Have you ever felt trapped to the point where the person you care for the most can't even be around you?
Alexa is a senior and on a wild journey with her best friend/ neighbor Jackson Cole or J.C.
Will this be he best year of their live? Will new feelings be formed? Or Will people tear them apart?


3. Three: Alexa

Standing there watching the boys literally forget i'm here should be embarrassing right? Well, it's not. I'm use to it, it happened all last year so it's nothing new. I guess it kinda hurts, but who cares right.

I see J.C glance at me briefly, and I see guilt in his eyes. I cover my face with my hair, so he won't be able to see the embarrassment and  annoyance sketched on my face. I try to tune out everything and not care; however I fail miserably. 

"Hey, whats wrong" I hear J.C ask me. I glance up and see that he is closer than before. Like five inches in front of my face. Literally. I immediately look at the ground. 

" Nothing, I'm going to class so I will see you later." I mumble. I start walking to my homeroom to get my schedule. Luckily, I get rid of J.C because we have different homerooms. It's not that I don't like him, it's just that at school he can be a different person and it kind hurts to be around him. 

When I arrive to my homeroom, I am welcomed by my happy-go-lucky teacher, Ms.McKenny. This red-head lady is so optimistic that she can turn grumpy cat happy. 

I take my seat in the middle of the classroom and wait. I glance at the clock and realize that I had 10 minutes till class started. Me being me, I got up and started towards the door but was abruptly stopped but the high pitched bitch Clarissa Micheals. 

Clarissa the typical queen bee of high school. She was head cheerleader and dated almost every guy who played a sport in the school. She was also a fake blonde who pretended to care but didn't at all. She was one of the people who made my life a living hell; I just pray that it doesn't happen again, but you could never get your hopes up.

I turn around and head back to my seat becasue what's the point anymore.

"Well, look what the freak bus pulled in." Clarissa seethed. " I advise you to go back to the cave you were raised in before you mess something up."  I looked down at my desk and fiddled with the loose string on my backpack. 

Why me I never did anything....

" Are you going to say anything? or are you mute? Oh, thats right little freak can't speak for herself. Maybe you should go get J.C to help you." she kept talking " I don't even see how someone as hot as J.C wants to talk to you, I mean look at you. What doe he see in you?" 

My eyes blurred....come on Lex don't let the dam break now. 

"Are you deaf too? I guess we have the new Helen Keller but only Helen Keller was pretty."(A/N: I have nothing against Helen Keller so please don't get mad.)

I blinked back a few tears;unfortunately, a few escaped and Clarissa saw. 

" Oh look she's crying. I feel so bad." She said sarcastically. 

I stood up quickly and rushed out the classroom, heading towards the girls restroom. On the way I ran into a hard surface. I don't think the floor curved up, and I don't think I ran into the wall..

I looked up and saw J.C glancing down at me with a worried expression. 

"Lex..." he said quietly, " Why are you crying? What happened?" I look away still blinking back the tears, and notice that we are standing right in front of the girls restroom. I try to move around him and avoid his question, but he only blocks my way; stopping me from going in. 

"Answer me, Alexa." he tries again sternly.

"N-Nothing please move." I reply quietly 

Hesitantly, he moves out the way and I enter the bathroom swiftly.


I enter the classroom and all eyes are on me. Looking down at the floor, I walk back to my seat and sit down. I feel a pair of eyes burning into the back of my skull, and I can only imagine who it would be. I automatically sink down into my seat an zone out and began thinking.  Why do I have to be here? Why am I not at home? I could be doing so many more things. Like watching Netflix, Eating food, or doing other things....

" Alexa!" I hear someone shout my name. I jolt up and hit my knee. Groaning I look around seeing who called my name. I see everyone packing up and a piece of paper on my desk. Oh Crap how long was I out?

I gather my things and walk out the classroom and greeted by J.C. He doesn't look too happy...he almost looks worried. Avoiding his gaze, I walked by his as if i didn't see him.

"Lex! Lex wait!" He shouted.

Hesitantly, I turn around and face his worried face. 

"Yea J.C?" I say quietly


Hello Lovelies! 

Thanks for reading chapter three of my book!  I hope you liked it and please give me insightful comments and feedback. 

       -Lexi <3

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