Clockwork City

What happens when two different shadow worlds collide? The angel Raziel's daughter along with her friends from the Infernal Devices join forces with the New York Institute to take down a common enemy. Sebastian Morgenstern, the late Valentine's son.


2. The Big City

Chapter 1 

The Big City


    Raziella screamed in the darkness. Coming to she realized it wasn’t dark at all, the sun had risen, although was covered up by the London fog. Jem came rushing through the door, convinced by all the screaming, she was being murdered. He sat down next to her on the bed. “What’s wrong, Raz?” Jem asked, clearly concerned. “It’s nothing, really, just a bad dream.” Raziella promised through her tangled and now dark blonde hair. He seemed unconvinced, “Tell me what’s really wrong.” She looked up with pale blue eyes. “I want to go some place thats not so dark all the time. I want to go to a big city.” Jem was not expecting this answer, but after a long moment, agreed they would leave the next morning for New York. Suddenly Will and Tessa burst through the door. Will was wielding a pan and Tessa had a knife clutched in her left hand. Will spoke quickly to Jem, “What is going on in here, I could hear her scream all the way downstairs.” Jem looked at his parabatai and said, “The four of us leave for New York in the morning. We're going on vacation.” Will dropped his pan, letting the bang ring out through out the Institute. Tessa let the hand holding her knife fall to her side. “Tomorrow?” Tessa said, exasperated. Jem looked confused, “Do you not want to go, I thought you would?” He sound hurt. “It’s just such short notice-” Tessa started. Jem cut in, “I’m sorry about that, but she needs to go but we can’t go alone. Theres an Institute we can stay at over there.” Tessa and Will both looked pale and exhausted. Finally Will spoke up, “James I do believe we need some sleep, if you’ll excuse us.” Jem stood up hastily. “Will?” He asked, putting his hand on Will’s shoulder, “You are coming with us, aren’t you?” Jem seemed worried. “‘Where thou goes, I shall goest.’” Will repeated from the parabatai ritual. Jem smiled. “Great, the plane leaves tomorrow morning, don’t be late you two.” Jem called after Will and Tessa as they made there way back downstairs to their rooms. 


    It was the next morning now. The sun had finally finished rising over the hazy landscape. Tessa couldn’t sleep last night after being told of their sudden trip, so she packed her bags. New York, she wondered, why New York? She pushed aside her lace curtains looking out on the dreary, foggy season Londoners called summer. Maybe they were right, she agreed, we needed to go somewhere new. There was a soft knock at her door. She let the curtains fall closed and called, “Come in.” The door opened and Will walked in, bags in hand, dark semicircles underneath of his eyes. “Jem wants to get an early start so we’re leaving now.” Will spoke to her. She picked up her bags, similar gray half moons under her eyes from the insomnia. He took her hand and lead her down the concrete halls, that after so many years of walking down, seemed to be closing in on her.


    Jem and Raziella were waiting for them when the got down stairs. They walked out to the car in silence. They stayed silent all the way to the airport where the plane was to leave in 2 hours. The group went through security and eventually boarded the plane. The pilot's voice sounded overhead as they took off into the deep fog that had fallen over London. They looked out over the gray water of the Atlantic that looked like the surface of a mirror reflecting the gray sky. They were to arrive in New York by noon. The stewardess brought them lunch, although they were to be landing soon and it was just thrown away. The water seemed to look bluer on this side of the Atlantic. They passed a greenish statue that Tessa recognized as the Statue of Liberty. They were so close, they were also told the Institute wasn’t too far from the airport. They finally landed and passed through customs, gathering there luggage and calling for a cab. Will took Tessa’s hand and started the trek towards where they were to be picked up. Jem took Raziella’s and did the same. Once they were there they caught their cab to Brooklyn to meet the Lightwoods, the family that ran the New York Institute. 


