City Quarters (Based On Divergent)

In a futuristic society, Hazel Rymall from March CQ joins a new City Quarter, Gatewell. As she gets used to her surroundings, she learns that this won't be easy. Then, it will cause tension between her new found friend, Rebekah.


4. Dorms & Drama

 "Welcome EVERYONE TO GATEWELL! I AM GATEWELL LEADER, Carol. All new transfers follow Charles to see your designated dorms. Thank you." She yelled over the speakers. I get up, leave my plate and walk to Charles but before I can, another transfer crosses me and winks "Im Brad." I smile and continue my path. "Hazel. Follow me." He says. I nod and follow. He leads me into a long hall and plastered onto the doors are 2-3 names. I try finding mine then he stops and gives me a key to the room. My room mates are Charles and Brad. Soooo fun. I unlock it finding a neat room with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and three closed doors with blackboard paint stamped on them.I am guessing those are our rooms. I find my belongings I stuffed in my blazer pockets and find some chalk on the table and write HAZEL RYMALL From: March CQ on the blackboard paint. I have now claimed my room. "Dude! What the hell!" I hear outside. I ignore it and open my door fixing up my new room. "DAMMIT!" I hear many variations of curses and I pretend not to hear it.

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