You Found Me

The scenery was beautiful. I took out my phone to take a few pictures when suddenly someone taps me on the shoulder.
"Would you like me to take a picture of you. The view is amazing and I think you should be in the picture with it"
"Um yeah sure thanks"
He took a few pictures telling me how to pose in the most goofy ways possible. He was funny and cute.
"Ok you now have 15 pictures of yourself in front of the Blue Mountains, and one selfie of me. I'm Ashton by the way"


1. Starting Over

What am I doing? How did I get to this point? How did everything get so messed up? I asked myself these questions over and over again in my head for months now. My problems really aren't important at this point anymore because soon they would all be part of my past. I was standing in the middle of the airport looking at upcoming flights. No, destinations. I was looking for somewhere to escape. Somewhere I could clear my head for a while and start fresh. The next flight out of this city was to Sydney, Australia. Well, actually it was from here to San Francisco to Sydney. But at least in 24 hours, more or less, I would be somewhere new where no one knows me and where I know no one. Clean slate. Ok you can do this Megan. I walked up to the desk,

"One way ticket to Sydney please" I asked the lady.

"You're very lucky young lady. Due to a cancellation there's only one seat left on that flight and the plane takes off in 20 minutes so you might want to run there now"

She handed me the ticket quickly and I was on my way. I guess sometimes things are just meant to be. 

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