Clockwork City

What happens when two different shadow worlds collide? The angel Raziel's daughter along with her friends from the Infernal Devices join forces with the New York Institute to take down a common enemy. Sebastian Morgenstern, the late Valentine's son.


1. Prologue


Idris 1997




    “He’s going to be fine.” Raziel assured his little girl. His precious white wings tore through the thin fabric of his T-shirt. Blood ran from his back and stained the new hardwood floor in the weapons room. He fell to the ground, screaming in pain. “Anthony, if you want to be an angel like me, you have to be able to handle this kind of pain.” Raziel spoke in his slightly accented voice, his light blonde hair falling into his eyes. He brushed it away impatiently with his free hand. His other was tightly gripping his little daughter’s arm as she tried to charge forward and comfort the oldest of her three brothers. They were her only friends in this confined world she lived in. He had never cried, not in front of her, at least. But there he was, salty tears running down his face as he looked up at his father. “Why are you doing this to us?” Adam growled from behind Anthony and Jack. He was about to shout again, when a tearing sound cut him off, followed by a bloodcurdling scream that will haunt the little girl forever. 


    He fell to the ground as a similar pair of puffy white wings draped over his bloody back. The little girl tripped over her untied shoe and dropped to the ground, only half hitting the ground before her father caught her. She tried crawling toward Adam, but was restrained. She screamed, “Adam!” His fingernails clawed into the hardwood. Anthony and Adam were twins, only a few minutes apart, and you get your wings when you turn 18. One last scream cut off her thoughts. Jack fell to his knees in anguish. “Daddy, stop, you’re going to kill them!” The little girl exclaimed in horror. She kicked his leg and bit his arm but he did not release his grip on her. “Please, Daddy, take me instead!” She pleaded. But, “You’re not old enough.” was all he said. 


    So there she sat for the rest of the day, watch in terror as the life bled out of them. Screaming at her father and finally breaking away from him and ran over to Adam who was still alive. He stood up with her help. “I don’t have much time, Raziella.” He swung her up into his arms, his bloody wings hanging limply from his back. She took his hand in her small one and led him to his room. He pulled back the covers on his bed, sat down, and pulled her into his lap. She looked up into his sad brown-gold eyes, his golden blonde hair reflecting the pale moonlight of the almost full moon. She leaned back against him, curiosity sparkling in her eyes. “When Im 18, is this going to happen to me?” Adam looked down at her and whispered, “I don’t know Raz. But all that matters is now,”  She fell asleep like that, on his lap as the sun started to rise. 


    That night and the night after she fell asleep like this. But the third night were different. It started the same, she sat on his lap and Adam watched the moon fade across the sky and the sun break the horizon in the distance and burn a path across the early morning sky. But this night, when the moon was full and at it’s peak Adam winced in pain. Raziella was already asleep, and heard nothing. His silky white wings burst from his back with the sound of  fabric splitting, his shirt tore in two vertical lines to allow his wings out. Pain shot through him like hot needles. He lay back against the pillows, creasing his wings against the soft fabric. He threw his head back, the deep oak color of his eyes faded to the dull color of plywood, the gold of his beautiful hair lightening to gray. It was as if he were aging very rapidly, but without wrinkling. The feathers of his wings turned from feathers to dangerous looking blades. They tore at the pillow, ripping it to shreds and scattering the stuffing across the bed. Completely overwhelmed with pain, he laid back against the pillow and let himself slip away from the pain. 


    She woke up to a distant sunrise. It was barely visible above the tallest hill in Idris. She glanced over, through her vanilla colored hair, at Adam. The white sheets were caked with red. She gracefully swept her hair aside to get a better look. Blood. She touched her index and middle finger to the side of his throat where there was usually a fluttering pulse, but now, where here fingers rested she found silence instead.


    She ran down the hall and skidded around the corner to the library, where she knew her dad would be. She burst through the doors, genuinely frightening him. Tears soaked her rosy cheeks. Raziel looked down at her. “What’s wrong Raz?” Between sobs she told Raziel what had happened to Adam. Raziel took her hand and lead her back down the hallways that seemed to drag on forever. They passed her pink doorway and she jerked her arm away from her dad, and ran inside, closing herself in her closet and plunging her into darkness.

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