Love's Greatest Escape

Jacey is a young princess who has fallen madly in love with Robby, a peasant boy. However, Jacey is set to marry the snooty Prince William in less than a week. Will she choose love or follow her father's orders?


4. The Great Escape?

     It was dark out, and just as the clock started to chime ten-o-clock, Jacey heard a

knock on her bedroom window. She pulled back her curtains and opened up the window so

Robby could come in. “Are you ready love?” he asked, gently caressing her hand.

“As I’ll ever be, especially because I get to live the rest of my life with you, my

sweet.” Jacey replied.

“Then now it is that we shall leave this wretched place. Come along darling.” Robby

exclaimed as he gracefully took Jacey’s arm and led her down the rope ladder. Robby went

first, promising to catch Jacey if she were to fall. Then it was Jacey’s turn; she stepped upon

the rope ladder, and before starting off she took one last look at her room in farewell and

began her decent.

     Just as she started to climb down, Price William, whom has no regards to privacy,

bursts through the door, demanding that her bride’s maids’ dresses should have to match

the tie he would be wearing. William spotted Jacey sneaking out just as her head ducked

under the cover of the windowsill.

     Jacey quickly leaped into Robby’s strong arms and the two went on a headlong run

for the safety cover of the forest. While this was happening, Prince William cantered down

the hall and into King Mason’s bedroom. William blurted out the news of the escape to King

Mason; the king yelled for a chase to immediately be held for his daughter. Every guard

who was available in the castle took the orders and scrambled to their horses. The chase

was on, except two minor details were missed; no one knew the princess was with Robby,

or that they were headed for the forest. Run Robby and Jacey, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

     Do they manage to get away, or do they get caught by the king? Their fate is in your hands.

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