Let's RP #•ShadownightFamily•

Rogue Legacy's over. RP here so I can use some of your ideas :D and so I know where to find them. Anyone is allowed to RP, in family or not - just know that I may or may not use your character, and there's no guarentee that your character will be a fearless hero or a hero at all for that matter.


6. -- Anniversary Announcement --

A whole damn year, phew! Right? And all of you (except maybe Queenie) still find me bearable? That, my friends, is an achievement. Okay, so I'm not entirely sure as to how to start. I kind of wanted to finish all my hand-sketches of all you guys by our first anniversary, but that is - and I firmly believe this - impossible. Especially now, unless I build a time-machine in the near-future, which is probably as improbable. But leaving the hand-sketches aside, there was an idea going around about instagram or something - but I can't afford to have any more social networks on my conscience, I'm afraid. I have very little time and too many responsibilities for that new-fangled, modern nonsense; and I have absolutely no intent in watching people post images of their food all day. So, I thought I'd just go ahead and do my own thing - as per use.

Erm, so yeah. It's been a year. When I first joined the Shadownights, I'll be honest, I didn't really know what I was getting into. @[Zoe Shadownight] invited me and I'm not completely sure why, since I hadn't really been acquainted with her. And at this point in time, I was extremely against the idea of friend-making on Movellas - because of certain SLANDERS and RUMOURS and INCIDENTS that SOME PEOPLE thought would be NICE to commit to (it's none of you family guys, fyi) - so I was in kind of a double-mind. Eventually, I sort of just thought 'Ah, to hell with it! Why not?' and I signed up. Back then I think there was only ten of us, and I didn't know any of you guys. I mean, some of you knew each other (like Des and Zoe), but I was just a complete stranger. And I'm not the most... 'normal' stranger either xD. Do any of you guys remember the dinosaur we used to have in the house? XD. Back then, Georgia was online more, so was Kenny and those guys have just vanished, kinda.
And also, for those outsiders that are reading this, we had no male users, so we had to make them up.

The making-up part, though, I got completely carried away with.

We made a family crest, a fictional family tree, a whole fictional history which - I have no shame in saying - is all pretty badass and, of course, nobody - no single person and no collective Movellas family - can thwart our RPing skills.
We have a freaking gladiator, guys. A freaking gladiator. And a Dread, a few Romulites and Mercenaries and Pirates and Nihilists and guardians of lost cities (and normal people, sure).
Actually, we have two whole stories which I guess I wrote on my own, but was inspired by every wonderful person in our family. You guys deserve as much praise as you continually give me on those stories.

But I guess some more personalised messages are in call.

Thank you for being my favourite niece (yes, other nieces. Be jealous) even though YOU KEEP RUNNING THE FRICK AWAY, but I guess that's all self-explanatory since I do have a talent for making people run. I am not at all happy with your life choices, I am not happy with the fact that you don't care that I am not happy with your life choices, and I think your shoes are far too tall and unfit for combat. All that aside, I think you and Kenny were one of the first members of the family that I properly bonded with. Thank you for putting your trust in me, listening to me rant in swearing rhymes about the aforementioned SOME PEOPLE and for just being a generally good friend.
Love you, sweetpea x

When we first met you weren't part of the family. Huh, our conversations were so innocent then. Remember? About history and religion and fairly basic school subjects. Of late... things have been weirder. I don't know if you want to share it with the rest of the world, but between Michael Mando's sweet arse and dracophilia, I think we can both agree that I am not normal. But online family or not, I'm glad that we're friends. And long lost siblings (seriously, though, that one's not a joke. I have the shmevidence). And imaginary monarchs of England (I WILL NOT TAKE THAT FREAKING THRONE, SIMON. IT IS YOURS. ALL FREAKING YOURS). And, technically speaking in terms of the family, mother and son.
Yes, we have a very weird relationship. Judge us how you want, Other People of Normality and Reason, I really couldn't give a monkey's arse.
But, to move on, I think you're one of my closest associates on the site. I mean, I don't know about anybody else, but my inbox will be 10% other people's comments and 90% the crap we go on and on about. 'Nuff said, dude xD
Love you, sugarcube x

