Love's Greatest Escape

Jacey is a young princess who has fallen madly in love with Robby, a peasant boy. However, Jacey is set to marry the snooty Prince William in less than a week. Will she choose love or follow her father's orders?


2. The Wedding Plans

     Robby woke up at dawn’s first light and warned Jacey that he had to go and that she should

get back up to her bedroom before the maids came to wake her, or else they would reveal

to her father that she was gone. They gave each other final adieus’, shared a quick goodbye

kiss, and they went their separate directions for three whole days.

     Jacey reached the inviting comfort of her room and quickly slipped out of her pink,

lacy dress and into the blue silk nightgown from before. Jacey lied down in her poufy

feather bed and dozed off for about an hour until Emma, the maid, came in to awaken her.

“Wake up you lazy bum, it’s time for breakfast.” She said with a smile. Emma and Jacey

were close friends; it was like a mother and daughter relationship; Jacey’s mother had died

when she was a mere eight years old, and Emma was unable to bear a child.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. There is no need to be hasty and rude.” Jacey replied


“Oh come on dear, you know how your father gets when you are late to the table.”

Emma added.

“I know, I know. It doesn’t help either that the wedding is in less than a week. I don’t

understand why I must be married so soon, I’m only seventeen. And anyways, Prince

William is an airheaded jerk.”

Emma answered, “Well Jacey, your father just wants what is best for the kingdom,

and sooner than later is always the way he goes when it comes to decisions. About Prince

William, honey, honestly you are just going to have to suck it up because there is no way he

is going to change.”

     Jacey hopped out of bed, put on her favorite mint green dress, and calmly sauntered

down the stairs to her father waiting at the breakfast table. He simply looked up, said, “Oh,

good morning Jacey dear.” and ordered for the food to be brought out to them. Jacey and

her father, King Mason, ate in utter silence until they were both finished with their food.

King Mason Explained the next few days’ plans to his daughter, “Today you will be

fitted for a wedding dress with our seamstress, Martha. Tomorrow, you, I, and Prince

William will choose a dish to be served at the wedding; I hear this year Chef Sabastian has

come up with a new recipe for lobster bisque. Prince William will stay overnight that night

here, in the castle, for the next day will be all about color scheme and flowers with our

decorator Maryella and our florist Eleanor.”

     Jacey hated being fitted for her wedding dress; she had to stand on a podium, in her

underwear, with at least five seamstresses putting tape measurers around every part of her

body and holding up different types of white fabric to see which one would look the best.

     The day came and went with no more problems.

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