Love's Greatest Escape

Jacey is a young princess who has fallen madly in love with Robby, a peasant boy. However, Jacey is set to marry the snooty Prince William in less than a week. Will she choose love or follow her father's orders?


1. A Dream Come True

     As Robby gently placed Jacey’s petite feet lightly upon the ground, her crystal shoes

made, ever so lightly, a *clink* on the pavement. Robby caressed Jacey’s face gently and

placed a soft kiss upon her lips, and just as they pulled away he muttered, “Jacey, I love you

so much, never leave me.”

“I won’t, I promise.” Was all she said in return, but it was enough. A look of complete and

utter content showed upon their plush faces as the moonlight gleamed upon the happy

couple. It seemed as though they were in their own world, and no one, nothing, could tear

their love apart. They wished the moment could last forever.

“Jacey!” Robby blurted out, ruining the moment, “I can’t stand to let myself see you, to let

you be with another man. We must run away together, start our own life together.”

“But I can’t. Father would be worried sick and send a search party for me. Ooohh, and if he

found me he would be oh-so-more than just angry, he would force me to marry Prince

William, and he would lock me up in my room for the rest of my God-given life! Besides,

where would we even go, did you think of that?”

“We would live in the woods, I shall build a house for us out of the trees’ lumber and hunt

and gather for our food. Jacey, we would be where the only beings who knew of our

presence were the woodland creatures.”

“Well, that does sound exquisite, but when should we go?” Jacey questioned Robby.

“Tonight, when a better time, no one’s here to stop you?” Robby replied.

“Mmmm but that can’t be, father is a bit suspicious of my relations with you; he would

know it was you and call your father. Then, there would be two teams searching, we would

surely be found.”

     Robby pondered this for quite some time, and when he thought of an answer he

caressed Jacey and explained his plan, “I will not show up on castle grounds for two days

from tomorrow, that should be enough time to calm your dad down. Now, when the two

nights and days have finished, I shall return. By this time I want to see you ready to run off

into the night and never look back.”

     Jacey thought this was a wonderful plan and decided to go along with it. Love can

make people do crazy things. For the remainder of the night Jacey and Robby lied on the

courtyard grass in peace dreading the return of day.

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