The Ending

This story is about you, you're name is Reminiscence, you're a young woman- nineteen, the middle child of five children. Your life begins at the expense of your Mother's life.


2. Make the call

Someone was calling you.

You look up from your desk and scan the room for someone, when you see no one you continue to doodle the drawing of a young girl, she looked just like you but she wasn't you. She was the girl you wanted to be. 

There it is again.

You pause, the air in the room changes when you don't turn around, this time you glance outside where a grave marked the ground. It was raining, you hadn't realized it was raining. For some reason you felt something draw you towards the window but you resist, you back away from the window out the room and continue down the hallway. It was longer than you remembered. 

Behind you could hear the voice calling for you again. You ignore it. 

You quicken your speed towards your bedroom when it suddenly becomes silent and as you open the door you find your Mother there waiting. Cold and grey and dead but somehow animated.

She grabs you by your upper arms and gazes into you soul.

Someone was calling you.

You wake up with a jolt and as you gaze at your plain white ceiling with wide eyes frozen. You forget to breathe and nearly suffocate. You inhale, exhale before turning to glance at the time that would be on your dresser... only it wasn't there.

You sit up just in time to see Sir Bartholomew smack your phone out of the bedroom. After hearing it collide with the wall you chase after the kitten out of the fear he might actually break it. You arrive in the living room just in time to see Sir Bartholomew smacking it around angrily with his paws. You laugh softly to yourself. It looked like he was playing hockey. When your phone smacks into the side of the wall you suddenly remember the task at hand and save it just as Sir Bartholomew lunged. His claws dug into your hand and you wince. 

Sir Bartholomew drops to the floor giving you an apologetic look. He was so cute you forgave him until you saw the blood leaking from the cuts. Your eyes widen and before it could drip you retreat back into the hall and lock yourself in the bathroom. Sir Bartholomew paws on the other side and swipes his paw underneath.

"Meu?!" It called, concerned. 

You put down your phone to rinse your injured hand. 

Someone was calling you.

You freeze on the spot. Suddenly the corpse from your nightmare came to mind and you back away from the sink eyeing your phone as if it was some kind of ticking time bomb. You near it only after it stops. After seeing who had called you furrow your brows before calling them back.

"About time!" Your younger brother exclaims on the other end.

"Do you know just how many times I called you?!"

You check your call history and suddenly feel sorry for Sir Bartholomew for being much more sensitive to sound. He probably didn't get any sleep at all.

"Why would you call me so early?!"

A pause.

"Are you mad?" 

"What do you want Casshern?"

Another pause, you were getting slightly irritated.

"I was going to ask yesterday but you were in such a hurry to leave you know?" He began and you plopped down onto the toilet, trying to be patient with him.

"I was hoping you'd come over today."

"Come over where?"

"Don't tell me you don't know where I live?"

Your left eye brow twitches. You didn't know where any of your siblings were currently living, you didn't have that type of relationship anymore and the fact that he expected you to know this made you want to break something.

"No. I don't know. Why don't you ask someone who does?!" You try to be calm but your voice comes off as cold and sharp. You were going to hang up and Casshern knew this.

"Wait! Wait! Don't hang up please!"

"Then make it quick. I have work." You exhale.

"Then text me your work address, I'll pick you up at lunch." he says.

You freeze, this moment brings you back in time to when you got your first part-time job at a local fast food restaurant. Casshern had just entered high school back then and since you both went to the same schools you'd eat at your workplace for lunch. Your brother was devilishly handsome, not as sharp as he is now but enough to get the attention of the young college freshmen who worked there. Two months later you remember your co-workers getting into a fist fight after discovering they were all dating the same guy. It seemed as if you were the only girl who wasn't involved and to make it worse it was in front of the customers! 

You hold your head.


"Hello?...Hello Rem?!" Casshern's voice cuts into your thoughts. He sounded restless.

You sigh miserably.

"Look, why don't you just text me your  address? I'll walk."




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