1. regret

I was on a date at the movie theater with the school bad boy Luke Hemmings, and things were heating up fast I couldn't help but stare at his luscious lips that seemed to be inviting mine to join them. I knew I shouldn't kiss him I've heard one little taste of Luke Hemmings and you would want more. I had a record of falling for Bad Boys but he was different I knew it. I just had this gut feeling that he was going to kiss me I mean I couldn't be sure so I tried not to look at him. But then I felt his hand slowly grab mine and we intertwined our fingers. I jerked away and said that I had to go to the bathroom, then I jumped up as fast as I could fixing my dress and then practically running to the bathroom I ran into the first stall and didn't think about locking or shutting the door behind me, I felt like I was gonna throw up but I just sat there ( note: she was not going to the bathroom just sitting there ) looking at the floor then I heard someone's foot steps in the door way and slowly looked up it was Luke looking at me with his soft eyes. "Doesn't look like your going to the bathroom"Luke said. "I-I-II I was im just done now" I said lying, I think he knew I was lying because he stepped closer and closer then he reached out his hand and slowly stroked my cheek with his thumb. He reached out slowly and softly pressed his lips into mine. We started kissing harder and harder until I felt his hands go from my face down to the buttons of my shirt. " let's go back to my house" I said before he could get them all unfastened. He slowly drifted off of me only to kiss me harder and say " I'll meet you there ". I froze to debate whether to go back to my house and let a bad boy who gets " it " twice a day take advantage of me or to run and not look back, well Luke was gonna be at my house soon so I had to go home. I ran to my car and sense he was walking i knew I could beat him. As soon as I walked in the door the regret hit me like three thousand bullets, I couldn't do this. A/N hey guys I hope you like this I am writing more so stay tuned!!!

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