Daisy Chains

❝ we're just fumbling through the grey, trying to find a heart that's not walking away. ❞

[ a collection of drabbles, musings and poetry ]


6. storm

{ a/n - whoever said there was such thing as 'too many metaphors'........ }


the sky is heavy with rainclouds and shades of grey and i feel reckless in my tangled sheets with my window open to the thundering heavens above, feeling as if it's only me in the entire world; the only one awake to experience the thunder roaring through the sky like the sound of thousands of shards of broken hearts falling apart again. the only one awake to witness the blinding, fleeting flashes of lightning, like stealing a glance at something you know you can't have but still want. the only one to see the once endless blue sky morph into a swirling greyscale of swollen clouds and raindrops which resemble tears - not the quiet kind, but the type that are accompanied only by aching sadness and rack your body with rack your body withuncontrollable sobs.

but the chaos outside my window isn't the only storm tonight. the thunder echoes in my chest in replacement of my heartbeat and the lightning flashes through my veins and the clouds turn every corner of my mind into its very own storm, darker than the night outside and intent on destroying itself rather than the sky.

and i watch, through eyes narrowed with something beyond exhaustion and thunder growling in my chest, as a bolt of lightning streaks through the sky and illuminates an ashen cloud into a ghostly silver stain against the charcoal backdrop of the sky. it feels almost extraterrestrial, and certainly numinous. but it's as fleeting, as unpredictable, as heart-wrenchingly beautiful as the oceans between your fingers, the storms brewing beneath your skin, the waves in your hair, the hurricanes behind your eyes and the tornadoes in your laughter lines. this moment is etched into the lining of my heart, just like you always will be.

that's when i realised i loved you. three am, a storm spilling its way through my open window into the vacancy behind my ribcage where my heart used to be before you stole it.

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