Daisy Chains

❝ we're just fumbling through the grey, trying to find a heart that's not walking away. ❞

[ a collection of drabbles, musings and poetry ]


1. soul mates

{ A / N - I have so many ideas and characters that I cannot fathom into a story, so instead I'm writing this. A collection of drabbles, musings and poetry. Vote, comment and enjoy. }

© all rights reserved © please do not try and steal this story


         The night is fresh, the breeze kissing my cheeks and the cold pulling me into its icy embrace. I shudder, pulling my jacket around me tighter.

        A single ice cold crystal falls before my eyes, like snow in early December, and hits the floor with a splash, breaking into a million different shards. It is soon followed by thousands more beads of rain, each cutting my skin and leaving a numb feeling in its place until I can barely tell the difference between them and me.

      You lean towards me; resting your head on the crook of my neck and letting my warmth envelope you. We stride forward in unison, our heads bent against the rain, searching for something we would never find.

       I wonder if your sheets are grateful for touching your body, I wonder if in the mornings your mirror always smiles to see you, I wonder if the heat of your body could make a star jealous.

        I steal a glance at you; the dappled light casts shadows against your face and the sparkling shards of azure in your eyes glint in the moonlight.

          I trust you like cats trust their balance. The night smells like the tree are laughing, so I ask you the question I’ve been dying to discover the answer to.

         “Do you believe in soul mates?”

          You shrug a little and lift your shoulders before tilting your chin to look at the sky. You hold your breath before speaking, like you always do, as if you are kissing each word before they leave your lips.

        “What I believe,” you say slowly, mulling over your words. “Is that there are some people with the potential to save you out there in the world, waiting to meet you.”

        I wait for your eyes to turn to me, but they stay on the clouds above. I wonder if you’re still waiting for that guy to come around and save you.

           I’ve stopped looking.

           You’re the only one I’ve found.

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