Love's Greatest Escape

Jacey is a young princess who has fallen madly in love with Robby, a peasant boy. However, Jacey is set to marry the snooty Prince William in less than a week. Will she choose love or follow her father's orders?


3. A Royal Pain

     Jacey was abruptly woken up the next morning with Prince William barging

through the door complaining about her not already being awake. “Get up already; I want

to get this day over with”

Jacey sat up, replying sarcastically with, “Gee, well it is just so nice to be with you on

this fine day too.”

“Boy, do you look revolting in the morning. I, on the other hand look devilishly

handsome at all times. It’s just another one of my star qualities.”

“Ugh, whatever, just get out so I can change into my clothes.” Jacey scoffed.

“Fine, just make sure you wear something better than that horrendous green and

gray lace dress the last time we were together. You have no sense of style.” William rudely


“Just GET OUT or do you want to make sure I do my hair to your liking as well.” She

said sarcastically.

     He strutted out with no other words on the subject. What a day Jacey had ahead of her.

When she finished dressing, Jacey found her father and William in the kitchens

waiting for her. While tasting foods, Jacey let William have whatever he wanted because

she didn’t want to deal with his whining and his ego. Two and a half hours later, the food

was decided; there was to be lobster bisque with a baguette, steamed broccoli, baked

potato, and balled watermelon for the main course. The dessert was to be various types of

cakes and pies with the guests’ choice of ice-cream.

     After that conundrum was satisfied, Jacey ran up to her bedroom, for it was the

night Robby was coming to take her away and run with her into the forest. Jacey put on one

of her older dresses, it was nothing fancy, and an emerald green dress made of cotton and a

pair of sky blue sneakers she had received as a gift from Emma on her fourteenth birthday.

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