City Quarters (Based On Divergent)

In a futuristic society, Hazel Rymall from March CQ joins a new City Quarter, Gatewell. As she gets used to her surroundings, she learns that this won't be easy. Then, it will cause tension between her new found friend, Rebekah.


5. The Story

 A few minutes later, I find a book stuffed in my boots. It had all the CQ's and a few stories. I try to find a place to put it and I settle by putting it under my pillow. In the closet I opened, I see black clothes, the color of Gatewell. I quickly change in my room setting my blue clothes aside. "Hazel!" a man yells. I soon recognize it as Charles's voice. "What?" I say ignorantly. "It's time for training in a few minutes, meet at the cart." I get my jacket and see the outside world covered in the white snow. I stare at it as I walk to the cart. This used to be a place called Dallas, Texas. As a fact, the cart used to be the Reunion Tower but after the society had broken, Gatewell claimed it as its own. I soon remember that we are training. You see, this was the part I regret. Training to be warriors but looking at the few transfers this year, this is not going to be pretty. Soon enough I find a long trail of people & someone taps my back. "Bekah! Don't do that!" She looks at me awkwardly and I notice I am draped in goosebumps. "Looks like someone is nervous," she says. "Anyways, what's the proble-" Carol cuts her off before she can finish her sentence. "Listen up, transfers! You will be part of stage one, Physical. Here we will test your abilities such as reflexes, moves, footwork, and all of the other combat methods. If you pass that stage, you go to stage two. Stage two is focused on using weapons with what you learned in Stage one. You will use knives, guns, anything you can probably think of that could defend you. Stage three is the final stage we will train you mentally. Since we are the guardians of the town, we cannot be afraid of nothing. This stage will focus on your fears that you will overcome." Someone opens their mouth to speak up but Carol cuts them off. "No questions. We will split you up between the two transfer leaders. Charles & Quinn. SINGLE FILE!" She speaks up. She picks 5 people for Lauren and 5 for Charles. "Hazel, you are with Charles." Yay.

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