The Ending

This story is about you, you're name is Reminiscence, you're a young woman- nineteen, the middle child of five children. Your life begins at the expense of your Mother's life.


3. Check the address

This was it?

You stare at the door in front of you and glance at your phone one more time to confirm. The address he texted you led you to a condo uptown, for some reason you felt slightly jealous when you remember your brother makes more money than you do. Even though you knew that he was good at what he does, that he worked hard to get where he is now you can't help but feel that he doesn't deserve it. Perhaps these bitter thoughts begin to invade your mind because he hasn't answered the door yet? If this is the place where he lives why hasn't he answered the door yet? You text him telling him to hurry up and come on out. You shift the bags in your hand, uncomfortable and tired of standing. How long has it been an hour? Two hours? 

You were tempted to kick the door as hard as you could, leave the bags in front and leave but something told you wait. Sure enough, the door opened only it wasn't your brother.

A young boy with wispy cotton candy pink hair, tanned skin and a skull head lip ring gives you a blank stare. You blink at him.

"Um...Is Casshern here?" 

The boy leaves the door and calls into the hall.

"Hey Cass, there's a lady here asking for yah, you know her?" 

A familiar voice calls back.

"Send her back, tell her I'm not home." 


You storm into the hall, whooshing past the boy before he could close the door in your face. 

It was a big apartment but you knew where you were going. Remembering the sound of the voice you storm into a kitchen where Casshern sat at a table, legs on top as he tilted himself back and texted. You slam the bags down on the table and he jumps. 

"Jesus! Make some noise will yah?!" he nearly falls backwards in his seat. The boy from before appears from behind.

"Hey lady, what do you think you're doing barging into someone's house like this-

"It's fine. She's my sister." Casshern quickly reassures the boy who steps back a bit.

"You were the here the whole time..." You start to say. Your blood was boiling.

Sensing your anger, Casshern widens his mint green eyes at you. 

"What. Were you waiting long?"

"Was I waiting long?" You echo, your arms were trembling with rage. 

You slam your hands on the table, startling the boy who backs farther away.

"Look here! I am not one of your little puppets you like to toy with, I am your sister and I will be given respect!" 

You want to say this but instead you exhale. 

Casshern tilts up in his chair to study you, curious.

"Oh, oh are you mad? This is the first time I've ever seen you-

You give him a glare that makes him stop for a moment.

"What is it? What's wrong?" He tries you but you just glare. This brat was in here the whole time yet he didn't come to the answer the door?! You waited for two hours. Two hours. You wanted to slap him, sock him in the jaw or maybe kick him repeatedly in the stomach. 

You remove your hands from off the table. You're too dumb! Far too dumb, why in the world did you even hearken his request? Nothing good ever comes from trying to be nice to them. You poor dumb thing!

"I had forgotten how inconsiderate you could be." You say sadly through a half chuckle. A mixture of self-loathing, self-pity along with frustration towards you brother consumed you.

Casshern studies you. You gesture towards the table. 

"That's what you wanted right?" 

"Right." He nods. 

You leave the kitchen only to come walking right back.


You wanted to scream it yet your lips were pursed. Sealed. Nothing came out so you turn around back around and make for the door.

"You're not leaving are you?" The boy calls after you and when you turn he regards you warily as if sensing your inner outrage. 

"Casshern told me someone was going to come cook."

"Oho?" A weird laugh escapes your lips. So you were some kind of manservant now? You whirl around to give Casshern a weird smile.

"That's news to me. Perhaps there is some other person waiting out there right now and you haven't checked the door yet?" 

Casshern smiles.

Your smile twitches. Did he find this funny?

"I was going to ask you once you arrived." he explains, slowly rising from his seat he makes his way over to you.

"You were?" you make a patient face. 

"I would but you don't seem to be up to it at the moment." 

The closer he got the more you could envision smacking him. When he stops advancing you meet his eyes. You hold out your hand. He stares at it.


"Your Phone."


"Give me your phone."

He gives it to you reluctant at first, all your texts and calls were received. Something overtakes you and before you know it you're squeezing it very tightly. 

"What's this?" 

You show him the screen and he blinks.

"I thought it'd only be fair you had me wait that long this morning." A puckish grin stretches across his face, seeing it brought back so many memories you couldn't help but slap it off. The slap echoed throughout the room. 

You jab him with your finger as you speak.

"First of all you can't call that fair because we never made an appointment for you to expect a certain time to contact me beforehand, secondly, do you think I have nothing better to do than wait around to serve you I have a life too you know, thirdly, grow the hell up, you're too old to be playing games like this!"

Casshern watches you as he rubs his cheek. His shock expression smoothes over into something of suppressed hilarity.

"I had forgotten how much you're like her." he laughs. You pause.

"You really are just like Mom." 

His words came as a huge blow to you. You take two steps back. You, you were just like her? That woman? That... that, that, that.... thing? You could feel the woman's clutches on your upper arms staring into your soul sucking the very life out of you. Sucking all the hate and anger you felt at the moment and replacing it with a very deep calm.

"Really?" Is all you could say. 

Casshern unpacks the groceries one by one and his younger companion steps in to help.

You turn to go again when he asks how much the groceries came up to.

In the back of your mind you want to lie and ask for a lot more as compensation for wasting your time but you just sigh.

"Receipt's in the bag." 


You wait without turning to see what he was up to. You hear footsteps, Casshern steps up to pay you back but as you reach out for it he flicks his wrist then hands it back but when you reach for it again he holds it up high above your head. He had grown taller than you even though he was younger which annoyed you.

"If you cook us something I'll pay double." 

He grins elfishly clearly not having learned his lesson from the previous slap before. Come to think of it he was always getting slapped around by his sisters- probably by other women too given his terrible personality so he must be used to it. You wouldn't have expected it but part of you feels slightly sympathetic and guilty for letting your anger get the better of you. You sigh. 

"You don't have to pay me."

Casshern raises his eyebrows at you as you trudge to the unpacked ingredients.

You had an idea he would ask you to come over and cook for him anyway. It was something you always used to do for him as a kid when everyone else in the house became too busy to pay him any mind. This would be your way of apologizing.

"Gratin right?" you ask. 

"Mmm." Casshern says your back is turned to him so you can't see his face. You glance at his pink haired companion and open your mouth to ask who he was only to close your mouth. 

"He's my intern, Raphael, Ralph meet my sister Reminisce, you can just call her Remi."  

You acknowledge each other with searching stares. 

"Pay close attention Ralph, from now on this is what you'll be expected to cook." His voice sounds a bit far off, he was probably heading to another room. He really doesn't change.

You busy yourself with making Gratin not forgetting to give minor tasks like turning on the oven and helping you peel potatoes. Once the Gratin is done Ralph goes to  summon Casshern but you stop him. 

"Here." You hand him your number. "If you need to contact me on how to make it..."

The boy stares at the number. "I can find the recipe on the internet." 

You smile politely.

"You can find many recipes, but you can't find my recipe...if Cass just wanted Gratin he would have made it himself. He can cook for himself you know...."

"Ah..." Understanding Ralph furrows his brows. 

"Well then." You head for the door. "I'll take my leave." 

"You're not eating with us?"

You shake your head.

"I need to feed my cat."




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