Twas The 12 Days Before Christmas

It's about a christmas trip home that goes wrong.. Or does it? When Chelsea's mom invites Chelsea's past crush, Justin, will things heat up?


13. Eve Dinner


I opened the door and to my surprise it was gorgeous man, that I felt like I knew but couldn't place him.

"Justin", he said shaking my hand.

"Come in", I said racking my brain to remember him.

All of a sudden it hit me, my high school crush. OMG what was he doing here. 

"Oh Justin you made it, good", I hear my mother say from behind me. I sat down at the 

table and Justin followed, sitting next to me. I saw my mom go into the living room and she came back with a book, OH NO, the photo album. "Mom, no", I said as she brought it over to Justin and I. "Chelsea Anne Ruthers, be polite, I am your mother", she said placing the book in front of us and opening to the first page. As I looked down at the book I blushed, it was filled with pictures and clippings of anything with Justin and I. The first picture I saw was one of our many on stage kisses, with little lip stickers all around the picture. I looked over at Justin and he was blushing too, probably thinking my mother was crazy. 


As I looked at all the photo's all the memories came flooding back along with all the feelings I had for Chels, that's my nickname for her. I remember every single one of our on stage kisses and they were the best, no other kisses could compare. I'm sure by this time my face is as red as a tomato. Chels looked at me and I could feel my face get hotter if that's even possible. We put the book down and ate the feast Mrs. Ruthers prepared. After we were finished Chelsea asked her mother if we could be excused. She stood up grabbing the book and looked at me expecting me to follow her. I stood and cleared my throat thanking Mrs. Ruthers for inviting me.

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