The Blank Pages


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


The bell sounded from the booming building. All the teenagers shuffled into the school, me being one of them. I was shoved the entire way to the office.  Once I was out of the sea of students, I walked into the office and to the front desk.

        “Well hello there sugar, what can I do for you?” The pudgy lady that sat behind the desk looked up at me.

        “Actually, I’m new here and I just came to collect my things.”

        “Oh sure darlin, just tell me your name and I’ll give you your stuff.” I sighed.

        “It’s, uh, Misha Collins.” The lady looked at me.

        “Misha Chart? As in author of The Planer? That Misha Chart?” Her eyes bugged out of her head.

        “Um… Yeah…” I grimaced as her eyes bugged out even more. Her face broke into a smile.

        “It is such an honor to be talking to such a gifted, talented person like yourself.” I sighed. This is exactly what I didnt want to happen. I even told Elane this would happen, but she didn’t believe me.

        “Thank you I guess…” I stood there awkwardly.

        “Oh right, sorry about that. It’s not every day that you meet a celebrity.

        “I know that you’re excited, but do you think you could keep this between us?”

        “You don’t want anybody to know, do you?”

        “No, I just want to be a normal teenager.”

        “Sure darlin. What should I put as your name?”

        “Luna Loyal. That’s my real name.” She nodded in respect.

        “Alright Miss. Loyal. Here is your schedule, and everything else you need. If you ever need anythin at all, just let me know.”

        “I thank you very much.” I grabbed the items that she handed me and started off to the classrooms.

        I walked into my first class. I felt a little awkward just standing in the door frame, the teacher still teaching the class. There were two people who noticed me, a girl and a boy. The girl raised her hand.

        “Yes Miss. Angelo?”

        “Mr. Chase, there’s someone at the door.” He looked at me.   “Ah thank you Miss. Angelo. Come in, come in.” I shyly walked into the room. Everybody was looking at me, I could feel their eyes on me.

        “So what’s your name new girl?” The teacher was hot and young, not doubt about that.

        “It’s Luna Loyal.”

        “It’s nice to meet you Miss. Loyal. Why don’t you take a seat,” He looked around. “Ah, right in between Rosel Angelo and Rudy Holson.” I nodded and walked over to the girl that raised her hand previously.

        “Alright, let’s continue with the class.”


Class dragged on for some, and for others, like me, it went by way too fast. At the end of class, a guy came up to me and gave me a note. I got to my locker, putting my stuff away and sticking the note into my back pocket. I closed the locker and made my way to the bathroom. Once inside, I pulled out the little slip of paper.

        Hey Misha. Hope you dont find this weird. Hope you enjoy this school.


                                             The Pizza Guy


I stood there gaping at the note. That’s why he blushed when he came up to me. I decided to confront, The Pizza Guy.

∞∞∞∞∞ After School ∞∞∞∞∞

I waited for the pizza guy at the entrance. I was about to leave when I saw him walking with some guys from the baseball team. He looked at me.

        “Hey guys, I’ve got to go. See ya” His buddies looked at me and whistled.

        “Nice job bro.” I rolled my eyes. Boys, what can you do about them? Kinda can’t live without them though.

        “Hey Misha. Why did you say you wanted to talk to me?”

        “I wanted to know your name.”


        “You know both my fake and real name. I think it only fair  to know yours.” He stood speechless.

        “It’s Ethan. Ethan Coleback.” I stuck my hand out and he took it.

        “Nice to meet you Ethan Coleback.” I let go of his hand and started to walk away. He took my hand and pulled back.

        “If you need anything, here’s my number.” He pressed another scrap of paper into my hand. I looked up at him. He smiled and winked at me. I nodded and walked away, feeling the warmth rush to my cheeks.

        “Whoa, what sex god just gave you his number?” I looked to my left to see the girl from my English class falling into step with me.

        “What?” I stopped walking. She laughed.

        “Sorry. My name is Rosel. Sounds like Rose and you just add an L to the end. My sidekick Rudy. Don’t hit on him, he’s gay.” Rosel gestured to the boy on my right.

        “Hello” I greeted them shyly. My hair fell into my face. She moved it out of the way.

        “But you can hit on me! Welcome to high school Hottie.” She smiled at me.

        “Wait, are you bi or lesbian?”

        “I’m bi. But I do lean more towards girls.” She gave me a suggestive wink. I laughed.

        “So what’s your name New Girl?” Rudy spoke up for the first time.

        “Luna. Luna Loyal.”

        “Well Luna, I hope to see more of your sexy self.” Rosel’s grey eyes sparkled. I laughed again.

        “Sure, it would be nice to have friends here.” I smiled. They gave their numbers and said to call whenever. I said I would and walked out to the parking lot.

        Rosel Angelo and Rudy Holson. Where have I heard those names? I put the thought in the back of my head and I sat on my red and black motorcycle. Once seated, I set off for home.

        “Elane! I’m home!” I didn’t hear a response. I panicked. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a towel and a knife. I crept upstairs and found my way to Elane’s room. I opened the door.

        Elane was asleep on her bed.

I let out a sigh I didn’t know I was holding in. I quietly closed the door and walked to my room. I went into my study and closed the French sliding doors. I shrugged off my leather jacket and dropped my bag next to my chair. I sat down, booted up my computer, and started to type.

        “The girl ran home after the spine—chilling phone call ended. She could feel something inside of her. She felt her detective persona come out and instead of running, she was now looking for the person to be targeted. Once the clues were analyzed, she found the killers next target. Her best friends,” My fingers stopped flying. I looked back at the other chapters. My blood ran cold at what I found.

        “Her best friends, Rosel Angelo and Rudy Holson. By the next two weeks, their blood would be splattered, just like the others.” I stopped typing. So thats where I heard those named. They were in my book!

I sat with a smile on my face. With the thoughts of my new friends, I drifted off into the land of dreams.

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