Amira had the perfect life. Perfect home, perfect mother, perfect dress, and the perfect guy falling for her. Everything was perfect; until the ball...


2. The Ball

I was dancing the night away. My mother's dress flowed perfectly with every step I took. I sighed, "I love this dress!"

"Maybe we should take a break." My friend Catharina suggested. 

"Sure." I smiled.

We waltzed over to the buffet table, "Yum! Everything looks so good!" Catharina sighed.

"I know!" I took in the wonderful aroma. 

"Ahem. Excuse me miss?" 

I turned around to find non other that Prince Marius, "Oh. Um. Hello." I curtsied.

He held out a hand to me, "Would you care to dance?" he asked.

I felt like I was melting into a puddle. His deep green eyes and his chocolate curly locks. How could I say no?

"Sure." was all I managed to get out.

He smiled, took my hand in his, and led me to the middle of the dance floor.

A new song started. He tried to make conversation but I could hardly get out two words!

"So how do you feel about horseback riding?" he would ask then I would answer something idiotic like, "It's fun."

Then I felt a horrible stinging in my upper back. I cried out in pain.

"What's wrong?" Prince Marius asked backing away.

My blue eyes got wide as I fell to the floor. The music stopped but I could hardly hear it.

"What is this dark magic?" I heard someone yell.

I heard the ripping of fabric as the back of my dress ripped open letting two wings go through. (to be clear it was just two small slits of her dress that ripped. Not the entire back.)

I heard everyone gasp, "FAIRY!" someone screamed.

"KILL IT!" barked another.

I looked behind me only to see two beautiful fairy wings. I gasped, "No! This can't be happening! I'm not a fairy!"

The people were grabbing weapons. Not knowing what else to do, I ran.


I ran away from my castle. I ran away from my life. I ran to the forest with my long brown hair blowing into my face.

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