City Quarters (Based On Divergent)

In a futuristic society, Hazel Rymall from March CQ joins a new City Quarter, Gatewell. As she gets used to her surroundings, she learns that this won't be easy. Then, it will cause tension between her new found friend, Rebekah.


2. Food & Backstories

Now, we enter the dining hall. There are plates and utensils empty, clean.There are 3 buffet styled bars. One for sides, desserts, and the main courses with condiments. Since the net events, everyone has been riled up talking about all the new transfers into Gatewell. I am the only one from March except 2 others: Rebekah Trinfley & Kane Night. I have known Rebekah since I was 3, but Kane on the other hand, he was a different story. He was the guy who was furious, always trying to answer and be smarter than others. `OOO! I KNOW! ME!' He used to yell. If someone beat him to it, he would get up and want to slam people onto the desks. Me on the other hand, I love science and health, I just wasn't smart enough. That is when I chose to transfer over to Gatewell. We sit down to eat dinner at the tables. We are called table by table to go to the food bars. As I wait, I see a glimpse of the main courses available. Many types of meats with labels above them. I then squint to read one of the labels. In bold, sloppy lettering, it says: PORKCHOPS HERB ROASTED What in the world is a porkchop? In my CQ, we barely eat meat. They say we should go on a more vegetable diet since it provides supplements we need. Everytime I ride a train to school, we cross a farm from the Harmonious City Quarter. The days that led up to me tranferring, I spent the days reading about every single CQ. "HEY! HAZEL! Your table is at the food bar." An unfamiliar voice tells me. I jolt to the bar slowly looking for food. I got a plate of chicken accompanied with fries and ketchup. In a different bowl, I carefully place an apple & some grapes. I put all of this on a tray and sit back down. They put the drinks in separate pitchers on each table. Each with the drink name on a chalkboard base. COCA-COLA I have never heard of Cola before. I look around to see if there is water, preferably mineral based water. No water here. I sit back down with a grumpy look on my face and pour in about an inch of this so called Cola. 

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