Daisy Chains

❝ we're just fumbling through the grey, trying to find a heart that's not walking away. ❞

[ a collection of drabbles, musings and poetry ]


19. exposition

i promised myself 

i wouldn't let me fall in love

with your twisted smile

and your cold touch


but my heart collides with my rib cage every time you're near

and your touch sets my skin on fire

i've transformed formed into a raging inferno of misplaced hope

that only your love can extinguish 


we both know i deserve better

but i guess my heart couldn't reach that conclusion 

because how else can you explain my inability to escape from your embrace?

other than the simple exposition that i am in love


who knew you'd ever be this important to me?

who knew you would never escape my mind?

who knew that i could want you this much? 


when they ask if i'm in love

your stupid smile crawls into my mind

reflects itself on my lips

and pushes out a lie



i am not in love with you


{ a / n - i wrote like four different variations of these and i couldn't choose which one to post....i'll probably end up posting them all eventually lol. also they're all very rough. also i'm just rambling. bye }




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