Bandades and Broken Hearts c.h

"Darling. We're moving to Australia. Isn't that nice." No not at all. Loosing Tyler, Maira, Lia, Everyone.
"Yeah. Sweet. When are we leaving."
"Tomorrow morning. Hurry pack."


1. Chapter 1. Leaving

Hi. I'm Hunter Aprilsten. Well I guess I should tell you about myself. But I'm not going to. Yeah, Lazy me. You'll figure it out.



"Hunter, were leaving come on." I ran down the stairs. And out the door to my boy friends yard. I placed the box on the step and walked off. The note was depressing.


Dear, Tyler.

I'm leaving. Well left. When you read this I'll be on my way to Australia. Yeah. Please don't try and contact me. I wanna start a new life. You And everybody were the best friends I've ever had. I swear I'll Never have any one better than you guys. I'm deleting yours and the girls number from my phone and not giving you my address. If you ever see me in magazines I'll have made my dreams come true. Yes I'm breaking up with you. I'll Miss you. I know people should really not do this to their best friends for life and first love. But please forget me. Tell the girls to to.

Love, Hunter. 


P.S Forget me.

I sat in the passenger seat. Tears brimming in my eyes. Starting a new. A pulled my hair up in a tight high ponytail as we turned into the parking lot. 

"You ready Hunt"

"Yeah. As ready as I'll ever be." I say pulling myself out of the blue jeep. I texted Tyler to go out and look on his porch. Then deleting his number from my phone. My hair swayed back and forth as I walked. Leaving the town I've lived in for 16 years. Yeah whole entire life. I didn't talk the whole time in the airport or on the plane ride their. Blasting music in my ears. Trying to forget all the things I've done with all my freinds. Well, now I'll tell you about myself


Hi I'm Hunter Aprilsten. I love in Australia. Now. I literally just moved here. I lived in Tennessee just about 9 hours ago. Weird. I'm pretty short bout 4'9. Yeah 5th graders are taller then me. I have long strawberrie red wavy hair. That's really all I have to say. I love music literally music is life. Green day, we the kings. And Indy music to. 

"Hunter we're here. You are helping me bring the boxes in. Oh by the way you got a new bed Your room is any one you want. Really." I grabbed all my clothes first. Then bedroom aaccessories. Haha, you that's what I'm gonna call em. I picked a room with black and whit walls. Yes both, two of the walls were black and the other two were white. It was cool. That was my color scheme at my old house so lucky me. 

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