Melody is sometimes abused by her step father and thinks all the the time that maybe what he says is true maybe she is just a burden and useless then he does something she never thought he would do so she runs away and bumps into nico who was on his way to take her to camp half blood ,will life at camp be better than at home can nico change the way melody sees herself


1. chapter one

It was just a normal day in my house. The usual my step dad blaming me for everything bad. " youre the reason your mom and I aren't getting along,you're the reason we don't have any money and are broke, you're the reason we live in this crapy house melody your the reason!!" But lately it wasn't just the blaming . Once in a while when my mom wasn't home he would smack me or push me around. I tried to not let him get to me but it was hard not to let it get to me. He also called me names like ugly ,useless, fat and other things worse.I would be lying if I said that once in a while I didn't cry myself to sleep. The hitting hurt but not as bad as the emotional pain he caused me.I didn't show that I was hurting inside I hide behind my black clothes and dark eyeshadow and long dark hair.I never want people to notice me let alone talk to me  I guess you could call me antisocial.I really don't have any friends but that doesn't bother me at all. When my mom left that day for work my step dad started up. I could tell today he was passed more than usual. I was eating my cereal at the table ." Get out of my way bitch." 

"I am out of your way."

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!!" ,he screamed at me.

I could tell then something bad was going to happen.

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