City Quarters (Based On Divergent)

In a futuristic society, Hazel Rymall from March CQ joins a new City Quarter, Gatewell. As she gets used to her surroundings, she learns that this won't be easy. Then, it will cause tension between her new found friend, Rebekah.


3. Even MORE Food

 In the spite of eating, Rebekah taps my shoulder and finally arrives. "Oh. Finally. I got lost and accidentally went into the infirmary. Can I sit here?" She motions to a spot on the right of me and I nod. "Oooo. Coca-Cola. Does it taste good?" She says while getting up holding her plate. I actually never took a sip. So I don't answer and try it. The first thing I think, is caffeine and carbonation. But it is good. I answer back with a simple It's Good and head to the dessert bar. CHOCOLATE CAKE, ICE CREAM SOFT SERVE, VANILLA CREME PIE, COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM and many more. I grab a pre-sliced piece of Chocolate Cake. DING DING DING DING DING I hear a bunch of people slam the table and I sit down as two heavily tattooed men stand on each of the sides of the microphone. After that, a woman with brown hair and green eyes stands forwards. 

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