Let's RP #•ShadownightFamily•

Rogue Legacy's over. RP here so I can use some of your ideas :D and so I know where to find them. Anyone is allowed to RP, in family or not - just know that I may or may not use your character, and there's no guarentee that your character will be a fearless hero or a hero at all for that matter.


5. Proposition #1 - The Dread

 The Dread are a vampiric cult based in parts of Romania. Though they pass themselves off as human, they are indeed a different race altogether. True-blooded Dread are born with a thirst for blood and/or hunger for human flesh, but as they grow older the Dread train their young to dampen the temptation and normal human foods - like animal flesh - satisfy them to an extent also. Unlike classical vampires, however, they are not undead and can withstand the light of the sun - though high temperatures cause dehydration very quickly and they are subject to other vampire removing methods - distaste for garlic, crufixes, holy water, running water and stakes. They also have a true form which emerges when they are under great stress or anxiety (though it cannot be summoned at will) which gives a Dread the ability to see things according to temperature (heat-vision), increased speed and agility, and impervious skin.

 Very little of Dread culture is practised, though the institution of marriage is irrelevant to them. But once a Dread becomes infatuated with another person, they become bound to them. In other words, they don't tend to be promiscuous. However, mates are not limited to one in Dread culture.
 The current Dread Lord is known to have three mates.
 Very few true-blooded Dread remain. They have been subjected to hunting by skilled fighters due to their seemingly-cannibalistic tendencies. Thus, mating with a human is disliked and considered unseemly.

 Dread have the ability to infect humans with Dread-like abilities - through various bodily fluids like saliva, blood and others. A simple bite is not enough. The human who becomes infected is often not welcomed into a Dread community - they see humans as lesser beings and Infected are considered an abomination. Infected are more likely to become something like servants to the average Dread that chose to infect them. Though disliked, inter-racial mating as become widespread due to the diminishing populace of Dread. However, a female Infected cannot conceive, while a male Infected is capable of impregnating a female Dread - and so those born of Infected fathers and Dread mothers are accepted as true Dread.

 Dread have had a long time feud with humanity, but have lost the motive to fight with them. They have had some argument with the Semi, specifically the Romulite, but would gladly ally with them if a human was tossed into the fray.



Many of you approve of vampires (though, personally, werewolves for the win), so I thought I might as well make them a proper thing.


The Dread:

Aye or Nay?

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