Clockwork City

What happens when two different shadow worlds collide? The angel Raziel's daughter along with her friends from the Infernal Devices join forces with the New York Institute to take down a common enemy. Sebastian Morgenstern, the late Valentine's son.


4. Fly Away

Chapter 3

Fly Away


    Raziella’s wings beat quickly, and she stayed, floating where the beam had just been. However, Magnus wasn’t fast enough to snap his fingers and make it safely to the ground. Raziella reached down, her finger’s just grazing Magnus’, but he fell. His back and his head smacking off the floor, blood pooling around him, a trickle of blood coming from the corners of his mouth. His family ring was gleaming red and silver on his thin ring finger. Raziella screamed, descending to the ground, “Magnus!” Jem dropped the knife and ran over to Magnus. He lifted his fingers to Magnus’s throat, feeling for a pulse. But there was none. Jem looked at Raziella, who was running towards them, trying to get to Magnus. Jem blocked Raziella’s path, holding her back. She was screaming, crying, trying to break through Jem’s arms. Jem looked into her eyes and whispered, “He’s gone.” Raziella fell to the floor, white wings creasing under her weight. Jem pulled Magnus’s phone out of Magnus's front pocket and called Alec. 





    Alec looked at Camille. “If you bring me Raziella, I can promise you one thing.” Camille said as she looked around the dimly lit subway station. “And what would that be?” Alec asked skeptically. “I will give you one thing, whatever that thing may be.” Camille said. “But where do I take her and how do I trick her into coming here?” Alec asked, still unsure. Suddenly his phone rang in his pocket. He flipped it open to Jem’s sorrow, urgent voice on the other side. “Jem, calm down, what happened?” Alec asked worried. “Raziella and Magnus were sitting on a beam above the weapons room and it broke. Raziella is fine, but Magnus-” Jem cut off, breathing in deeply, “He’s, um... He’s gone.” Jem said and was about to continue, but Alec snapped his phone closed and looked up at Camille. “I’ll bring Raziella. Here, tonight, 7:30. In exchange for Magnus’s life.” Camille looked surprised, but didn’t ask for an explanation. She extended her white gloved hand. “It’s a deal.” Alec shook her hand and ran off to the institute.


    Alec ran into the weapons room, dodging Jem’s warnings and Raziella’s apologizes. He looked across the room and stared in horror at Magnus’s limp, bloody body. He screamed. “Magnus!” Hot tears flooded Alec’s vision and spilled down his cheeks. He fell to his knees in the pool of blood next to Magnus. He placed his fingers at the base of his neck, rechecking for a pulse. There was nothing. More tears streamed down his face as he screamed. Raziella put a hand on Alec’s shoulder and kept repeating in his ear, “I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.” He pushed her hand away. “Leave me alone. Please.”  He whispered. Raziella backed away and took Jem out in the hallway. Alec ran his hand down his face, wiping away the tears. He put his face in his palms and cried, not being able to stop himself. What if Camille didn’t bring him back and he was gone forever. He half laughed. The irony. Magnus could live forever, and it was always on Alec’s mind that he would grow old and Magnus would not, and they could not be together. How ironic that he died before Alec. He slipped his family ring off his middle finger and slid it on Magnus’s, next to his green and silver family ring. He placed his tear soaked hand on Magnus’s cheek, leaned over, and kissed him. Alec removed his hand from Magnus’s cheek and ran it through his glittery, rainbow spiked hair. Alec whispered in Magnus’s ear, “I love you”, and walked out into the hallway, and ran as fast as he could to his room, slamming the door closed behind him. He slid down the wall, sitting on the floor, silently sobbing into his jacket sleeve. If he had just been there, he thought, he could have saved Magnus. The thought, however, only made him cry more. He realized, it was only after someone was gone, did you see how much you really needed them. How much you really love them. He stood up and opened the door. He looked down the hall both ways before heading to the elevator and pressing the button that would take him to the roof. He knew she would be there, and it was now or never.


    She peered over the side of the roof, the wind tying knots in her hair. She stumbled back. She would never get over her fear of heights, no matter how many times she’s forced to face it. But if she was to be an angel like her father she would have to do this, she would have to jump off this roof. She would have to rely on nothing but her wings to catch her when she jumped. But she knew she had to. She backed up and was about to throw herself off the side of the roof, when she heard the elevator ding. Alec stepped out and walked over to where she stood. “Alec, you have to understand. I’m really sorry-” Raziella started, but Alec interrupted. “No, it’s fine, just please, don’t bring it up.” Alec pleaded, tears sparkling in his eyes. “I-I need your help.” He stuttered , blinking the tears away. “With what?” Raziella inquired, unsure of Alec’s mental stability. “Camille, I trapped her at the City Hall subway station and I need your help getting answers from her.” Alec remarked. “Why should I trust you?” Raziella asked. Alec looked like he was in pain. “You don’t have to trust me, but you do owe me.” Raziella took his hand in hers. “Then you have to trust me.” She said and dragged him off the side of the roof. Her wings burst from her back and they hung in midair next to the Institute roof. Alec screamed. However neither of them went anywhere. Raziella’s wings started beating the air behind them, propelling them downtown to the subway station. Alec was only suspended at least a hundred yards above the street by nothing but Raziella’s hand. 


