The Blank Pages


4. Chapter Three

~~Chapter Three: Luna


I awoke to my alarm clock beeping in my ear. I groaned and my hand slapped it. My clock broke as my hand made contact. I smirked at the broken pieces, and thought of what Elane would say. Then I thought; "How did I break this?"

I ran to my study and grabbed my glue. The only thought to pass through my mind was; 'If only clocks could fix themselves.' I walk back to find my alarm already fixed. I shrugged it off and decided it might just be from lack of sleep that made me believe I broke the alarm clock. I got ready and ran to the kitchen.

I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and ran out the door to the garage and hopped onto my motorcycle. I drove to school and got many stares. I flipped my finger at a guy who wolf whistled at me. I laughed at his face. Rudy and Rosel came over by me.

"Hey sexy lady. How you doin?" Rosel greeted me. I could get used to this. I've never had friends before.

"Hey Rosel, hey Rudy. I'm doing okay, so far anyway."

"Cool. So you ready for the assembly later on today?"

"What? Assembly? What is it about?"

"Some author named Misha Chart." I froze. So this was the surprise that Elane was talking about.

"Oh cool. Do you guys know why this is happening?"

"We're reading one of her books in class. Her most famous one. It's called—"

"The Planer. I read that one when I was ten." Actually, I wrote and published it when I was ten. My first book ever to be written, but not the last.

"The Planer? You actually read that?" Rudy asked me in wonder. Ouch, my ego hurts now.

"Of course I did. Misha looks a lot like me, don't you think?"

"Yeah, just a little, but whatever." Rosel brushed it off like it was nothing. But to me, it was something. I decided to tell them. Then again, they would find out at the assembly.

"What time is this at?"

"We would be skipping Mr. Chase's class. I'm kinda sad though, cause he's a looker." Rudy had a dreamy look on his face. I laughed.

"That's a shame. He's really, really sexy." Rudy and I laughed at Rosel.

"Come on, the bell is about to ring." We all went our separate ways.


It was now 1:04 and we were heading to where the assembly would take place. I tried to look for Rosel or Rudy, or even Ethan. Anybody that  knew so that I didn't look like a total idiot. When I was just about to leave, I spotted Ethan sitting with a girl. On his lap. I stormed out and went to the bathroom. I put my green colored contacts in and curled my red hair. I put my makeup on and changed my clothes.

I walked out just in time for Mr. Chase to come running into me. We looked at each other for a while, and something inside of me turned on. It was as is someone had flicked on a switch.

"Misha? I am so sorry, here let me help you." He offered me his hand and I gladly took it.

"Oh I'm sorry. Shouldn't you be in the assembly room with the rest of the students?" I asked, since I wasn't supposed to know him. He smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, I um, I'm not a student. I work here." I gave a feign act of surprise.

"Really? But you look so young."

"Yeah well, I'm only twenty."

"Oh wow."

"Yeah. So how old are you?"

"I'm seventeen and a half."

"Oh cool. Must be pretty cool, ya know, being an author."

"Oh yeah. It's a lot of fun. So you said you work here?"

"Yes. I'm one of the English teachers."

"Oh cool. We should get together some time and you could tell me all about that." He looked surprised."Are you asking me out?"

"Depends, will you say yes?"

"Of course." He replied automatically.

"Then yes I am."

"Great. Here's my number." I gave him my phone and he made himself a contact. I took the phone back and sent him a text. I then walked away.

Me: It was great talking to you, but I have to get to the assembly.

       Him: Oh yeah... Forgot. I'll see you later then.

Me: Actually, I can't. I have stuff to do.

       Him: Okay. I'll text you after the assembly.

Me: Okay. Talk to you later.

I exited messages on my phone and walked on stage as my name was called.

"Hello everyone. My name is Misha Chart." There was some polite clapping, as if they didn't want to be here.

 "Oh boy, this is gonna be the longest hour ever." I thought as I stared at my classmates.


"Alright, I really have to go know. I have an interview to get to. Goodbye everyone!" The clapping was now louder. I smiled and waved at them. I walked off the stage and was soon swarmed by students.

"Misha can you sign my book?" I grabbed the book and pen, signing the book."Misha, can I talk to you?" I looked up to find Ethan.

"Yeah, sure." I muttered. I followed him out into the hall.

"Yes?" I asked. He looked nervous. I sighed. "Listen, if you don't have anything to tell me—" He cut me off by pressing his soft lips on my own.

I was surprised and didn't respond. He pulled back and we looked at each other. He opened his mouth to speak, and I slapped him. Hard. He looked startled.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Why did you kiss me?" I asked raising my hand to signal that I would hit him again.

"Why wouldn't I? You're hot!" He held his cheek. I grew furious.

"Oh, so that's it, huh? All you wanted was to get into my pants! Well I got news for you, come near me again and I will rip off your manhood and shove it down your throat ya dick!"

"What? Who said anything about getting into your pants?" He seemed horrified by the thought. Just as I was about to apologize, he opened his mouth.

"I mean, I was hoping you would want to get into my pants, but judging by your response, I would take that as a no." Instead if slapping him, I kneed his family jewels. He gave a yelp and a groan, falling to the ground and clutching his baby maker. "What the hell! You crazy bitch!" I kicked him again and walked away. Inside the bathroom I looked into the mirror. What did Ethan and Mr. Chase see in me?

I sighed and changed out of Misha's clothes and into Luna's. I took out my colored contacts and wet my hair. The curls were no longer curly, but were now wavy.

"Hey, anybody in here?" A male's voice sounded.

"Hang on, I'm coming out." I walked out and saw Mr. Chase.

"Miss. Loyal? Come one, your late for my class." He placed his hand on the small of my back. Now I know that this is gonna sound weird but, when he placed his hand on my back I swear I felt the sparks.

 "Oh boy, this can't be good. What was that?" Mr. Chase stopped walking. I voiced my thoughts.

"What was that?"

"I don't know. Continue moving." We walked back to class, my head swarming with thoughts and unanswered questions.

I also had a feeling that he knew something about those sparks.


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