Amira had the perfect life. Perfect home, perfect mother, perfect dress, and the perfect guy falling for her. Everything was perfect; until the ball...


1. Mother's Dress

" I wonder what I should wear for the ball. My blue dress or my red dress?" I asked my dressmaid Sacrene. The blue dress goes with my eyes but I look so great in the red dress.

"Sweetheart!" my mother said waltzing into my bedroom, "I have something for you!" she said grinning.

"What is it mother?" I asked excitedly.

"It's my old dress! I thought you would look amazing in this light blue color! Because it matches your beautiful eyes." she said cupping my face in her hands.

"Oh your highness! It will look so gorgeous on you!" Sacrene exclaimed.

I squealed, "I'll go try it on!"

I ran behind my changing curtain and came out wearing mother's beautiful dress.

"I am going to wear this to the ball tonight!" I proclaimed as I twirled.


I know it's the first chapter and that it's a super short chapter. But when I get to the ball it'll get A LOT more interesting! If you have any questions or predictions about this story please (I beg of you please!) leave them in the comments!

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