    They had to be dropped off a block away so as not to call attention to the fact that their real destination was what appeared to be an old abandoned church. Raziella opened her mouth to speak, but there was a hot, burning pain spreading across her back. She looked behind her, glaring in Will’s deep, blue eyes. He held a stele in his hand, drawing three perfect, overlapping circles that made up the mendelin rune, that now decorated her back. She saw a perfect copy scrawled across his arm and the back of Jem’s neck as he went to work drawing a rune on Tessa’s arm. Jem looked up to Raziella, finished drawing the rune, and asked, “Everyone ready to meet the Lightwoods?” They looked up the road to the old church like structure off in the distance. The Institute. They looked back at each other and headed up the road.




    “Jace!” Isabelle called. “Jace Lightwood! We have company!” She looked back at the four strangers that had walked in. The strangers they were expecting from the London Institute. The elevator clattered to a stop, a golden tabby cat came racing across the floor, and hid under the nearest table. In a flash of gold and blue jeans, a boy emerged from the dark interior of the elevator. “Somebody called for me?” The boy, who must have been Jace, asked graciously. A shorter, redheaded figure padded out from behind Jace. “Izzy, can you introduce your little friends?” Jace asked condescendingly. “Jace these are the four we were expecting. They’re from the London institute.” The corner of Jace’s lips lifted in a smirk. “They’re british?” Jace asked Izzy. She looked up at him, worried he would offend them. “Yes, why.” He smiled back at the four friends. “Say something in a british accent.” Jace asked. Izzy slapped his arm. “Jace, don’t be rude.” Will looked over to Jace and spoke in his heavily accented voice. “Hello, nice to meet you all. My name is William, but you can call me Will. This is my girlfriend, Tessa, her parabatai Raziella, and my parabatai, James. But you can call him Jem.” For a moment everything was silent. Then Jace burst out laughing. “Very impressive. So, why don’t you introduce yourselves?” Will looked at him, then at Izzy and asked, “Is he always this dense?” Izzy was about to object, but stopped and nodded her head. “Yeah, sometimes.” Jace looked at him firmly, then his look softened. He reached out and shook Will’s hand. “I was kidding. It's a pleasure to meet you, London Bridges.” Will shook his head. The elevator gave a distant ding as two black haired boys, about the age of 18, walked out of the elevator, holding hands. They stopped next to Jace. “Hey, I heard we had company.” He looked over at the four. “And who are you?” He asked. Jace put a hand on his parabatai’s shoulder. “These are the shadowhunters from London.” He said motioning to Will. The shorter of the two released the other ones hand and reached forward shaking Will’s. “Hi, I’m Alec and this is my boyfriend, Magnus Bane. And I apologize in advanced for anything offensive that Jace is bound to say to you.” Will laid his hand back to his side. “Nice to meet you. I’m Will, This is my parabatai, Jem, his girlfriend Raziella, and my girlfriend Tessa.” Will said, speeding through introductions, as everyone was carrying at least twenty pounds of luggage. “Well,” Alec started. “I guess I’ll show you to your rooms.” Alec grabbed Magnus’s hand and with the other grabbed one of Will’s bags, and started toward the elevator. Will followed behind them, the three others trying to keep up. 


    They were a bit taken back as they got into the elevator. There were no gay couples in the Clave, or when there was you didn’t talk about it, and just hoped it would go away. This time no one seemed to care. Not like they did either, it was just out of the ordinary. The elevator clattered to a stop. Magnus pulled the elevator cage open and let Alec step out first, dragging him along. They stopped at the third and fourth bedrooms, telling them it didn’t matter which ones they chose.  Tessa and Raziella took one and Jem and Will took another, setting there stuff down. Raziella looked in shock. She sat down on her bed and stared out the window. Tessa sat next to her. “What’s wrong. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Tessa asked, worried. After all it was her idea to come here. She turned to look at her. “I believe I have. That’s Magnus Bane. He’s a warlock, like you.” She started. “When my brother’s were dying, my father called him to come get me out of my closet and take me far away from him. That was eleven years ago.” Tessa looked unsure. “You’re positive that’s him?” Tessa asked. Raziella looked back out the window. “You never forget the person who saved your life.”

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