Niall's Little Sister 3

*book 3*


2. 6 months later

Nya's POV

"Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!!" My friends and family sang. I then blew out the candles (WELL OBVIOUSLYYY). "What'd you wish for?" Shaundale asked me. "I'd love to tell you, babe, but due to the laws of wishes I can not." I replied. He pouted and I laughed.

Let me tell you what has happened these past six months.

Shaundale, Abby and I started our Graphics course where we were reunited with some friends from junior high. Baby Charlie started crawling. Electra and Niall have started to plan their wedding, which is pretty hard for them due to the fact that Niall has not had the time to visit and physically help Electra plan their wedding so Shaundale and I have been helping her out while Abby babysits Charlie. Shaundale and I started dating 3 months ago. Lastly, I have not seen any of the boys at all. I miss my brothers.

Anyways, you probably want to know who are my friends that I was reunited with. Let me tell you, there is a lot. There's Stefanie, Ainslee, Callie, Mia, Tyler, Patrick, Dorien, Nick, Marifaiye, Marc, Emily, Madeline, Katherine, Xerxes, Troy, Bella, Kylie, Cassidy, Ashley, Daniel and Nigel. That's a shit load of people wow.

"OKAY, TIME FOR CAAAAKE!!!!" Abby yelled and we all laughed at her. But before we could cut the cake, the doorbell rang. Everyone smirked at me but I was confused as fuck. I thought everyone was here already? I shrugged and went to open the door. "HAAAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAAAAAAY!!!!!" Nine guys yelled and I was attacked in hugs. "WHAT THE HELL!? I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE IN LONDON!?" I yelled as I hugged all of them. "WELL WE CAN'T MISS YOUR NINETEENTH BIRTHDAY NOW CAN WE!?" Ashton yelled. "True true." I replied. "Okay, now that the idiots are here. CAN WE HAVE CAKE NOW!?" Abby shouted. "WELL DUH!!!!" Shaundale and I yelled at her. "Okayy!!!! Don't yell at me!!! Jeeez!!!" She replied. I facepalmed. I am friends with weirdos.

A/n AYEEEE!!!! HOWS YOU? Lol BOOK THREE AMIGOS!!!! WHO'S HAPPY!? I'm hyper af but...WHATEVAH!!!! Let's get to da QOTU!!!

QOTU: What do you think of Nya and Shaundale? *insert le smirky face here*

Dats all so BAI GUYZZZ!!!!

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