You were with the family from the beginning, but I don't think we actually started talking until sometime this year. Btw, I think your reformed psychotic boyfriend is acceptable, miles and miles and lightyears more acceptable than Ted. As far as I'm concerned, you've always been good to me and loyal to the family - but we've never really been exceptionally close. I hope that can change soon :D I think your really awesome and I'm flattered that your comments almost constantly littered my inbox when it came to the Rogue Legacy (and, I can have it confirmed, I don't flatter easily).
Love you, sugarsnap x

You're not real. Everybody and their mom knows it. But I miss you. You're like the nice, fun part of my mind that never really comes out in person, and without you all that's left is this demonic thing called Midnight that continuously amazes or pisses everyone off. Sometimes both, and you knew that well. I mean, you were nice and funny and everybody as far as I know loved you. And I guess you were ALWAYS wrong and you said some hella weird phrases, but you were something really special and I really hate that I had to kill you off. I really couldn't care less right now that you were a pirate, you were more than that.
You were a loving father, a caring uncle and the best imaginary husband any person could ask for. Thank you for sharing a part in our story.
Love you, Thomas x
P.S.: Yes. I had to.

I am so, so sorry for how the story went. In the beginning I had no intention for making your father the villain, honest to God I didn't, and even though you didn't say so - I really felt like you didn't like how it went and I am truly sorry about it. I didn't mean for Mr Kenobi to turn out the way he did - I just sort of needed a villain in the story and I had to choose between Queenie and Mr Kenobi because they had the were the larger suspects and since Mr Kenobi doesn't really exist I thought... You know? But anyway, you have my apologies. Really sorry, really.
You've always kind of been one of the quieter members of our family and we don't really chat much. I know you love Star Wars and I do too, but I really REALLY need to watch them over. They're not in my head as much as Assassins Creed or Lord of the Rings or, at the moment, Skyrim is. If I was more into Star Wars as I used to be, we'd probably have a lot more to talk about. Or argue about, depending - I'm a total Empire-girl xD
Darth Vader ftw.
Love you, Annie x

Tori and Topic/Topaz:
I do not know you guys well. Seriously. I do not know you guys well. I know you've been cast as my daughters, but I feel like I've spent so much more time WITH YOUR INSUFFERABLE FREAKING COUSINS. But then again, I guess you guys joined up later. I haven't really RPed or conversed with you guys like I have with almost everyone up there, and I hope we can integrate some more. You know like mother-daughter time, ish, except I'm not a typical mom (fact). I'm awesome. We'll have a great time, hunting stuff and killing things.
Just great.
Love you, Tori and Toppy x

Pretty Much Everyone Else:
Good Lord, we haven't spoken in forever. Georgia, Zoe, Des, Kenny, and all you other new people - honestly I've listed seven people up there and one of them isn't even real! There are over twenty users in this family and I'd have expected that more than eight of them would be participating! I AM AN EXTREMELY LOVEABLE PERSON, weird as a cactus wearing a sombrero and riding a unicycle BUT LOVEABLE ALL THE SAME. Please don't ignore me, especially at such a troubling time (Ten days... I have ten days before I fall into the third decade of my freaking life.... O_O the Horror).
Love you, Pretty Much Everyone Else x

Seriously. Come home.
Love you, Clay x

I think I've made my point xD
To sum up -
A) I love you guys,
B) you guys are awesome,
C) the expansion and the development that this family has gone through is remarkable,
D) some of us are probably certifiable,
E) and its been a great year getting to know you guys and I hope that the vice versa is likewise.

Your aunt/sister/mother and weird friend,
Midnight Rogue x

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