The Blank Pages


2. Chapter One

Chapter One


        “But Elane! I refuse to go to that school! I’ve taken the liberty to read the reviews and I know that their creative writing is the best in the state, but the reviews are awful! Listen to this, ‘Great school, beautiful even, but the classrooms are disgusting. Everything is horrible, the only great thing about the school is the building itself.

        “And you want me to go to a school like that? Come on Elane, I know you can’t see and all, but this is ridicules!” I complained to my godmother Elane. She sighed, and grabbed the coffee mug in front of her.

        “I’m sorry you feel this way Luna—”

        “It’s Misha. You can call me Luna in front of people but here, it’s Misha.” I hated being cold towards her, but after my parents died, I left all of my warmth in their graves.

        “Fine Misha, but I’m only doing what I think is right for you. Please don’t think of it as an insult. I only want what’s best for you.” I scoffed. If she wanted what’s best for me, she would continue paying the people who had homeschooled me all these years.

        She put the mug to her lips, but didn’t drink anything. I sighed.

        “I’m going to my room. Goodnight Elane.” I moved sluggishly on the way to my new bedroom. I opened and closed the door, slipping against the wooden divider. I sat on the floor and surveyed the room.

        There were manuscripts scattered on my floor, waiting to be published or even viewed. My three laptops; one on my bed, one on my work desk, and one in my study. My dark clothes were scattered all over the bed and I had my school items by the door of my study. I stood and walked over by my nightstand.

        “I’m trying my best Mom and Dad. I just wish you didn’t leave me alone.” I sat on my bed, holding the picture frame that held my parents profile. We were all smiling that day, and it was a fun day. It was also the last time I saw my loving parents.

        I jumped off of my bed and ran into my study. I jumped into my swirly chair and put the frame down next to my pencil case.

        “Alright. New book. And go Misha.” I stared at my computer screen. Nothing was coming. I sighed. I forced my imagination to come up, but my mind was still blank. There was a knock at the door and I jumped.

        Calm down Misha. Remember who you are. You shouldnt get scared by stupid things like this. I stood from where I was rooted and opened the door. Standing there was Elane.

        “Yes?” I questioned her.

        “Are you hungry? It’s only nine. I thought maybe you might want something to eat.” I blinked. Did she really come all the way up here just to ask if I wanted to eat?

        “Um… Sure, I suppose I could use some food.” She nodded and walked out of my room. I took that as a signal to follow her down to the kitchen.

        “Would you like some wings or pizza?” She asked as she grabbed the phone. My mouth dropped. My thoughts when she had asked if I was hungry was that she already had food ready. I didn’t think she was ordering takeout.

        “Um. Either one is fine.” She smiled and dialed a number. I was shocked, but at a closer look I saw the phone was brailed. I shook my head.

        “Yes I would like a large sausage pepperoni pizza with bacon on the top. Then a bottle of sprite, yes a large one please…” I walked upstairs as Elane ordered our pizza.

        I went into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom. I looked at the girl looking at me in the mirror. She had dull, straight red hair and  blue eyes. She had a pale face with mascara covering her long dark lashes. I wasn’t ugly, but I wasn’t hot either, I was like a five out of a ten.

        There were my flaws as well as my best features. My worst features were the bags under my eyes. Ever since becoming an author, my nights have been spent sleepless in front of a computer screen. Do I regret my nights? Of course not, they’ve made me successful.

        My best features were my startling blue eyes, and my porcelain skin. My skin brought out my eyes and made my hair look less duller than it actually is.

        “Misha! Pizza’s here and I can’t find my wallet!” I groaned. Elane was always misplacing things. You would think a blind woman would have already memorized where everything was, but nope. Elane was just one of those kind of people.

        “Coming!” I yelled back. I looked back at my reflection. “Till next time Luna.” I bounded down the stairs and saw Elane standing by the open door, looking quite helpless, while the pizza guy stood holding the three boxes of pizza.

        “Luna, are you here? I can’t find my wallet.”

        “It’s okay, I’ll pay for it. How much?” I asked the pizza guy, pulling out my own wallet.

        “Thirty dollars please.” I nodded and handed him the money. He then handed me the pizza and soda. I smiled at him and he blushed. Once he got over his blush, he looked, or well, more like analyzed me.

        “You look familiar. Do I know you?” I stood, frozen. Then, Elane just had to open her big mouth and say the one thing I never wanted her to say to a complete stranger.

        “She’s Misha Chart. Ya know, youngest author?” She smiled like a proud parent. I mentally face—palmed. Damn it Elane, damn it.

        “Misha Chart? I don’t know who that is.” I sighed a breath of relief. And before Elane could say another word, I thanked the pizza guy and closed the door.

        “Elane! I told you to call me Luna in front of people!” I hissed at her. She just smiled as if I didn’t know anything.

        “Oh Luna, you know that you are living under my roof correct? Please do not yell at me anymore.” Her voice was light, but threatening. I think it was her southern accent that made it light.

        “Yes ma’am.” She smiled at my response and headed towards the table.

         Why is she always smiling? Its so creepy. I rolled my eyes at her.

        “Hurry Luna! The pizzas are gonna get cold!” I blew the bangs out of my face and started towards the dining room. Elane already had the plates and glasses out.

        “Alright Elane, which one do you want? We’ve got a plain cheese, then we got the one with bacon, sausage, and pepperoni on it, and lastly we have…” I looked into the third box. “A regular sausage pizza. Man, you sure do like sausage.”

        “I’ll take one of each please.” She held up her plate. I took it and pilled on the three slices. I put it in front of her and guided her hands to the plate. She took the plain slice first and bit into it. I poured some sprite into my cup and took big gulps.

        “Is it alright if I eat in my study Elane? I have much work to do if I am to get those manuscripts in on time.” She shook her head.

        “No, not today. I want to talk about the school thing.” I groaned.


        “Yes now.”

        “Fine. What is it that you want to talk about that we haven’t already talked about?”

        “I know that you  were homeschooled and everything, and you already know most things the seniors know and stuff, but please don’t be a smart ass.”

        “But I—”

        “Don’t tell me you’re not a smart ass, because I’ve talked to your tutors and they tell me that you could most likely get yourself in trouble for that big mouth of yours.” I sighed. She was right.

        “Okay, so if I do start to smart ass it up, what do I do? Cause I mean, I’m a pretty sarcastic person.” I actually praise my sarcasm. Sarcasm is my definition.

        “Well, I would think you could just walk out of the classroom. And if you get in trouble, they can call me and I will tell them what I just told you.” I nodded and took a bite of my pizza.

        “Alright,” I paused my chewing. “Hey, what grade would I be going to?” She had a thoughtful look on her face.

        “Well, because you’re so smart, I would put you in grade  11. You’re smart, but I want you to be with kids your own age.”

        “Seems reasonable enough.” I stated. We continued to eat in silence. Once we finished, I took our paper plates and plastic cups into the kitchen.

        “Goodnight Luna.” Elane called from the top of the stairs.

        “Goodnight Elane.” I called from the kitchen. Once I finished in the kitchen, I made my way up to my room. When I was dressed in my pjs, I shut down all my laptops and climbed into bed.

        I fell asleep with the thoughts of high school invading my mind.


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