    After a few miles, Alec and Raziella’s feet finally touched the pavement. They were at least a mile from where they needed to be, but they were prepared to walk. They silently snuck around behind old abandoned factories, down allies, and up service roads before finally reaching the entrance to the station. Alec grabbed Raziella’s hand, her wings unfolding, and they jumped down the narrow gap in the ground. Immediately they were plunged into a deep darkness, the skylights in the roof too dirty for light to shine through. Alec pulled out his witchlight, looking around in the darkness for the pale outline of Camille’s hair. Nothing. Alec silently cursed her. He thought he had made the schedule very clear. He looked down at his watch. It was 7:35. He walked over to the railing that ran the length of the wall and started examining it. He called Raziella over. “Raziella, come see this.” Alec said, gesturing to the freezing cold banister. She laid her hand across it, and before her protests could make it past her lips, he had whipped out handcuffs and chained her to the rail. “Camille!” Alec shouted, and a beautifully pale woman emerged from the darkness. “Why thank you Alexander, for bringing her to me.” Camille said politely. “Skip the small talk, you promised you give me something, one thing that I want, and I want Magnus back.” Alec snapped at Camille. “I’m afraid I can’t do that Alexander.” Camille said dangerously. Alec looked over at Camille harshly. “And why not?” Alec demanded. Camille looked at him as if the answer were so simple. “I can’t bring someone back from death, not even if I wanted to. I’m sorry, but if you want something else, I’ll be happy to-” Camille continued. Alec cut her off. “I don’t want anything else, Camille, the only thing I’ll ever want is Magnus.” Alec was about to cry, Raziella could tell. He took his seraph blade out of his weapons belt, and gave it to Camille. She took it, confused. “What am I supposed to do with it?” She asked, looking stupidly at the knife. Alec’s eyes were suddenly filled with immense joy. “End me!” He shouted happily at Camille. “End me so I can be with Magnus!” Camille’s deadly eyes glinted in the witchlight. “You’re so stupid, Nephilim. Killing yourself isn’t the only option-” She started. Alec looked away from her, and then back at her with tears in his eyes. “No, you said it yourself, there is no way to get Magnus back, but I want to be with him. And if I can’t be with him here, I’ll be with him in death.” Camille looked suddenly serious. “You really love him that much. So much you would be willing to kill yourself to be with him?” She asked. Alec looked at her questioningly. “Wouldn’t you have done that for Magnus? When you were dating?” Alec asked Camille. “Honestly,” she said, “No, but I didn’t love him like you do.” Raziella jerked her hand, rattling the cuffs. “I hate to break up such a beautiful moment, but I’m still chained here, could someone at least tell me why?” Alec looked at her sadly. “They were going to make you the ruler of Hell, but we’re going.” Alec said, unlatching the cuffs from her wrist. Raziella, despite being tricked into coming down here and being sacrificed, felt bad for Alec. She had caused Magnus’s death and Alec really loved Magnus. Raziella jerked her head up suddenly. “I know a way to get Magnus back.” Raziella stated, staring straight ahead, into space. Alec looked at where she was looking and then back at her. “What?” Alec asked, confused. She sprang from where she was standing over to Alec, put her hands in his shoulders, and shouted in his face, “I know how to get Magnus back!” Alec put his hands on her shoulders and exclaimed, “Why are you just standing there then? Lets GO!” Alec grabbed her hand again as Raziella flapped her wings and they soared through the entrance and into the sky, unseen and glamoured from the mundane’s eyes. Camille looked after them, slowly walking back to the room at the top of the glamoured staircase, muttering, “Stupid nephilim.”


