Have you ever felt trapped to the point where the person you care for the most can't even be around you?
Alexa is a senior and on a wild journey with her best friend/ neighbor Jackson Cole or J.C.
Will this be he best year of their live? Will new feelings be formed? Or Will people tear them apart?


1. One: Alexa

I never thought I would ever see this day. Today is the first day of my senior year and i'm sitting in my bed. I don't loathe school, I just strongly dislike it. Its like kids go to school to be harassed by others and eat toxic waste for lunch. Like who looks forward to that?

Knock, Knock Knock, Knock

I know exactly who that is. Jackson Cole Hawkins, or J.C., my next door neighbor. We both are seniors this year it the boy loves school. 

"Come in J.C" I groggily yell while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. He burst in bright- eyed and bushy tailed smiling.

"Moring Lex!" he practically yells in my ear. I punch him in the shoulder, only to get a sad faced J.C. "Now that's no way to start your senior year. Now get up! or we'll be late." Slowly, I stand and walk over to my monster of a closet.

"I don't know what to wear." I whine. We did this every morning we had to go to school. I whine, he picks out my clothes, I get dressed and cleaned up, then we go to school; it's like our morning ritual. And that's exactly what happened. He had picked me out an Aztec print cardigan with a white tank to go underneath, black tights, a peach scarf, and my gray UGGs.( picture at the bottom) Once I was finally dressed, I put my mane of hair in a sloppy bun and put on a little lip gloss. I wasn't a girl who really wore make- up because it makes girls look fake, and I really didn't need any either.  

I walk out of the bathroom only to find J.C on my bed sleep and we had to be at school in twenty minutes. He actually looked pretty cute sleep. Wait.. did i just say that? Come on mind, stop playing games. 

I stealthily walk up to his peaceful body and hit him smack dab in the middle. I quickly run towards the door just in case if I need a quick escape. He opens his eyes in shock and pain. 

'What the hell Alexa?!" he shouts angrily while walking towards me. The look on his face is not a pleasing one, so I run out the room down stairs and grab my car keys. 

"Come On J.C! Or we'll be late for our first day." I sing song, knowing he was just telling me the same thing. 

I walk into the kitchen to grab some fruit for breakfast; because breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? I hear the heavy foot steps go down the stairs and I turn around to see a still mad J.C. 

"Alexa look what you did to me!" he exclaims and lifts his shirt to reveal his perfectly chiseled stomach and a red hand print over them. 

" Oh, i'm sorry.What do you want me to do? Kiss it and make it feel better?" I reply sarcastically, raising my arched brow. 

" Actually...yes I do. So, hurry up so we can leave Lex." I look at him like he has grown two heads. I really don't want to do this, "yes you do" I hear in the back of my mind but shove it away. Sighing I lean down and place a quick kiss on hit stomach. I turn away to hid my scarlet face and walk out the door towards my car. Only downfall is that I forgot my keys inside on the table. Turning around ready to walk back into the house, I see J.C with the keys in his hand. 

"I'm driving." He proclaims

"Oh, No you're not i'm not dying today. Hand the keys over." I say only to be ignored. He gets in the car and I follow suit with a smug face and my arms crossed. I glance at him and see a small smirk playing on his lips. That boy, I swear is the death of me....literally. J.C zooms out of the driveway and start driving us to school with my holding the door handle for dear life. 

We arrive at school and see all the people I don't want to see 

J.C gets out the car immediately and waits for me. Sighing deeply, I get out.

Oh this is going to be a long year....



Hi lovelies... this is my first book and first time writing so please tell me what I need to fix and what you liked! Thanks :) Lots Of Love


Picture of Alexa's first day outfit.


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