City Quarters (Based On Divergent)

In a futuristic society, Hazel Rymall from March CQ joins a new City Quarter, Gatewell. As she gets used to her surroundings, she learns that this won't be easy. Then, it will cause tension between her new found friend, Rebekah.


1. The Net

As I look down, I estimate that I have to climb down 120 feet. `Maybe I can jump.'  I tell myself. I see the net, close my eyes, and jump down. Next thing I know, I am grasping onto the sturdy net hoping I didn't die. I loosen my grasp and relax. I feel a force and I roll over to the edge of the net seeing a tall & fit guy. I stare at him and he picks me up and sits me onto a bench. "We got ourselves a nerd."  I hear other people say. They are right. My City Quarter where I grew up in was March. They are in charge of science and health. Since we are always looking for answers to knowledge. "Hey. What's your name?" The guy asks me. I didn't hear well since I was staring at the rugged beauty of my new CQ, Gatewell. "NERD! WHAT'S YOUR NAME!" This time, I scope out for that person and look at the guy. "My name is Hazel Rymall." He looks back at the other Gatewells and smirks. "WELCOME HAZEL INTO GATEWELL!" He roars. As the crowd claps and yells he tells me, "Im Charles. Welcome to Gatewell." Charles I say in my head. I smile and wipe the dust off my blue blazer. I am now a Gatewell.

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