter what. When she gets out the car she looks at me briefly and walk into the school. Immediately, we are greeted by my friend, Adam and Chase, well more like I'm greeted the blatantly ignore her. As on cue, her gaze moves to the floor and she moves her hair to cover her hair, like she is making herself invisible. Remembering my promise I tell the guys that I will see them later and go to her. 

" Hey what's wrong?" I ask curiously. 


Hey lovelies! here is chapter two.... I hope you like it tell me what i need to change and stuff!



Here is J.C's Outfit


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