Let's RP #•ShadownightFamily•

Rogue Legacy's over. RP here so I can use some of your ideas :D and so I know where to find them. Anyone is allowed to RP, in family or not - just know that I may or may not use your character, and there's no guarentee that your character will be a fearless hero or a hero at all for that matter.


1. Hello! :D

It got 9 likes, 1000+ views and 660 comments the last time I check.

The Rogue Legacy

It got an awesome reception and I laughed at a lot of RP that went down in the comments section.




But it's over now (and I know there's been so many complaints about the cliff-hanger ending and I'm aware that it's a literary sin - but come on: You guys should have totally seen it coming xD. In the last story, I ended it with Kenny falling into a coma!)

 Now's the time to ROLE-PLAY (squee! ^.^) and fill in some blanks. Just like with the others, there will be a sizeable time-gap between the Rogue and Romulite Legacies. And I know some of you RP anyway, but I can hardly ever find appropriate ones and I don't want to check through every random forum post to see what you guys are doing xD and then comment and doom myself to a tortured inbox.

 So I thought “Hey, why not just make a movella where everyone can RP as much as they like and I can find all of it?”



 Like I've mentioned in the blurb/story-description: I really don't mind if anyone else wants in on the RP. You would have to acquaint yourselves with the story though as well as the members of our family - both real and fictional - that actively participate in the story (and fan them too. They're all awesome :D).

•There is no guarantee that I will use you as a character.
•And if I do, there's no guarantee that you will be a fearsome warrior or memorable hero. By RPing here, you're giving me the freedom to forge your persona into any character I see fit - be it hero, villain, side-kick or random bystander.



 The Rogue Family:

•Midnight (Shadownight-)Rogue
•Captain Thomas Rogue [recently deceased]
•Saffron Desdemona Shadownight
   •Theodore Lautner [her husband]
   •Veradis Rebecca Shadownight [her daughter]
•Ginny Shadownight
•Katherine "Cat" Shadownight
•Victoria "Tori" Rogue
•Simon "Aldrin" Rogue (also "King Simon the Unaccounted" - in-joke)
   •Amethyst Rogue [his daughter]
•Topaz Rogue
   •Alex Angel [her husband]
   •Edward Angel [her son]
   •Rose Angel [her daughter]
•Eomer "Clay" Shadownight-Rogue [born recently]

 The Shadownight Family:

•Georgia Shadownight
•Asa Shadownight
•Annabeth Shadownight
•Zoe Midnight Shadownight
•Queenie Shadownight
•Brynna Shadownight
   •Travis Stoll [her husband]
•Evelyn Shadownight
•Rebecca "Bex" Shadownight
   •Damon Salvatore [her husband-equivalent]
•Kennedy Shadownight

•Khadir Al-Assadi [Mercenary, Midnight's second-in-command at Fort Normandy]
•Myra Castelle [Mercenary, head of Fort Navarre]
•Liam O'Connor [Mercenary, originally head of Fort Bengal before retirement]
•Captain Patrick Reilly [Pirate]
•Captain Estaban Vasquez [Pirate, ex-Son of the Sword]
•Captain Black Cæsar [Pirate, Romulite]
•Kenobi [Son of the Sword, Annabeth Shadownight's father]
•Miguel Cortés [Conquistador, Son of the Sword]
•Cecil son of Romulus [Romulite, Aldrin and Tori Rogue's father]
•Marie la Fleur [Aldrin and Tori Rogue's mother, deceased]



 The Chess Pieces:

 A cynical group of nihilists that do everything they can to cause political unrest and chaotic strife.
 Suspected to be responsible for unrest in Spanish Navarre, before mercenaries from Normandy intervened and seperated it as a Mercenary State.

 Attempted or Successful membership:
   •Queenie Shadownight

 The Sons of the Sword:

 An extreme Christian organisation based on Temple Mount, Jerusalem. They're relic hunters, as far as anyone can tell - looking for and working with long lost, powerful artefacts like Excalibur and the Holy Grail. What they intend to do with these relics is unknown, though they claim they're hiding them from the world.
 They offer sacrifices to a spirit named Baphomet, who grants each member resistance from sickness and death by the hands of man.
 Responsible for the destruction of Shangri-La.

 Attempted or Successful membership:
   •Captain Estaban Vasquez
   •Miguel Cortés
   •Annabeth Shadownight
   •Rebecca "Bex" Shadownight

 The Sons of Romulus (also - Romulites, Semis, Chironites, Panites, etc.):

 The name given to a group of tribes of a anthro-human races.
 Romulites or Sons of Romulus - man and wolf.
 Chironites or Sons of Chiron - man and horse.
 Panites or Sons of Pan - man and goat. The correct term the prefer to be addressed by as a collective race is Semi, but the Romulites are far more prominent and active, so the name stuck. Some are accepting of human aid, but most resent humans as a whole due to years of oppression by human handiwork.
 They are most likely guardians of ancient relics and places as they have been said to be at constant conflict with the Sons of the Sword. They are also the only beings capable of killing a Son of the Sword permanently in combat.

 Attempted or Successful membership:
   •Cecil son of Romulus
   •Captain Black Cæsar
   •[Possibly] Aldrin Rogue

 They operate throughout most of the world and sell to any buyer that will pay the right price. Most of them sell during summer in Italy, which holds a large Gladiatorial tournament every year.

 Attempted or Successful kidnapping:
   •Kennedy Shadownight

 There are currently four Mercenary states that have been mentioned - Bengal, Normandy, Navarre, and Poland. The first three work independently as simply an aid in war. Poland, however, is speculated to be set up and used by the Chess Pieces.

 Attempted or Successful membership:
   •Midnight (Shadownight-)Rogue
   •Queenie Shadownight
   •Asa Shadownight
   •Kennedy Shadownight
   •Khadir Al Assadi
   •Myra Castelle
   •Liam O'Connor

 Pirates or Brethren of the Coast:
 They usually operate in the Caribbean - islands such as Salt Tortuga and Nassau being pirate republics. Though there is clear competition and, in a manner of speaking, hatred between them - mercenaries and pirates often work together when they find a common enemy. Though, they hardly trust each other.

 Attempted or Successful membership:
   •Captain Thomas Rogue
   •Captain Patrick Reilly
   •Captain Estaban Vasquez
   •Captain Black Cæsar



 And that's it, as far as I'm concerned xD I'd write up a summary of the Rogue Legacy, but I am so tired and I have a huge headache. I'll post relevant questions or images when I feel like bothering you guys and you can speculate on it.
 Feel free to role-play relevance, irrelevance, ship characters that belong together, ship characters that would never belong together, re-enact past scenarios as you'd want them to play out, and so on.

 This should keep you satisfied for now.

 Happy RPing. :D.



 P.S.: If any of you have images, sketches, ideas that you want to throw in, then mention it or link it to me so I can add it to the Movella.

 P.P.S.: I hadn't considered how deep Legacy lore has become xD I'm proud of myself.

 P.P.P.S.: If you guys have nothing else to read and were really hoping for more from the Rogue Legacy, check out my other stories 'Maverick' or 'Rogues and Renegades'. I based Midnight's character on Mariqah de Saint-Omer's, so.

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