Daisy Chains

❝ we're just fumbling through the grey, trying to find a heart that's not walking away. ❞

[ a collection of drabbles, musings and poetry ]


24. take flight

kisses blossom on my lips,

longing to bloom on the mouth of another

compliments dance in my throat,

yearning to fall into the ears of another

memories spin around my mind,

waiting to be shared with another


there's so much love trapped inside of me

that i just want to unlock this cage and release it

letting this love take flight into the arms of a boy 

who will take my heart and give me his in return


but maybe i should spend less time trying to give that love to someone else

and more time trying to give that love to myself


( a / n - i didn't know what to call this one. does it even make sense? )

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