Peril at the Park

Its about 4 friends at the county park just hanging around and someone gets murdered and they have to figure at who did and try to get help before the person comes after them.


1. Day at the Park

Peril at the Park

    Doddridge County Park was nearly silent, as there were only a few people there. The sun was hidden behind a thick layer of clouds but there was sufficient light. Five or six cars of various makes and models rested in the parking lot. In front of the main building four friends greeted each other with smiles and hugs.
    “We finally got together to do this. I have been waiting so long to see you guys again.” Said JP 
    “I know right? When have all four of us been together other than school? Never! How have you been?” asked Kevin to everyone.
    “Well, I finally have my little shop. Its name is Jessica Swag. I sell peace signs, music, psychedelic decorations, and band memorabilia. I have over two hundred orders waiting online. I even have two workers ‘cause I’m the manager!” Smiled Jessica. “If you need anything with a band call me up. Even though I know none of you like my bands…” Jessica mock frowned.
    “We all will buy a peace sign if you want Jessica. Anyways I am officially top of my class. If I keep this up I might even be able to graduate early.”
“Oh my gosh Ashley that’s great!” Applauded Kevin along with the other three.
“Well I don’t think I will graduate early because of all these extra classes, but it’s good to have a rounded education.”
“I am now the graphics designer for the Splintered Visions game franchise. The guy who gave it up told the owners that I would be the best replacement so here I am.”
    “That series is great; when do you start?”
    “Next month. I’m also supposed to take pictures of things to incorporate into the game so now I am both a designer and photographer. I don’t know what the next game is going to be like but it’s supposed to be really trippy.”
    “Then come over to my shop Kevin. I have trippy decorations, just look at the rainbow shag carpeting I had put in and you’ll know. Or just ask psycho over here.” Jessica pointed to JP.
    “So I’m a little twisted oh well.” He turned to Kevin. “Good job, now hopefully you can sneak us all a copy.” Everyone laughed. Well my sad little manuscript for Survivor was sent to a publishing company.” JP paused for a minute. “It has been accepted! I’m now working with an editor to, you know, edit out the rough spots. If all goes well, Survivor will be hitting some shelves next summer. Thanks for all the help. So all of you buy a copy.”
    “What your not gonna give us a copy? I thought you cared about us JP!” Exclaimed Ashley.
    “Yeah that’s cold of you to make us pay. I have a store to run.”
    “I am a first time author so every sale counts! Tell you what; I will sign your copies so that if I become a great author you all can sell them for way more than what you bought them for.”
    “How much will it cost?”
    “Twenty dollars give or take. It’s only going to be in hardback.”
    “Highway robbery.”
    “Well how much does your stuff cost Jessica?”
    “That depends, what are you planning to buy?”
    “A small peace sign.”
    “Two dollars.”
    “That’s a good price for them. I will definitely buy from you.” Ashley said, Kevin agreed.
    “So are we going down to the park or what?” asked Kevin. Soon all started down the steps to the place where they had that perfect day.
    “You and your Frisbee!” Jessica shouted at JP. He had brought the bright blue Frisbee he had at home. It wasn’t going to be used elsewhere. He hadn’t gotten any better with it since it had banged against the back of Jessica’s head.
    “Sorry! So sorry. I won’t throw it to you.”
    “Just throw it when I’m looking.”
    The four shared experiences, played Frisbee, listened to music, and played more Frisbee. The second round was how it was discovered. They mostly stayed near the pavilion and playground but a stray throw landed the Frisbee on the far side of the stage.
Feeling unusually energetic JP ran to get it. He ran up the stage and jumped off the other side in the shade, picked up the toy and froze like a statue.
    “Guys! Ashley, Kevin, Jessica! Get over here now!” 

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