Daisy Chains

❝ we're just fumbling through the grey, trying to find a heart that's not walking away. ❞

[ a collection of drabbles, musings and poetry ]


15. chaos

the sky is heavy with rainclouds and shades of grey and my heart is heavy with misplaced hoped and 'could've beens'. the thunder echoes in my chest in replacement of my heartbeat and the lightning flashes through my veins and the clouds turn every corner of my mind into its very own storm, darker than the night outside and intent on destroying itself rather than the sky.


the greyscale of swollen clouds had loomed above my head, about to spill its contents upon me. i'd stood with an icy smile as heartbreak and 'it's over' and unrequited love rained upon me.


the calm in the storm had echoed through my chest like an infinite winters solstice as i awaited the next downfall of the sky, of us, of me.


the thunder had pounded in my ears like a funeral drum as the storm ensued again; his hands cutting my skin like hail stones and his words whispered louder than the sky's booming cry.


but the chaos happens after the storm.


the destruction and debris and death it leaves behind is what really kills me: floods of 'what ifs' and shattered 'i love you toos' and shards of empty hearts of all the other ones. this is a hurricane full of lost hearts - yours and mine stick together like the clouds are glued to the sky, but there's always someone else who gets in the way.

(a/n - parts of this are similar to another poem i wrote in this collection soz)

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