Have you ever felt trapped to the point where the person you care for the most can't even be around you?
Alexa is a senior and on a wild journey with her best friend/ neighbor Jackson Cole or J.C.
Will this be he best year of their live? Will new feelings be formed? Or Will people tear them apart?


4. Four: J.C

Why is she so closed off towards me? I thought we talked about everything....I guess I was wrong.

"Why are you avoiding me?" I ask her

"I'm not avoiding you. I'm just trying to go to class so if  you excuse me..." barely whispered and moved around me. Leaving me standing in the middle if the hallway speechless. I started walking to my next class, blocking out everything. My mind is going at one-thousand miles a minute wondering why she won't talk to me, or why she is avoiding me. I accidentally bump into something. Zoning back into reality, I realize that the thing I bumped into was Clarissa.

"Watch i- Oh, hey J.C how are you?" she asked batting her full lashes and flipping her natural blonde hair. Clarissa has this way with people. If she doesn't know you or like you she can be a total bitch. But if you are popular or she somehow likes you she can be a angel sent from heaven.

" I'm fine Clarissa, now excuse m-" I reply before getting cut off.

" Don't you want to stay and chat for a while?" She said while brushing his arm flirtatiously.

" Um, no I actually have to go to class." I replied nicely not letting his annoyance show.

" But it's only going to take a few minutes J.C., come you don't have to worry about being late." She pouted and put her hands on his chest. I knew the only to get rid of her is to talk to her. 

" Okay you have only 5 minutes"I said reluctantly.

Flirtatiously, she stroked my arm slowly,making me very uncomfortable."Okay, so like I wanted if you wanted to hang out tonight.You know like just you and me."

I removed her hand from my arm, "I'm hanging out with Alexa tonight, maybe another time." I replied patting her hand the moving around her. I swear I could hear her scream inside.


Hi lovelies, I'm sorry this sucks..I don't know what to do.

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