The poor old dog

A young girl about 9/10 years old goes out to the shop and comes across a poor old dog that is has no where to live. Should she take him home or leave him but the problem is that she is elegiac to dogs so what she'll she do ?


2. Ella spots the poor dog

As Ella was on her way to the shop she said 'good morning sir '( Mrs ). She was just skipping along the road but she decided to take a short cut and go down the dirty ally. Suddenly she came across a poor old dog who had no where to live. "Oh no I can't get you to a vet because I am elegiac to dogs . Maybe I could go and get someone to take you to the vets."said Ella with a tear in here eye."HELP!!!! THERE IS A POOR DOG IN THE ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed Ella with a sigh of hope.

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