Take me with you (harry styles love story)

Bethany has grown up with harry her whole life. Her brother braden and harry have been friends since they where five and she was four. Shes had a crush on him since they were kids and thinks he may have one on her to but doesnt want to push it. Harrys leaving for tour again in a week and he and braden go out to a party. After a tragic accident takes her brothers life she falls apart. Harry being her only true friend and having to leave her side when she needs him the most. With her father dead her brother now dead and her mom gone all the time she has no one left. Harry offers her to come along with him on tour. She quickly agrees. With harry along with zahn niall louis and liam she finds out what having true friends means and feels like she finally has a family while falling in love along the way.


6. Chapter 6


I woke up screaming looking around my room. I look at my clock to see its only five in the morning me and mom didn't get to sleep until three in the morning we had to identify my brothers body and talk to police.

 My door slams open breaking me front my thoughts. Mom races over to my bed wrapping her arms around me. I just kept crying clutching on to her.

 "Sweetie please tell me how to help you what's gonna make you feel better". My mom says desperately trying to calm me down. The only person I can think of to make me feel better is harry. He always nows how to make things better.

 "I want harry". I scream out between a sob.

 My mom runs out to get her phone. She holds me until the doorbell ring. As soon as she opens the door I hear someone running up the stairs. I look up just as harry gets to my bedroom door.

 "Harry"   I scream as I jump into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist.

 "It's okay baby everything's gonna be okay". Harry says rubbing my back.

 He turns with me in his arms and nods to my mom who walks back to her room. He shuts my door and sits me on the bed laying himself on top of me.

 "I'm sorry". I say pressing my forehead to his.

 "It's okay". He whispers.

   "No it's not I told you that I hate you it's not true I love you". I say placing my hands on his cheeks.

 "I know that you didn't mean it I love you too". He says smiling.

 "Your my best friend". I say as another tear slips  down my cheek.

 Harry reaches forward kisses away the tear. I smile at him as I look into his eyes. I have to let him leave tommorow night and I won't see him for a year while he's on your. There's something I've always wanted to do and while he's gone I need something to hold onto.

 "Harry can you do something for me". I ask nervous.

 "Yes love anything". He says sitting up. I take him by suprise as I jump into his lap my knees on his hips.

 "Let me kiss you". I whisper pressing my lips to his.

 He moans kissing me back. He turns us over so I'm laying on my bed deepening the kiss. I moan pulling him closer if that's possible. I have waited all my life to kiss harry and know I am and it's the best thing in the world. We both pull away trying to catch our breath.

 "Yes I can do that for you as much as you want so long as you let me kiss you too". He whispers making me laugh.

 He presses his lips to mine again for another kiss before moving from on top of me and laying next to me pulling my covers over us as we both fall asleep.

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