The Blank Pages


1. Prologue



I was all alone. I didn't know where I was. Then I realized I was in my room.

        “Hello Cody. Glad to see that you’re awake.” I glared at the woman in front of me,

        “Hello Victoria. Such a pleasure to see you. And by that I mean I am simply disgusted by your profile.” She pouted.

        “Oh Cody, you of all people should know that you can’t run away from your fate.”

        “You think that’s gonna stop me? I am the famous Cody Pack, nothing can stop me.” I scoffed. She frowned.

        “Why do you rule out the fact that we are meant to be? Cody, please come back.“ She looked down. I felt anger very much alert in my system.

        “And why do you still think we are meant to be together?” I yelled. She flinched. I let out a humorless laugh.

        “What I want to know is how you became so heartless. What has happened to the Cody I knew? Where is the Cody I fell in love with?” She cried. I stood rooted to my spot.

        “That Cody is long gone Victoria. I’m sorry, but he’s vanished. Now, I’m going to have to ask you to leave before I call the police.” She gave a sad sigh.

        “Fine, I’ll leave. But I just want to tell you one more thing.”

        “And what is that?”

        “You’re going to become a father.” She said it so quietly that I could barely hear it, but I caught the message.

        “What are you telling me for? I want nothing to do with the child.”

        “Her name will be Luna.” She stated.

        “I could literally care less! You can take care of ‘Luna’ yourself!”

        “Well then care more! I didn’t ask to be your mate! You know what? I, Victoria Loyal, reject Cody Pack as my mate. My deepest apologies my moon Goddess for not accepting my mate.”

        I fell to the floor gasping in pain. I looked up at Victoria, She looked at me with those blue eyes.

        “Goodbye Mr. Pack.” With that, he left me on the floor.

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