    Alec honestly had no idea how Raziella planned to get Magnus back, but he was just happy there was a possibility he would get to see Magnus again. They were a few feet off the roof of Magnus’s apartment when Raziella let go of Alec’s hand. He fell to the old uneven roof peak, scattering crumbling and tattered shingles. Raziella landed gracefully next to him, her wings folding neatly into her back. “What are we doing at Magnus’s?” Alec asked, thinking they were going back to the Institute. “I need the Book of White.” Raziella said, leaning over the edge of the roof. “What good will it do you? You can’t use anything in it, you’re not a warlock.” Alec said matter-of-factly. “I’m an angel, but I’m one of kind. Only Adam and I are also part Downworlder. So I’m part warlock, now are you going to help me sneak into your boyfriend’s apartment or not?” Raziella asked, the window not budging. “Get us to the ground safely and I can unlock the door.” Raziella reached over and grabbed Alec’s arm, jumping to the ground. But this time her wings didn’t need to unfold, it was a short enough drop for her to be uninjured. Alec’s feet hit the ground first and he had to walk a few feet to keep his balance and to keep his legs from stinging too much, but he was otherwise uninjured too. When he stood upright again, they were in front of the lobby door. Alec had remembered so many times standing in the lobby, pressing the call button and waiting for Magnus to let him into his apartment. He couldn’t imagine not hearing Magnus call through the intercom, ‘Who disturbs the high warlock of Brooklyn?’ and seeing the door open just a crack at the top of the stairwell. He blinked back tears as he turned the key, the old lock popping open. He slipped the simple silver key back into his pocket. Raziella opened the door and stepped into the glittery apartment. Alec walked toward the bedroom, knowing the Book of White was hidden in a lock box under the bed, and that the key was in the silver snuff box on Magnus’s nightstand. Alec walked over to the table and reached into the many centuries old box where the key was hidden. He grabbed it and flattened himself on the ground beside his bed. He reached under and pulled out the golden lock box that held the sacred Book of White. He slid the key in, the lock, rusty with many years of wear, creaked open. The top of the box sprung open, revealing the soft, worn leather cover. Alec lifted the book from it’s spot carefully. It was as old as the stories that rumored the shadowhunters existence. No, he mentally corrected himself, even older. He opened the delicate book, the spine creaking with old age. The ribbon bookmark was stuck between two yellowed pages near the end of the book. He pulled the string and caught the pages, flipping it to the bookmarked page. He looked at the top subtitle which read in a cramped script, The Immortality Cure. The book fell from his  hands and hit the ground with a dull thump. Magnus would have given up his immortality, and unless he was secretly dating another mortal, he would have given it up for him. A tear rolled down Alec’s cheek. He had never cried and now he was kneeling down on the floor of Magnus’s master bedroom, crying into the palm of his hands. Raziella could walk in and see him any minute. He stood up, grabbing the Book of White and threw it down the hall at Raziella. She caught it, shooting Alec a look as he slammed Magnus’s bedroom door closed. He sat down on the edge of the bed and cried.


    Raziella opened the Book of White to the bookmarked page and did a double take seeing the subtitle Alec must have seen. She should leave Alec alone. She knew what he was going through, well sort of. She opened to the page of summoning, the R summonings were close to the bottom. In a flowing angel language was a spell to summon the Angel Raziel, her father. He had once, when they were on similar wavelengths, promised that if she needed to ask a favor, he would always be there to help her. She knew this was not always true, he had left her with Magnus to raise her and even he had left once she was old enough. She kneeled down and began drawing enochian symbols. When it was finished she stood up and began chanting the angelic summoning spell. A bright light shot up from floor to ceiling. A figure took form in the light tunnel. Then every light in the apartment, including the light beam, shut off. Raziel, however, seemed to glow from with in, emanating a soft light that lit the apartment. Raziella looked up at the towering figure of her father. “Hey dad, I need a favor.”


    Alec was sitting on Magnus’s bed, and had long since stopped trying to wipe away his tears. He had picked up the picture of Magnus he kept in his wallet. Alec could not stop his mind from dwelling on the possibility that Magnus would never come back. There was a soft knock at the door and Alec stood up as the door flew open revealing Magnus in all of his glittery magnificence. Alec screamed and ran over to Magnus. Magnus’s arms were out as if offering a hug, but it wasn’t enough. Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus’s neck and his legs around Magnus’s waist. Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec’s back. He rested his head in the crook of Magnus’s neck, Magnus resting his cheek on Alec’s head. After a few minutes, Alec looked up at Magnus, more tears spilling onto his cheeks. “You’re alive?” Alec asked Magnus, who reached up and ran his thumb under Alec’s eyes, wiping away his tears. “I could never leave you.” Magnus told Alec. Alec dropped to the ground, grabbed Magnus’s hand and walked out into the living room. Raziella was standing in front of the coffee table, seemingly engrossed in an incantation. She looked up from the book at Alec, who was walking towards her, arms extended as if to hug her. She put the book down and extended her hand to offer a hand shake, as she was still uncomfortable hugging the person who had been about to give her up to Camille. Alec however had a different idea, wrapping his arms around Raziella, crying joyously into her shoulder. She finally gave in and hugged Alec back. Alec whispering repeatedly into her ear, “Thank you Raziella.” She pulled away from him, looking him in the eye she said, “You would have done the same for me.” Raziella started toward the door when Magnus stopped her. “You’re a pretty good warlock.” Raziella closed her hand around the door knob and looked up at him. “It wasn’t me, it was my dad.” She said doubtfully. “The wish.” Magnus said remembering back to her childhood. “Yeah, the one thing he promised me.” Suddenly Raziella’s phone started to ring. She opened it. There was a text from Jace. “Jace texted me, we need to get back to the Institute. We’re going to Alicante.”

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