Take me with you (harry styles love story)

Bethany has grown up with harry her whole life. Her brother braden and harry have been friends since they where five and she was four. Shes had a crush on him since they were kids and thinks he may have one on her to but doesnt want to push it. Harrys leaving for tour again in a week and he and braden go out to a party. After a tragic accident takes her brothers life she falls apart. Harry being her only true friend and having to leave her side when she needs him the most. With her father dead her brother now dead and her mom gone all the time she has no one left. Harry offers her to come along with him on tour. She quickly agrees. With harry along with zahn niall louis and liam she finds out what having true friends means and feels like she finally has a family while falling in love along the way.


5. chapter 5

  "I'm sorry". Harry says grasping for my hand but I pull it away.

 "Harry where's my brother". I say panicking. Harry just started to sob placing his head on my knees.

 "I was talking to this girl at the party and he was ready to go because he had drank to much and I told him I wasn't ready to leave and he said he didn't want to ruin my fun so he would just head back here and wait for me to get back and we would play some more games before I left to get ready for tour tommorow and when I went to leave I heard sirens a couple streets over and ran to check it out and it was your brother he had crashed into another car and because he was speeding your brother flew through the window the paramedics tried everything but he was gone they had to bring me here because I was still in shock from what happened I'm sorry". Harry sobs out reaching out for my hand again.

 I pulled my hand back again this time out of sorrow and anger.

 "Mom told you to watch him". I say standing moving away from him.

 "I know I'm sorry". He says moving toward me.

 "You let my brother leave and he died because you wanted to talk to some slut you will probably will never see again". I yell at him pushing him away from me.

 "I'm sorry do you know how much guilt I feel right now he was my best friend". He yells back again trying to move toward me.

 "I hate you". I scream in his face slamming him back into a wall.

 He looked at me shocked. I had never said that to him before. Not even when we were little kids and we would fight all the time. My heart actually aches now that I said those words to him and the look on his face rips it out. He starts to sob even worse than he is already which I didn't know was possible. I just stood a few feet in front of him regretting my words and the death of my brother.

 "Harry I think you should go". My mom says from behind me trying to keep in the tears that are begging to flow free.

 Harry stands up shaky from his sobbing and tries to reach out to my mom for some comfort but she moves away. He looks at her with guilt before moving to the door.

 He meets my gaze one more time before walking out of the front door.

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